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Israel Shamir is a distinguished writer and journalist, a linguist, BBC commentator, former spokesman for the Israeli socialist party in the Knesset, and translator of many books from English and Hebrew. He is also a convert to Christianity who fought for Israel as a paratrooper in the 1973 war. In a recent talk he gave in Spain to launch his newest book The Green Rain of Yasuf or Masters of Discourse (titled The Flowers of Galilee in English), he spoke about Zionism as being "...just the most recent phase of a determined opposition to the Christian order that goes all the way back in time." (Emphasis added.)

Shamir is able to say and write about things that -- in the politically correct climate currently limiting free speech in America (while its proponents hypocritically mouth platitudes about how "diversity is our strength") -- would automatically brand a Gentile as a "hate-filled anti-Semite." Things that will, if the ADL, JDL, WJC, AIPAC, and other such crypto-Zionist, Israel-first organizations have their way, soon be prohibited by the "Hate Speech" legislation they are pushing for in America. The same kind of legislation their sister organizations have successfully lobbied into law in countries like Germany, France, Canada, and, in the near future should current trends continue, the entire European Union. If or when this unhappy day arrives in the "land of the free and the home of the brave," it will be illegal to write, say, and, if enforcement of such a prohibition were possible, think such things as were said by Shamir in Spain. Here are some examples excerpted from an article about Shamir by Tom White in Culture Wars magazine (July/Aug. 2004. pp. 6 -9.):

When I wrote so [that the war was about Israel] in the series of articles presented

in this book over a year ago, it was a wild opinion shared by a selected few; while

the majority was fed by stories of a war for liberation of Iraqis, a war for democracy

in Iraq, a war against terror, a war to stop Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction,

or a war for oil. A year passed and all these explanations vanished like smoke

in the night. No WMD were found in devastated Iraq; no connections to al-Qaeda

were revealed by tortured prisoners of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo; liberation of

Iraq turned out to be the brutal occupation regime; as for oil, at the beginning of the

war, the price of oil stood at 20 dollars a barrel, while now it is about 40 [actually, it is approaching 50 as this is being written]. The oil companies that were blamed for

pushing for the war are pulling out of Iraq, and oil production is well below its prewar levels. On the 29th of April, 2004, the Guardian reported that BP decided to leave

Iraq, saying that the oil company has no future there.


It leaves us exactly with one reason for the war, the reason we stated over a year ago.

Sometimes it is called "the war for Israel," but this definition misses the point; the state

of Israel does not need this war for its safety; Israelis do not need this war for their

well-being. The Jews can live as equals in Palestine or elsewhere; but they want to

dominate water, land, and the souls of the others. For this reason they kill children and

ruin homes of Palestinians in Gaza and Iraqis in Faluja. This is the war for Jewish

supremacy waged by the U. S. proponents of this concept, against the principle of

equality of all dwellers in the Holy Land. In such a war, Spain has no reason to side

with the forces of Jewish supremacy, to provide cover for mass destructions in

Palestine and for mass tortures in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.


In referring to the bad rap Spain has historically been given as an inhuman and exploitative colonizer, Shamir went on to say that

Spain has no reason to fight for Jewish racism as your country has a glorious

anti-racist record often distorted in modern Jewish narrative, which became the

dominant Anglo-American discourse. You are blamed for [the] so-called

expulsion of 1492. But [the] majority of exiled Jews came back, gave up their

racist tradition of superiority, agreed to share bread and wine with other

Spaniards -- for that is the meaning of [the] Eucharist -- and became honorable

citizens of Spain. Saint Teresa of Avila and Saint Juan de la Cruz are the shining

examples of their glory.


On the other hand, England under Cromwell accepted the exiled Jews and

received kudos from the "Masters of Discourse" [i.e., militant, organized

revolutionary Jews] for this deed. They do not speak of its connection with fencing

out the English commoners, with [the] massacre of Irish peasants and Scots, and

with [the] massive genocide of Native Americans in their colonies; but the regimes

that are "good for Jews" are rarely good for anybody else.


In referring to the current state of affairs in the U. S. and Russia, Shamir remarked:


Indeed it is a mistake to think that theology is an irrelevant occupation of

useless clerics, while only material possessions matter. Theology is the deep

foundation on which the palace of society is built. Without foundations, the

palace will collapse at a blow of a strong wind, let alone an earthquake. It was

the reason for [the] Soviet collapse: quasi-religious communism had no strong

theological foundation and did not survive.


In the "neo-Jewish" U. S., the Judaic paradigm came forth in place of apostolic

Christianity, and with it the New World Order of a dwindling middle class,

vast security apparatus, growing social gaps, and impoverishment of spirit. It is

not the first time the Judaic paradigm [as opposed to the Helleno-Christian] rises

in the world; but such societies invariably collapse for they lack a broad social

base. Now its proponents have decided to ensure its survival by making it

globe-wide; this is the reason of wars and expansion, for their design would not

survive on any smaller scale. (Emphasis added.)


Shamir commented upon the dog and pony show known as the politics of the "Left" and "Right" which currently prevails in the West, and then offered some revisionist insights concerning World War II:


The tragic and destructive confrontation of Left and Right reached its peak in

your [Spanish] Civil War and at World War II, where the two great antibourgeois

movements, "left and right disciples of Hegel" shed their blood ad majorum U.S.

glorium, to the greater glory of the neo-Judaic U. S., the ultimate winner of [the]

war. ... Nowadays, we have pseudo-Left and pseudo-Right, for there is no

difference between Thatcher and Blair, Bush and Kerry -- both equally support

Israel in its drive for supremacy. In Spain and France, the left and the right-wing

newspapers were united in their condemnation of The Passion of The Christ by

Mel Gibson as "offensive to Jews." Thus, instead of Left and Right, we have a new

dichotomy, a new split, by attitude to Judaic supremacy. Today the U. S. fights

the Muslims for Israel, but [Samuel] Huntington, the leading theorist of the war,

is already calling to contain the Hispanics in the U. S. as they are not sufficiently

devoted to the Jewish cause. (Emphasis added.)


[The same concern was also raised in a speech by Dr. Stephen Steinlight, a high-ranking Zionist, and former director of the powerful American Jewish Council, who argued that immigration into the U. S. must be slowed in order to give the Zionist-controlled media time to assimilate the Hispanics already in America with its MTV and Holocaust (sic) type of programming, so as to make them more sensitive to Jewish interests and more amenable to Jewish manipulation. For more on Steinlight, and the other means by which the Zionists control the boobs in America, see "Kitsos on the Rising Tide of Color".]


Shamir ended his talk with an emotional appeal to the ancient and venerable Christian traditions of Spain:


Spain has an important role to play, for Spain is inherently connected with the

Land of Christ and Saint James, your favorite saint, whom you call Santiago.

This Palestinian fisherman was beheaded by orders of Sharon's predecessor,

King Herod Antipas, and his head was taken by his disciples to your shores to

be be interred in Santiago de Compostella, but his heart remained buried in

Jerusalem, and [the] Cathedral of Saint James rose above his tomb, equally

venerated by Palestinian Christians and Muslims, for in our land Christians and

Muslims live together in great peace and harmony, sharing the same places of

veneration and -- no less important -- the same enemy. Their enemy is not

"the Jew," for Jews can live peacefully with Spaniards and Palestinians,

but the spirit of Judaic supremacy, which has to be defeated, and will be

defeated. (Emphasis added.)



Though we may disagree with his politics, we consider Shamir to be a remarkable man whose love for his fellow Jews, and for humanity as a whole, shines through his work. It is worthy of note, and has been mentioned and demonstrated on this site, that the most persuasive and well-reasoned criticism of the terrorist state of Israel is not coming from the dimwitted skin-heads in their Nazi-like uniforms and their thuggish mannerisms (who are presented to us by the controlled media as being typical of the dissenters to Israeli aggression), but by the most intelligent and historically aware segment of the population. Such a segment would naturally include many right-thinking Jews, not a few of whom have been quoted or written about here on TGR.


We repeat what we consider to be an important point made by Shamir in this talk -- a point made over and over again on this site -- which is that the non-affiliated, average Jew has never been and is not now the problem; the problem is the atheistic, supremacist, organized, Zionist Jew, who is, and has historically been, a determined revolutionary "against the Christian order." This "revolutionary Jew" sees Helleno-Christianity as his most formidable ideological enemy, and as the greatest stumbling block to his psychotic fixation of making the world over to suit his power-lusting fantasies. And just as one must not be considered a Greek-hater because he is unalterably opposed to such slime as the Greek November 17th criminal gang of terrorists, one should not be labeled a Jew-hater because he is unalterably opposed to the criminal state of Israel as it is currently ruled over by the terrorist-spawning Likud party, and its homicidal and psychopathic leader, Ariel Sharon.


Shamir's unabashed and historically accurate assessment of what happens to a society condemned to live under what he refers to as the "Judaic paradigm," i.e., "a dwindling middle class, vast security apparatus, growing social gaps, and impoverishment of spirit," is precisely what is happening in what he rightly describes as the  "neo-Jewish US" today. So "in-your-face," comprehensive and entrenched are the cultural, and political changes that have been imposed by the all-powerful American Zionists in what used to be an almost exclusively Christian country, and so blatantly at odds are these changes with the norms and values that have traditionally characterized our Western Civilization, that -- though we applaud his skills as a chronicler of  events -- we cannot concede the role of expert prognosticator to Israel Shamir when he predicts the defeat of "the spirit of Judaic supremacy.".


As we look around us, we see that the tail of Zionism is wagging the dog that goes by the name of America, and, as we have previously warned so often on this site, "... if America comes under the total control of the Zionists, that country will enter a period of dissolution, debauchery, and nihilistic decay that will rival the corruption, venality, and degeneracy that characterized the Zionist-inspired obscenity known as the Soviet Union. The repercussions of this darkest of dark ages will be felt around the world, and tiny Hellas may not be able to keep its candlelight of hope for humanity from being extinguished by the all-consuming darkness.


May an All-Merciful God prevent this ever happening to a world that is overwhelmingly undeserving of such a fate.

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