For One Democratic State in the whole of Palestine (Israel)


FOR One Man, One Vote



From Nick Pretzlik

Here are three recent responses to the book:


Dear Israel

How could I have failed to realise the extent of your
love for Palestine? Shamefully insensitive as I have been, I do now understand your passion for the land, its people and their heritage. I also understand the reasons why. Flowers of Galilee is so full of affection, is such an elegy of love that I delay the turning of the pages, lingering instead to savour the images and the sentiments. The agony of that 'little patch of ground' - expressed by you without anger or bitterness - screams softly in my head. Thank you, Israel. Best wishes and see you soon. Nick

From Sana Dabbagh:

Dear Israel Shamir,

I am writing, hoping that this message gets to you personally. I have previously read a number of your articles and was always in awe at the end of every one of them, but yesterday I was so moved by just reading the first few lines of an introduction to your new book "Flowers of Galilee", which I've just oredered.

My mother passed away a couple of months ago, at the age of 77. She was 22 when she left Jaffa, "that old Palestinian port-town , on the shore of the Eastern Mediterranean, " where she used to swim as a child living in Al Ajami area of Jaffa. Sadly, she's never returned to Jaffa after 1948. I did though, with my husband (who also comes from Jaffa) and our son for a visit in 1999. I was amazed during that visit that the pictures and images of what my parents discribed of Palestine were not exaggirated (as sometimes is the case when stories are told by the deprived).

Not only I was moved by your description of the character of the land, that I've experienced myself in many visits to follow, I am in awe, yet again, of your ability to bring the emotional dimension with the political "human" solution in such a simple manner. Thank you for reminding me that I am not insane to think that way myself.

Warmest wishes

Sana Dabbagh

PS. You'll never appreciate how uplifting your writings are.


Dear Israel Shamir:

I am a Canadian-born Jew living very near Toronto, Canada. I have come across your website very recently.

From what I can see, your writing is fantastic. I completely agree with your concept of "One State-One Man-One Vote".

I wish all people had your outstanding insight and compassion toward all suffering peoples. Keep up your great work! I look forward to reading more of your material , on your website, as time permits.


Brian Ezrin