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The Parisian publisher Al Qalam (The Quill, in Arabic) has been taken to court on a complaint by LICRA on a charge of anti-Semitism, for having published Israel Shamir’s book L’autre visage d’Israel (The Other Face of Israel, known in English as Galilee Flowers), a translation of essays in defence of equality and democracy for Jews and non-Jews in Palestine/Israel. The court case will take place at Nanterre Court, near Paris, on September 6th, at 13.30.


The judicial harassment of publishers who have enough courage to publish authors critical of the State of Israel has thus attained a new level, following the case against La Fabrique for having published L’industrie de l’Holocauste (The Holocaust Industry) by Norman Finkelstein (the case was won against Avocats sans frontières, represented by W Golnadel, who has launched an appeal). This latest charge is based on a list of sentences taken out of context, in the usual inquisitorial fashion, with the aim of creating an image of the author as a dangerously extremist individual. Al Qalam’s catalogue is focussed on the culture of the Arab-Muslim world. This prosecution is a part of the process of de-legitimising Arab-Muslim thought, as a part of the hysteria orchestrated by the US and Israel, for their expansionist, hegemonic plans.


We are appealing to publishers and readers to demonstrate their devotion to freedom of thought and expression by supporting Al Qalam Publishers. Otherwise, the publishers of Molière, Baudelaire, Céline, or Voltaire may be next in the line. Unless, in the colonial mood, only the heirs of colonisation should be prevented from participating in the influence of francophone culture?


The targeted author, Israel Shamir, is an Israeli writer, originally from Russia, whose works had been translated into all the languages of Europe, and who is not the subject of prosecution, neither in his own country, nor in France.


Those who practice judicial harassment under the pretext of combating anti-Semitism, hope that the sort of social corporatism inspired by the Israeli model will gain ground in France, unravel the fabric of republicanism, and involve us in a pseudo-war between civilisations which would only be a new stage in the war between the haves and the have-nots. Nobody is obliged to support the plan for a democratic society, respectful of the beliefs of all its members, as Israel Shamir is arguing for the territory of historic Palestine (i.e. British Mandated Palestine). However, the principle of a democratic society, respectful of the beliefs of all its members, is where the great strength of secular, republican France has lain to date. We deem that the defence of the publishers, Al Qalam, comes under the protection of thought of all. We are thus appealing for support to its courageous editor, Mr Cherifi, at the Librairie du Monde Arabe, 220 rue Saint Jacques, Paris. We will not let him be ruined by an inquisitorial trial, which would then be followed by redoubled attempts at stifling everyone’s freedom of thought.



Support Editions Al Qalam!


I support the French publisher Al Qalam, as I would support La Fabrique publisher last year, because they publish important books about Israel/Palestine, for I value freedom of expression. I forward this call to other persons and send some financial support for the trial expenses to: CCP 30041 - 00001 - 1382554G020 - 70


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Works by Israel Shamir available in French:

- L’autre visage d’Israel - «Fleurs de Galilée», ed. Al Qalam, Paris, 2004, pp. 430 pp.

- Pardes, une étude la Kabbale, éd. Al Qalam, Paris, 2005, pp. 159 (order it by writing a message to: Association Entre la Plume et l’Enclume



The books of Israel Shamir Galilee Flowers, Our Lady of Sorrow and the Pardes are also available in English from Surge Books,

The Galilee Flowers is available also in Norwegian, Italian, Hungarian, German, Swedish, Spanish, Russian etc. See details on