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This outrageous Book will shock you... or will change your vision of the world

An outrageous Jewish genius, Israel Shamir kicks holes through doors. He is the true refusenik.

My favourite anti-Semite, Shamir is a must-read for every Jew.


Paul Eisen, London


Or, the book that shook the Jews...

Israel Shamir is the worst of the worst. He makes Rabbi Michael Lerner look like a Kahanist!

Israel Shamir: A fearless anti-Zionist with Quixote's sense of justice and resolve.

Daniel McGowan, Deir Yassin Remembered


Israel Shamir writes with the heart of a poet, and the uncorrupted perception of the child who is able to cry out "The Emperor has no clothes!" Many writers on current events are worth reading, but I know of none who can be re-read as often as can Israel Shamir, with reawakened admiration each time of his skill, and renewed gratitude for his service to truth.


Lubomyr Prytulak Ukrainian Archive


Israel Shamir dares to speak the truth before the modern Leviathan: Monster Mendacity. His essays wound the beast, and rectify the vision of those swimming away from perfidious power and towards the shores of peace, from Haifa to Havana. Prof. Julio Pino


Israel Shamir is the most incredible man whom I ever met. At side of Israel Shamir, Norman Finkelstein and his holocaust industry are a tale for children. When it is read, one can have the impression, at least during a moment, that St Paul was right when he said that there was nothing to make against the truth. The history of David and Goliath does not make it possible to illustrate the combat of Israel Shamir - sorry, Israel Adam Shamir, since he converted with Christianity, but of course a Christianity of Palestine, because I do not see somebody comparing himself with a voiceless Christianity of Europe -. It makes think of an ant tackling the largest monsters having ever traversed the surface of the ground. Manfred-Christian Stricker Strasbourg.