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Find More Articles By Grant

A strong voice for peace in the Middle East and against brutal New world order is that of Reverend Ted Pike and of Harmony Grant on their site www.truthtellers. org They do not mince words, but speak straight for Christ and against Bush and Zionism. In the three short pieces below they speak for our friend Vanunu, against torture in Israel and about the ultimate reason for the American wars: eclipsing of Cross by the Star of David. They are a living proof that traditional America though kidnapped is not dead yet, and a compassionate alternative to barren politically- correct pseudo-Left anti-Zionism.




By Harmony Grant

"I want to tell those who say I am a traitor, I suffered here 18 years because I am a Christian.”

In 2004, a brave, sober-eyed Jew named Mordechai emerged from almost two decades in a Mideastern hell of a prison. Why was he in prison? After 9 years employed at Israel ’s top-secret nuclear installation, Dimona, Mordechai went public with the fact of "tiny" Israel ’s stockpile of 150 to 200 nuclear weapons and its development of a hydrogen bomb, which can kill millions of human beings. He spoke as an eyewitness at a time when the nation denied it even possesses nukes.

For speaking the truth, Mordechai was abducted from Italy , drugged and gagged, and imprisoned. His first two years were spent in a small room where a light and a surveillance camera were trained on him 24 hours a day. He spent his first 11-1/2 years in solitary confinement. Amnesty International described his treatment as “cruel, inhuman, and degrading.”

Our friendly “democratic ally” imprisoned Mordechai Vanunu for exposing the nuclear power it concealed from the world (including us!). Israel has now sentenced Vanunu to six more months in prison for speaking to foreign press.

The whistleblower- -now 49, unmarried, unemployed, forbidden to leave Israel --has no secrets left. What he has to say is that he suffered as a Christian in a state that is not free, not humane, and punished him for accepting Christ as well as for speaking a truth that matters to the future of the human race.

Vanunu’s story and his testimony for Christ are virtually unknown to the millions of American Christians who support and even fund the very prisons, ultra-orthodox settlements, and anti-Christian government that oppresses Christians in Israel . (See, Christians in Israel: An Endangered Species) Pastor John Hagee's website brags that he has visited Israel 22 times and "given more than $8.5 million to bring Soviet Jews from the former Soviet Union to Israel ." In all these visits, Hagee has apparently never seen the harsh reality of Israel 's institutionalized hatred of Christ. Maybe Mordechai could give him just one tour.

“I was baptized into Christianity,” says Vanunu, who changed his name to the Christian name John Carson in 2005 to reflect his total identification with Christ, not his Jewish ancestors. “If I was a Jewish [believer in Judaism], I would not have had all this suffering, isolation, only because I am a Christian.” During his 11 years of isolation, Mordechai resisted his captors’ commands by reading the New Testament loudly in English. Upon his release from Ashkelon Prison in 2004, Vanunu took refuge in St. George's Cathedral. It was stormed by 30 armed Israeli police that November, to question him about speaking to foreign media.

Today “I am still free,” Vanunu tells supporters through his website. He plans a September appeal of his sentence of six more months in prison. Vanunu told Democracy Now! that his press interviews were about “freedom of speech, freedom of movement, [my] human being, human rights.” He explained, “And all what I have to say is my political view. And I have the right to speak them if Israel is a real democracy. And I hope you in the United States will support me, and support my right to freedom of speech.”

He said, “I don't think they will be stupid [enough] to arrest me or to question. But. . . they can do anything - it is Israel . Israel , all of the world knows, they're [able] to do anything.” He's right. This isn’t the US . It’s Israel , and Vanunu faces the real possibility of life locked up again. He has lost the strong years of his youth. He longs to escape Israel , to find a wife and a job in the freedom of the United States . Instead he remains trapped, a prisoner in the "Promised Land."

Am I my Brother’s Captor?

To American evangelicals, the dusky desert hills and rolling valleys of Israel represent the land where Christ walked--a romanticized nation, precious with history. Evangelicals believe it is where God's "Chosen People" must prosper before the eventual return of Christ brings their conversion.

Israeli Christians like Vanunu worship the same Jesus Christ adored by evangelicals. They, too, treasure the Son of God who once walked on the Sea of Galilee and hung from that lonely cross at Golgotha . But to most of them, the land of modern Israel is becoming a prison, not a spiritual paradise. They experience the real Israel , where Christ cannot be spoken of to minors, where modern-day Pharisees base laws on the evil Babylonian Talmud, where truthtellers like Vanunu are locked away and spit upon--like Christ!

In 1997 President Ezer Weizman had this to say about Vanunu: "He was a spy who gave away secrets, and the fact that he did so for conviction rather than for money makes no difference. He was a traitor to his country."

Vanunu is also a "traitor" because of his acceptance of Christ. Just as Jesus opposed the Judaism of his day, Vanunu betrayed the Judaism of his. It is the religion that undergirds Zionism, an increasing danger to the world, amassing powerful weapons of mass destruction and resting on an Orthodox fundamentalism that grows only more anti-Gentile and anti-Christ. Vanunu has exposed more than his nation's nuclear secret; his story shows the "secret" of their national identity – that Israel is no friend of Christianity.

Christians in the US must realize the enormous antagonism of Talmudic Judaism (the official religious position of the State of Israel) toward Christianity. The idealized Judaism of evangelicals’ imagination does not exist in Israel . Vanunu suffered at the hands of this religious state, and he still suffers today. Christ also suffered and was crucified.

Christians are called to resist—not with violence or weapons, but with truth spoken in love. Instead, the church today funds the state of Israel and its atrocities against the Palestinians and believers who work for justice and peace.

If it weren’t for American Christians’ unbiblical support of Israel , this tiny Mideast nation would not even possess nuclear weapons. It would not have prisons in which to torture Palestinians or lock men like Vanunu away from human touch.

The state of Israel was founded and settled and is now run primarily by European Jews and their children who flocked to the “Promised Land.” Despite their idealism, the result has become a Judeofascist anti-Arab state. It is a society based on the worship of Talmudic Pharisaic religion and very real racism against Gentiles.

American evangelicals will have to answer for supporting the captors of this gentle Israeli Christian.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~


By Rev. Ted Pike

Today, more than 8,000 Palestinians are locked in Israel ’s prisons, most without due process. For the majority, their crime is resisting a nation that violently stole 90 percent of their parents’ and grandparents’ land and possessions and expelled them to wretched detention camps in Gaza , the West Bank, and Lebanon . (See, The Simple Explanation for Mid-East Strife) These sons and grandsons were imprisoned for crimes ranging from stone-throwing at Israeli tanks to violent terrorist activity. As prisoners, they have virtually no rights. Many are held without charge or trial. They can be legally tortured without restraint.
 Since at least 1967, the government of Israel has vehemently denied that it uses torture, and Israel signed the 1987 Landau Agreement banning most forms of torture. 1 But in 1995 a secret government report (not released until 2000) admitted Israel does torture. 2 In 1999 Israel 's Supreme Court ruled that torture can be employed as a "necessity" in exceptional cases when officers have reason to believe they can prevent a crime. This has created a loophole, exempting interrogators/ torturers from punishment as long as they claim they tortured in the national interest. 3

Since every Palestinian prisoner may be viewed as possessing information valuable to preventing terrorist attacks, virtually all have been tortured. The Palestine Monitor (www.palestinemonito reports that since 1987 the Israeli Security Agency has tortured at least 850 Palestinians a year during interrogations. Since the Supreme Court ruling in 1999, according to the Israeli human rights organization B'Tselm, 85 percent of Palestinian prisoners are still subjected to torture. The Monitor asserts that during the first Intifada (1987-1993), Israeli security “interrogated approximately 23,000 Palestinians.” The Public Committee Against Torture (PCAT) estimates that almost all suffered some torture during interrogation. 4

The Palestine Monitor says that methods of interrogation and torture frequently used by Israeli security service include:

  • Tying up detainees in painful positions for hours or days.
  • Containment in tiny cramped spaces (for days, prisoners have been stuffed in boxes about 2 feet square and 5 feet high, often with spiked floors).
  • Prolonged beatings.
  • Enclosing the detainee's head in a sack (often soaked with urine and feces).
  • Violent “shaking” (Physicians for Human Rights says this has caused brain damage, even death). 5
  • Bending body in extremely painful positions.
  • Prolonged exposure to extreme cold or heat.
  • Sexual, verbal, and psychological abuse.
  • Threats against the individual’s life or family members’ lives.
  • Playing extremely loud music.
  • Choking and pulling out hair (prisoners have been forced to swallow hair).
  • Intentional tightening of handcuffs (According to Amnesty International, the handcuffs used by the Israeli Security forces are in themselves a form of torture, “…the plastic handcuffs tighten on the detainee's wrist, causing intense pain; former detainees describe their wrists becoming blue as a result of their tightening and adult men screaming with pain as they begged to be taken off.”
  • Putting head of prisoner in toilet bowl. 6

Some prisoners are guilty of terrorist acts, including attempted suicide bombings. As victims of injustice, they have also committed injustice. Yet international law forbids torturing prisoners, military or civilian, even to obtain vital information. The Old Testament, ostensibly respected by Israel 's government, also gives no sanction to torture, even of Israel 's bitterest enemies. The implicit message of the Old Testament is that torture is barbaric, unthinkable among God's chosen people. 7

Israelis Criticize Torture

For five months in 1977, the London Sunday Times investigative team worked inside the West Bank, Gaza , and surrounding areas to investigate evidence of torture. The team recorded 110,000 words of testimony and found proof of torture “‘…through the ten years of Israeli occupation since 1967’.” 8

The Times presented the cases of 44 tortured Palestinians. Some of these cases are included in three chapters of the Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem, p. 593-672. 9 They confirm that the following forms of torture have existed in Israel ’s prison system since 1967.

Prisoners were:

  • hung by their wrists for long periods.
  • beaten extensively, over periods of days and months.
  • struck in the genitals, and testicles twisted, squeezed, and crushed; testicles compressed around an iron ball placed between them.
  • sexually abused - sometimes through “anal assaults,” including homosexual rape and pushing of bottles up rectums.
  • attacked by dogs.
  • beaten on soles of feet.
  • hosed with icy water, forced to sit in blazing sun for hours.
  • penetrated in the penis with a ballpoint pen; metal rods up urethra, rupturing it.
  • exposed, blindfolded, to the wrath of a raging public, pelted with rocks and bottles at Israeli football games.
  • forced to drink urine and allow soldiers to urinate in their mouth.
  • forced to grasp barbed wire and endure electric shock, having electrodes attached to various parts of the body and enduring shocks so powerful they lift the victim off the ground; forced to stand in electrically charged water.
  • hung in crucified position for up to four days in the scorching sun.
  • hung by feet and used as punching bags for boxers.
  • forced to sit for up to a week with hands over head.
  • forced to “run the gauntlet” of beatings by 8 to 10 soldiers.
  • laid on the floor and jumped on by guards.
  • dragged by rope around neck.
  • beaten and tortured in front of family members, commanded to rape their daughters.
  • crushed under bulldozers.
  • blindfolded and hung from helicopter.

In addition, they had:

  • their teeth torn out with pliers; false teeth were smashed.
  • shards of glass pushed deeply into nostrils.
  • a tube pushed up nose with salt water forced into stomach; batons were jammed in mouth, rupturing throat.
  • ribs, bones, and teeth deliberately broken.

Red Cross Describes Torture

In Prisoners of Israel, Israeli civil libertarians Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone confirm:

…the pattern of torture repeated by the Sunday Times is similar to that found in the hundreds of testimonies published by Israeli lawyers, Felicia Langer and Lea Tsemel, by Palestinian lawyer Walid Fahoum, as the accounts we have heard from former prisoners.

…this pattern is documented in the West Bank as early as 1968, one year after the occupation began. Although the International Red Cross does not make public declarations, it had prepared in 1968 a finding of torture. Its “Report on the Nablus Prison” concludes:

“A number of detainees have undergone torture during interrogation by the military police. According to the evidence, the torture took the following forms:

1. Suspension of the detainees by the hands and the simultaneous traction of his other members for hours at a time until he loses consciousness.
2. Burns with cigarette stubs.
3. Blows with rods on the genitals.
4. Tying up and blindfolding for days.
5. Bites by dogs.
6. Electric shocks at the temples, the mouth, the chest and testicles.” 10

A report by Amnesty International of August 9, 1982 estimated the number of detainees in the large prison camp of Ansar at 10,000. According to the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights, the total number of prisoners amounted to approximately 15,000, including children and elderly persons…”

As a result, the Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem tells us “there are many thousands of Palestinians and Lebanese who are disabled as a result of long years of imprisonment and torture.” (p. 599)

Women Don't Escape Torture

After 1967, the number of women incarcerated and tortured grew dramatically.

One such prisoner, Rasmiya Odeh, says: “The first time they stripped me and threw me on the floor, the room was full of men -- civilians and soldiers. They laughed at my nakedness and kicked me, beat me with sticks, punched me all over, especially on the breasts; my body was covered with bruises. Then they got a wooden stick, not a smooth one, and pushed it into me to break the hymen. They brought my father and fiancé to see me. I lost consciousness…

One time, an interrogator, Abu-Hani, sat me on a chair and sat himself opposite. He put his legs on the chair on either side of me and boxed me on the ears until I couldn’t hear anymore and brought in my father and told him to strip and make love to me. “She isn’t your daughter, she’s your wife, go on, sleep with her.” My father screamed and they beat him till he lost consciousness. Blood was pouring from my mouth and nose and I couldn’t hear anymore. They dragged him unconscious from the room. Another time, they stripped me and took me to a room where men were suspended from the ceiling. They handcuffed me to the hooks in the ceiling -- it was a pulley system which could be raised and lowered- and then chained my feet to the ground, wide apart, and raised me so only the tips of my toes touched the ground. They said they had been going to rape me, but I was too dirty for them and they would instead get some prisoners who hadn’t seen a woman for a long time." 11

The Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem says, “The tortures recounted in this chapter [such as the above] have been duplicated en masse on thousands of Palestinian women detainees of all ages.” (p. 671)

Isn't it significant that a number of Israeli torture experts instructed US interrogators at the US military base of Abu Ghraib in Iraq several years ago? They taught American soldiers the same torture techniques used in Israeli prisons. 12 It is also chilling that the Bush administration, allowing "coercion" torture of Muslim prisoners at Guantanamo , uses virtually the same evasive language as Israel . Bill Quigley, professor of law at Loyola University in New Orleans , says 44 detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan have died in U.S. captivity, having been hooded, strangled, gagged, or beaten with blunt objects. 13

All civil liberties/humanitar ian groups that monitor Israeli torture indicate that the Israeli government at every level, from the premier and Shin Bet (equivalent to our FBI) down to the military police, colludes with torture. As a result, Ha'aretz says, "It is no surprise that no Shin Bet interrogators have been found guilty of torturing a suspect…" 14

Why Should We Care?

In Nazi Germany, Hitler’s SS tortured people “inferior” to the "master race." Similarly, Israel ’s torture of Palestinians is fueled by Talmudic teachings which assert that Gentiles are inferior to the “chosen race” … Jews. (See, The Talmud: Scalpel that Bleeds the Mideast)

Should torture in Israeli prisons concern us as Americans? What about the millions of evangelical Christians who staunchly support Israel ?

The Bible says someday Christians will also be incarcerated in Israeli prisons. Describing the events of the last days before His second coming, Christ said, “They will lay their hands on you and will persecute you, delivering you to the synagogues and prisons…” (Luke 21:12) During this future worldwide Jewish persecution of Christians, the same penal hellholes that now muffle the screams of thousands of tortured Palestinians will also cage Christians.

Why would Israel imprison Christians?

For anti-Christian Jewish activists, there is no greater criminal in history than Jesus Christ. Such Jews believe that, by vilifying the Pharisees (modern Judaism's greatest guiding lights), Jesus began an evil trend of suspicion toward Judaism, a movement that New Testament writers and later church fathers magnified through "anti-Semitic" depiction of Jews as "Christ killers." Many Jews believe that anti-Semitism comes from Christianity; they believe the New Testament "blood charge" that Jews had Christ crucified spawned nearly 2000 years of living hell for the Jewish people, culminating in the Holocaust. (See, ADL's Foxman: New Testament is Anti-Semitic)

When Sarah Silverman in her film Jesus is Magic said, “I hope the Jews did kill Christ. I’d f---ing do it again in a second," she expressed a historic Jewish point of view: If Jesus had been smothered in His cradle, a world of Jewish suffering would have been avoided. Activist Jews of ADL/B’nai B’rith consider the accusation that the Jews had Christ murdered so evil they have included it as one of the 14 criteria of anti-Semitism published by their Office of Global Anti-Semitism in the US State Department. (See, Global Hate Crimes Gestapo Being Created) Such “anti-Semitism” is now a hate crime punishable by the B’nai B’rith hate laws in Canada with huge fines and even prison. 15

Already, Jewish activists in high places can deport and imprison those who offend them. At the insistence of B'nai B'rith International, Holocaust reductionists Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudolph were extradited from Canada and America and imprisoned in Germany for violating Germany 's B'nai B'rith-inspired "anti-hate" laws.

Knesset can now demand from any nation extradition of those who publicly question the accuracy of the six-million figure of the Holocaust. 16 If nations accept this request and deport citizens to Israel , such victims may be tried there for "crimes against the Jewish people" and sent to Israeli prisons where they may be tortured alongside Palestinians.

Knesset is also deliberating legislation that would make it a federal crime for visiting evangelicals, and even resident Jewish Christians, to witness publicly for Christ in Israel . 17 Penalty: a year in an Israeli prison, again possibly facing the same tortures meted to Palestinians. In the book of Acts, Christians who publicly witnessed for Christ in the streets of Jerusalem faced imprisonment and possible flogging (torture). The same is becoming true today.

Ultimately, Christians may be “delivered” from the nations to Israel for the “crime” of supporting those who caused the Holocaust -- Jesus and the New Testament writers.

Time for Christians to Suffer

Today, few evangelical Christians have sympathy for Arab suffering. “ Israel first” evangelicals view Palestinians as Satanically driven opponents to God’s chosen people, Israel . They consider Israel the apple of His eye, blessed and intimately guided from above, especially in military victories. One pastor frankly told me God is really interested only in the Jews. “He’s pretty much written off the whole Arab world.” Reflecting this mentality, most evangelicals pledge themselves to unconditionally support Israel .

Yet when Christ's words are fulfilled and the church suffers imprisonment and torture at the hands of Jewish leaders, a few believers will suffer with a clear conscience. They did not assist, but resisted, the rise of the anti-Christ system that now oppresses them. They had compassion on its first victims, the Palestinians, as would the gentle Jesus.

Most imprisoned evangelicals will not have this consolation. They will remember how they and their fathers blindly encouraged the ascent of the Great Harlot, Israel , and stopped their ears from hearing the cries of her victims.

The Palestinians have suffered without mercy or justice from most evangelicals for at least 60 years. Someday it will be the turn of evangelicals to scream from undreamed of tortures in Israeli prisons and also be unheard by a hostile and indifferent world.


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservat ive watch dog organization.


By Harmony Grant

“They won’t allow Bibles in schools but if it was a Koran or anything else, it’d be fine,” a repairman named Chris recently complained to me. In my leftwing city, I regularly encounter other conservatives who are eager to vent about the dominant liberalism in education, media, and culture.

Disgusted, Chris retold how a 23-year-old university student faces prison time for flushing a Koran down a toilet. The student could be jailed for his “hate crime.” Meanwhile, artists win praise for suspending a crucifix in urine or displaying a naked, anatomically correct Jesus made of chocolate. How did we get here? How did our culture plummet from public school primers of wholesome Bible stories to a society that purges crosses, Ten Commandment plaques and Christian evangelism from public view?

For 60 years, militant advocacy groups worked to establish the myth that “separation of church and state” is a Constitutional guarantee of freedom from religion. Jewish activists especially prevail in movements and organizations that strip Christianity from public life.

But as Judaism and Zionism both gain political and social power, a huge double standard emerges. As Chris the repairman pointed out, not all religions are treated like bird flu--some are given special legal protection and social power that rises as Christian influence declines.

In countries including Canada , England and Australia , hate crime laws are used to silence critics of Islam and Judaism. Socially as well as legally, public criticism of Judaism is forbidden as "anti-Semitism" under hate crimes bureaucracies. In contrast, Christ and His followers are routinely held up to mockery and virulent criticism--with no protection.

The US Supreme Court, in its 1980 landmark ruling, established that an 18-foot Jewish menorah displayed at a downtown Pittsburgh county courthouse did not violate church/state separation, while a nativity scene did. The menorah was permitted, while the Christian symbol was removed. (County of Allegheny vs. ACLU, Greater Pittsburgh Chapter, 1989) Like so many times before, the Jewish-dominated American Civil Liberties Union had prevailed. (See, ACLU Top Heavy with Jews)

The state of California recently provided another example of the Jewish star overshadowing the cross.

Separation of Synagogue and State?

California , one of our bluest and most radical states, has long censored Christian expression. In May, a court ordered San Diego to remove the white cross rising from Mt. Soledad , another victory for the American Civil Liberties Union.

A California government employee was told he couldn’t pray with clients and needed to hide his Bible in a drawer. His appeal was rejected by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. His attorney pointed out the double standard: "There are government employees who are flagrantly demonstrative in regards to their sexual orientation. It's inequality to say employees of faith don't have that same right to exhibit who they are as a Christian." In Oakland , CA two Christian women were recently censored for the “hate speech” of promoting the “natural family” in their workplace, in response to homosexual activism.

Given California ’s history of ardent secularism, citizens of Palo Alto were outraged to hear that Jewish residents wanted to use public space to create an eruv, a sacred Sabbath space for Orthodox Jews. Since 1999, Palo Alto citizens successfully blocked construction.

Last month, city bureaucrats approved the eruv without holding any more public hearings. The Jewish daily Forward says “Many of the eruv’s old opponents didn’t know it was an issue again until local newspapers reported it as a done deal.”

Forward comments, “The situation in Palo Alto is illuminating because it’s taking place in one of America ’s most famous university communities, with all the secular and sometimes anti-religious sentiments that come with it.” Of course, the Jewish daily says nothing about the conclusions we can draw from this illumination!

The Palo Alto event is evidence of a counter-intuitive and unspoken truth: Christians outnumber Jews in the United States, but Jewish influence far outstrips Christian influence in the opinion- and even policy-making sectors (See, Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish). Jewish activists have used the currency of Holocaust blame to advance an ultra-liberal agenda with which most Americans strongly disagree. Shielded from criticism, they work to purge Christian religion from public life; the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith seeks to actually criminalize Christian “hate speech” through a federal hate crimes law (Watch, Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians). In fact, no one mixes "synagogue" and "state" as thoroughly as ADL. As the "civil liberties" branch of a Jewish religious organization, B'nai B'rith International, ADL wields federal authority to teach its twisted definitions of hate and hate crimes to the U.S. Justice Department, FBI, and all police in America . 

Remove the Cross, Put up the Star

Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff, a Jewish activist and the Navy’s chief ethical consultant, recently established new anti-Christian rules for the Navy. The Navy subsequently disgraced and discharged a Christian chaplain, Gordon Klingenschmitt, for praying “in Jesus’ name” at a public ceremony.

Just two years before, an $8 million, three-story Jewish chapel and learning center was built on naval grounds (public property), the first US military building ever adorned with a Jewish star on its outer walls. A 12-foot-high Star of David illuminates the interior.

If a privately funded $8 million Christian chapel and learning center were built on a Navy base, you can imagine the protest! Judge Roy Moore’s Ten Commandments were stripped from the courthouse walls, primarily as a result of a suit by the ACLU and another Jewish "civil liberties" organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Yet, a Star of David is plastered proudly on this building on tax-supported property. Liberal Jews attacked the Christian chaplain’s use of government property to honor Jesus' name, but they offered no church/state objection about Jewish religious use of public property. Concerning the Jewish chapel, the president of Friends of the Jewish Chapel unabashedly told the Washington Post, ''This is a national shrine. To us it is the end of the beginning."

Beginning of what? Jews compose just 1.5% of the American population and until the 1980s only 1% of the naval academy. Yet this tiny minority commands the social power to erect a “national shrine.” The new Navy chapel is vividly symbolic of the Christ-displacing rise of Zionist Judaism in our national culture, legal system and foreign policy.

The Real Estate God Wants: Your Heart

Inside the new Jewish chapel, a marble stone states God’s ancient command: "Let them make me a sanctuary and I will dwell among them."

Ultimately, religious temples and buildings are only meant to point us to the spiritual. True religion isn’t about building monuments or taking them down. It’s about becoming, yourself, a dwelling place for God. Jesus Christ came to purify those who would trust in Him, so that the hearts of Jewish (and then Gentile) believers could become God’s true temples on earth.

For nearly two hundred years, the United States has been a uniquely Christian nation where this good news has been freely and proudly preached. Even today, Americans are far more concerned with serving God than people of any other wealthy nation. Almost twice as many Americans (59%) as Canadians (30%) say religion is very important in their lives. The CIA World Factbook says 78% of Americans believe in Jesus Christ—a staggering majority.

So why is this staggering majority so slow to protect Christ’s name and the right to preach His miraculous gospel in public? Part of the reason is because evangelical leadership won't preach the Bible's warnings about unbelieving Jews. This deprives the church of the spiritual power and authority to confront Jewish activist groups such as ADL and SPLC. Consequently, Jewish power rises as Christians’ public influence and freedom of evangelism fade. Like the deadly squeeze of a python, the unbiblical unhealthy relationship between Zionist Jews and Christian Americans tightens.

Christians know that all the mega-churches in the world matter less to God than the hearts of trusting people who love Him more than personal and social cost. Speaking the truth about Jewish and Zionist activism does have a price tag today. But for us as believers, the name of our Savior must be worth any price. The precious light of His spiritual message will only grow scarcer in this nation, unless American Christian leaders and laymen are willing to boldly identify with everything Christ said and stood for. This includes His no-nonsense warnings against the Jewish leadership that is now banishing Christian values from public life.

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Harmony Grant writes and edits for National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservat ive watchdog group.
NATIONAL PRAYER NETWORK, P.O. Box 828 , Clackamas , OR 97015
www.truthtellers. org

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