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Friedrich Romig

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A New Moon over the Flowers of Galilee

by Leyla Chavez, 3 November 2005

A book to be burned:

Sad news: the French court accepted the demands of the Jewish organisation LICRA and condemned Shamir's publisher M. Cherifi. This decision opens the way for prosecution of Shamir, as well:

Read in French: Condamnation à 23 500 Euro et 3 mois de prison avec sursis pour l'éditeur parisien d'Israel Shamir

Read in Russian: Книги горят

Stop Targeting Publishers!

The Parisian publisher Al Qalam has been taken to court on a complaint by LICRA on a charge of anti-Semitism, for having published Israel Shamir’s book L'autre visage d'Israel (The Other Face of Israel, known in English as Galilee Flowers), a translation of essays in defence of equality and democracy for Jews and non-Jews in Palestine/Israel. The court case took place at Nanterre Court, near Paris, on September 6th, at 13.30 and it will be continued in October.  

Appeal to readers in French: Halte au massacre des éditeurs!
in Italian: Appello a esprimere sostegno e solidarietà alle edizioni Al Qalam
in Russian: Прекратить преследования издателей!

A Report on Shamir’s Publisher Trial in France

Equal Rights for Israelis and Palestinians ? Ban the Book and Pay 50 000 euros, demands French Antidiffamation League LICRA!

Follow up- the news from trial in French: Audience du procès fait aux éditions Al Qualam intenté par la LICRA, 6 septembre 2005

Ian Buckley,
Jewish dissident Israel Shamir

Readers may recall that I briefly mentioned Israel Shamir in these pages a little while ago. Shamir, a very elegant stylist, produces some of the most interesting and outspoken articles available today on the theme of Zionism and its impact on world affairs. His boldness has already cost him his post on the Jerusalem Haaretz newspaper.

Karin M. Friedemann,
The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences

A brilliant storyteller with a vast knowledge of history, Shamir discusses current events and their global implications with brutal honesty and tenderness. His clear insights and lyrical use of language to illustrate social, religious, and political complexities make him the Khalil Gibran of our time.

Does Shamir exist?
An article in a Russian weekly Zavtra

For a few years of Israel Shamir's publications in Zavtra, the newspaper has received over ten kilograms of letters and megabytes of email carefully and convincingly showing in diverse non-contradictory ways and in sundry languages that such a person doesn't and cannot exist. Altogether they produced some 27 reasons against Shamir's existence. There were deconstructions and refutations, subtle sophisms, proofs to the contrary, fact comparison analysis, content deconstruction, oaths and denunciations, exposes and requests to confess the truth.

A Hellenizing Jew

Israel Shamir is a distinguished writer and journalist, a linguist, BBC commentator, former spokesman for the Israeli socialist party in the Knesset, and translator of many books from English and Hebrew.

Review: Flowers of Galilee

Flowers of Galilee Press Release

Culture Wars
“Death Watch” Department

A Jew With a Program for Peace 

Professor Patrick McNally"

Peter Myers

Prof. Michael Neumann

Two Paths

From Nick Pretzlik

Responses to the PaRDeS

Magyar Nemzet · Vélemény



1929 - 2004


Schriften gegen die Zerstörung des Heiligen Landes

ISBN 3-85371-231-2, br., 216 Seiten, Euro 17,90, sFr 30,80
Herausgegeben von Fritz Edlinger, aus dem Englischen übersetzt von Eva Hirschmugl
Eine jüdische Geschichte erzählt von einem stummen Kind, das trotz intensiver ärztlicher Bemühungen niemals ein Wort sprach. Eines Tages, im fortgeschrittenen Alter von 10 Jahren, ließ es bei Tisch plötzlich seinen Löffel fallen und rief: "Die Suppe ist zu salzig!" Die Eltern fragten ihr Kind erstaunt, warum es all die Jahre geschwiegen hatte und es antwortete: "Bis jetzt war immer alles in Ordnung."

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Silvia Cattori «La igualdad de derechos en Palestina/Israel no es una utopía»

Who Is Israel Shamir?

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Die echten und die falschen Juden By Ludwig Watzal

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