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On conversing with a friend


By Norman Wilkinson

Reader: I am reading a great collection of essays at the moment entitled 'Our Lady of Sorrow'.

Friend: Sounds a bit too religious.

Reader: Well not entirely, a lot about world politics, the Middle East problems, the Jews, the Arabs, religious history.....a sort of modern prophesy.

Friend: I haven't seen it reviewed in the Australian press.....who is the author anyway?

Reader: Well, you may not have heard of him, but really.......the wisdom of GK Chesterton, the political instincts of Hilaire Belloc, the descriptive eloquence of DH Lawrence, the metaphysical and environmental insights of Manley Hopkins (see Binsey Poplars), the courage of a lion......and he is Israeli war hero apparently.

Friend: A successful heroic Jew?.....Israeli? come he is not acknowledged by our cannot be.

Reader: Well, actually, he converted to Christianity.

Friend: Huh,....that would get him of your sort I suppose....Traditional Catholic....those who revered the nazi Pope Pius XII who wore jackboots under his long dress. Good Pope JP II did at least apologise to the Jews....but now the Church has elected a German Pope who was in the Hitler youth, and jeopardised the whole dialogue process by toying with antisemitism.

Reader: Well, actually, he is Russian Orthodox I think.

Friend: Even many Jews did they kill?

Reader: Well, anyway, I do get the impression they he has a genuine love of all humanity, the Jews of course, but even the Palestinians, Iraqis and Iranians. I get the feeling he may be even rash enough to love his own enemies.

Friend: Stop! This stretches the bonds of friendship to breaking point. YOU are antisemitic.....and keep your voice don't know who might be listening in this restaurant.

Reader: (changing the subject) An amazing place the internet...almost pure anarchy for the first time in human history. We can pick and choose our good or evil. But it is a dangerous place to be without an informed concience.

Friend: The sooner we have an effective policing of the internet the better. Stop all this antisemitism.

Reader: I was thinking more of the problem of mass pornography.