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Israel Shamir's new "Pardes"

By Patrick McNally (Tokyo)


The recently published "Pardes" is an important companion volume to his earlier "Flowers of Galilee," although the two are very different. The much bigger "Flowers" is a "bouquet" of many different short essays, reports from, and observations about the Palestinian homeland and the Palestinian people in the supposed "land without a people." "Pardes" is even more shocking than "Flowers" because the argument is more focused and sustained.


"Pardes" zooms out from Palestine and argues that the Mammonist-globalizers are successfully turning the whole world into a mega-Palestine: no rights, no good jobs, no media access, no health care, no true education, etc. And this gobblization has little to do with rational corporate greed, but is a perverse pseudo-religious drive to dominate and destroy.


"Pardes" is a Hebrew acronym referring to four levels of meaning: peshat (plain meaning), remez (allusions), derash (hermeneutic), and sod (esoteric). The "Pardes" essay itself is the first 96 pages of this 190 page book. Shamir states, "We shall follow this scheme to expound the designs of the Jews: while "peshat" deals with money, "raz" attends to the discourse, "derash" is the political level and "sod" is the theological plane." (p. 16) He writes, "Our goal is to understand and explain what 'the Jews' want. This task is a hard one, for the Jews have no obvious leaders who create a single strategy, no headquarters or central command....The term 'The Jews', as used in this article, is meant to denote a spiritual persona of higher rank, relating to individual Jews like the Catholic Church is related to an individual Catholic, or a beehive to a bee....Thus, this discourse should help an individual to decide whether he wants to be a Jew or not, in the same way one may choose whether one wants to be a communist or a Quaker." (p. 7)


The following two issues are basic: 1.) Jews can opt out of Jewry, i.e. there is no intrinsic biological Jewishness. 2.) The Jewish people can be layered out from the lowest levels of the passively brainwashed ["Israelis are the riffraff of World Jewry...." (p. 88)] up through various ideological sub-groupings to the head hotdogs who bamboozle the Solomon Sixpakers and Leonard Lunchboxers. Shamir has fascinating discussions of these two issues. Both Jewish Gentile-haters and Jew-haters believe in an intrinsic Jewishness, but Shamir argues that is very simple to throw the Jewish baggage overboard and merge into the simple unchosen mass of humanity. Like attaining Buddhist satori, it is very simple but it may not be easy.


Shamir's discussion of Jewry starts by reviewing the main idea in Rachelevsky's "The Donkey of the Messiah," which argued that religious Jews regard secular Jews as the discardable donkey to be used to attain religious, messianic goals. Here Shamir employs his frequently used approach of approvingly referring to others' ideas, but then showing that they have not gone far enough or are too optimistic. In this case, he states that Rachelevsky has seriously underestimated the extent to which all Jews are fooled, bamboozled, or deceived by the suprapersonal tradition of Jewry. Both Rachelevsky and "The Protocols of the Zionist Elders" refer to specific groups managing (or mismanaging) the mass of Jews. But Shamir regards the idea of any specific groups as excess baggage encumbering the analysis. He makes this point by quoting the Book of Proverbs, "the locusts have no king, yet but they attack in formation." 30:27 (p. 7)


In general, Shamir's views are so succinctly stated that an adequate presentation would be almost as long as -but not nearly as forceful- as "Pardes" itself. Therefore, I will just ever so briefly list some of his more trenchant formulations and hope that people will acquaint themselves with his full argument by reading the book itself.


1.) Sharon's "Iron Wall" for Jews and Soros' "Open Society" for Gentiles are just different faces of one phenomenon.

2.) Yisrael (today's "Judenstaat") is a curse onto the Gentiles and the Jews. Not a blessing, salvation, or haven for anyone at all.

3.) Palestine is the pilot project for the entire Judeo-American NWO.

4.) Jews worship themselves so Judaism is not any kind of an ethical monotheism, as it is so often said to be. At best it is an unethical henotheism.

5.) Christianity did not develop out of Judaism. Rather Talmudic-rabbinical Judaism arose to fight, smear, and destroy Christianity.

6.) The Holocaust museums are related to Jewish criminality.

7.) Jewry is protean and chameleon-like and, therefore, is able to mimic socialist, democratic, conservative, universalist, organic, and perhaps even vegetarian movements.

8.) Mammonism or the greed creed screed is the aspect of Jewry that makes it most attractive to many Gentiles.

9.) Zionized Judaism is not a human religion at all, but a racist political ideology of domination over nature, humans, and especially over Jews themselves.



1.) Shamir's opponents should read this book to come to terms with his insights and argument. Now they make themselves look pathetic and ridiculous by endlessly repeating stupid and false ad hominem attacks on him. It gets boring to listen to the same garbage, e.g. Shamir is not a Jew, never lived in Israel, is an auntie-Semenist or whatever, etc.

2.) Shamir's two published books are basic books of political philosophy and ethics needed to see through the most basic and dangerous layer of lies in the Judeo-American idiotology enslaving us today. The serious reader should supplement them with Germar Rudolf's "Dissecting the Holocaust" and Michael Collins Piper's "Final Judgment " [Why Israel Murdered JFK = this reviewer's suggested subtitle]. Armed with the writings of these three authors, you can quickly drive your debate opponents berserk.


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