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News from Paris

On June 7th, there was a hearing of appeal of Shamir’s publisher M. Cherifi. Here is the report of Maria Poumier from the court: 

Alleluia; it was  a great day. LICRA fielded just one poor Levy (no supporters at all), in front of 50 fighting lions. 3 black lawyers, one spoke technically, the other one spoke as a French catholic and African, an intellectual, a fine heir of King Sun Louis XIV's court: he represented the spirit of the place, Versailles, a real aristocracy of mind. It was a shining day, in a beautiful place. Mr Cherifi Alaoui attacked LICRA as impostor instead of antiracist, and defended freedom of thought in the country of freedom. I spoke about you as Simone Weil's son. The judge received written evidences by J. F. Poirier, Ginette S. H, J. C. Manifacier, Xavier Lavaud, J.C.  Ponsin. Your supporters filled the place: an Iranian journalist, some Arab journalists, your black supporters, young students, other writers and thinkers, from left and right, Mr. Cherifi Alaoui's wife (she is a French scientist). By the way, Jean François Poirier recently published a new translation of Marx's The Jewish Issue, at La Fabrique (Eric Hazan, Norman Finkelstein's publisher).

Oh Holy day, indeed, when Jesus walked on the sea: we were there, we saw Him, and you were there indeed. The court was not hostile at all. The prosecutor asked just one question to the publisher, at the beginning : "Is your publishing house specializing in the Far East?!” So, now, it seems that freedom of speech about the Jewry belongs to the very very very far unbelievable country that Marco Polo told Europe about, some centuries ago.... After that, he didn't speak a word. September 6 is the date for the verdict.

Shamir in Italy

My visit to Italy was organised by Professor Claudio Moffa, an ex-journalist and Paul Newman's look-alike, and the organisation was incredible: a 20 minutes interview with the RAI TV, the mainstream tv station, press-conference and a reception in the city hall of Teramo, a lecture in Teramo university for the masters. For a moment one felt that there is no Lobby, and that One Person - One Vote is a distinct possibility.

The world needs more people like Claudio Moffa, but they are hard to come by! 

Read the newspapers about the visit: Shamir en Teramo  

View Shamir on Italian TV

Claudio Moffa wrote:

Grande successo a Teramo della visita di Israel Shamir
ospite del master "Enrico Mattei" in Medio Oriente


Prima, a Roma, la conferenza stampa e le interviste, oltre che a Radio Città Aperta, ad alcune testate
nazionali. Poi i tre momenti della visita a Teramo: l'incontro con l'assessore Mohamed Srour della Regione Abruzzo, l'assessore Mauro Sacco della Provincia, e il sindaco Gianni Chiodi, che ha donato a Shamir il gagliardetto e la guida di Teramo: centrosinistra e centrodestra (Chiodi) hanno così accolto il pacifista israeliano, con il quale hanno discusso l'utopia dello stato unico in Israele-Palestina. Ai margini, le interviste a 5 televisioni abruzzesi, alla radio dell'Università di Teramo e ad altre testate locali. Infine Israel Shamir ha tenuto la sua conferenza al master - l'ultima lezione, degno coronamento di un corso di studi che è stato ideato e costruito nello spirito della più totale libertà di insegnamento su un tema così complesso e spesso tabù quale il Medio Oriente - nel corso della quale ha illustrato temi a lui cari: non solo l'obbiettivo mutuato dalla vicenda sudafricana "un uomo, un voto, uno stato" - uno stato di eguali, ha sottolineato Shamir, senza cittadini di serie A e serie B, ma anche i rischi di guerra in Iran, e il peso delle lobbyes ebraiche in tutto l'Occidente, a cominciare dagli Stati Uniti.

la rassegna stampa
l'incontro con Chiodi, Srour e Sacco

Omnibus March 10 New Letters and responses of readers

Enough of attacks on Pope, - says Palestinian Archbishop

Jerusalem 25.09.06. The most senior Palestinian churchman, Archbishop Theodosius Atallah Hanna of Sebaste called upon Muslims to show their magnanimity and put an end to their campaign against the Pope.

Read in French: « Il suffit. Cessons de nous en prendre au Pape de l'Église catholique romaine » : appel d'un archevęque palestinien

Read in Russian: Хватит нападать на Папу Римского – призывает палестинский архиепископ

Read in German: Genug der Angriffe auf den Papst, – sagt palästinensischer Erzbischof

Much ado about Gaza

An Englishman leaves without bidding farewell, a Jew says his farewells but does not leave, says a Jewish joke. This is the case with Israeli withdrawals from Bethlehem, Ramallah and now the grand slam, Gaza disengagement.  

Read in Hungarian:
Sok hűhó Gáza
Read in French:
Beaucoup de bruit pour rien (euh… pour Gaza!)
Read in Russian:
Гамбит Шарона
Read in Danish:
Stor stĺhej for Gaza

Jaffa Lizards

The Victory was stolen. The story of the Jewish holocaust obscured the war and the Soviet victory. The Western anti-communists wanted to steal the victory; the Zionists helped them while minding their own interests. Now they collect billions in reparations, while the heroic feat of our fathers is forgotten. The Holocaust should be publicly forgotten, in the same sense as it is now publicly remembered.
I tell you, curators of holocaust museums and editors of the Economist, Mr Conquest and Mr Buchanan, shove your catalogues of suffering and calls for pity and repentance you-know-where. It befits beggars to brag about sores and show off their deformities, not warriors and philosophers. Enough of this flirting with death and suffering. Let the dead bury their own.  

Read in Russian: Кузнечики в Яффе

Read in Spanish: Los lagartijas de Jaffa

Sea Monster replies to Perseus

Responses 2

George Pumphrey responds

The Guilty Lamb

The Boston Globe (May 19, 2005) published an op-ed Why Islam is disrespected, by Jeff Jacoby. Jacoby is speaking through his hat. His piece reminded me, an Israeli writer from Jaffa, of a Jewish joke: “Is it true that Katz won a million dollar in a lottery?” “Yes, it is true, but it was poker, not a lottery; ten dollar, not a million, and he lost, not won.” Every statement in Jacoby's piece is wrong, and it is not a small achievement.  

Read in French L’agneau coupable

Read in Spanish El cordero culpable

Read in Danish Det Skyldige Lam

Responses to the Guilty Lamb

Israel Shamir on the Iranian statement in Paris:

On October 29, 2005, in the prestigious Hotel de l’Industrie in Saint Germain des Pres in Paris, there was a meeting of Israel Shamir with his French readers. The meeting room was full, but nobody was refused. The audience consisted of an improbable mixture -- from Communists to Front National to the Black and Caribbean activists -- united in their rejection of the new world order and of Zionism. There was some tension, for the lawyers warned of a possible police raid and imminent arrest of Shamir as LICRA, the French Jewish ADL-like body, pressed charges against him and his publisher M. Cherifi, but the evening passed without these complications.
Shamir was asked about the Iranian President’s remarks, and he said:  

Read in French: Israël Shamir, ŕ propos de la déclaration du Premier ministre iranien

Read in Spanish: Acerca del planteamiento iraní sobre la destrucción de Israel

Read in Hungarian: Israel Shamir párizsi nyilatkozata az iráni elnök kijelentéséről:

Cuba Libre by Israel Shamir
A Talk for the International Conference WITH ALL AND FOR THE GOOD OF ALL
Havana, Cuba (24 – 26 October, 2005)

Read in French: Cuba Libre

Read in Spanish: Cuba es libre

Difference and Indifference by Israel Shamir
A talk at Kaslik University (Lebanon) Conference on God and the Right to be Different.

Read in Danish:
Gud og retten til at vćre anderledes

Read in Spanish:
Diferencia e indiferencia

Read in Spanish:
Silvia Cattori La igualdad de derechos en Palestina/Israel no es una utopía

Read in Italian:
Israel Shamir: “L'uguaglianza dei diritti in Palestina/Israele non č un'utopia”

Bravo, France!

The French voted NON to the European constitution project. This is a great victory for our cause, while our adversaries’ plans suffered a setback. It is not because we are against unity of Europe, other way around – we want Europe united as a counterweight to the US, as a friend to Russia, Arab world, Iran and China.  

Read in French Bravo, la France !

Sunday in Gondor

While the world was treated to another sham performance of peace process in Palestine, and just before the next stage of Middle East war, I paid a visit to the Ethiopians, much loved by Poseidon, the Sea God – probably because these landlocked people do not disturb the seas but inhabit high plateau which also gives birth to Nile. ‘The farthest outposts of the Race of Man’, as Homer called them, Ethiops, poor as they are, preserved many things we have lost . 

Domingo en Gondor

The Tsunami of Penitence

Israel is a good place to watch the giant wave of gentile penitence, the Auschwitz Remembrance Day that lasts for a week, rolling around the globe. Sure, you can observe it everywhere like lunar eclipse, this colossal Canossa: the entire world from Alaska to Antarctica, Inuit and Zulu, Cuban and Mongol stand still listening to the Jewish prayer, beg forgiveness and promise “never again a Jew will come to harm”. 

Le tsunami de la repentance

El tsunami de la penitencia

Russians in the Holy Land

Quarter of a century ago (time runs fast!), when Israel was far more intimate than it is today, when we did not value privacy and did not know how to spell it, I left my kibbutz in Galilee and moved into a house in Jaffa to share it with few families. Such an arrangement was quite common these days. 

Tsunami in Gaza

Only people, who can’t bear the thought of being buried in one grave with a goy, can’t imagine the possibility of staying as equals without the army and colonial administration to enforce their superiority. … There is no reason to play into the game of Jewish exclusivity, whether in Thailand or in Gaza. 

Tsunami ŕ Gaza

The Second Coming
A positive view of fundamentalism

An Island of Faith

Esoteric Orthodox Christianity is a well hidden secret of Greece – people are aware of Zorba the Greek and of sunny islands, but if they would know they would come here with their spiritual search, not to Sufis or Zen Buddhists; as besides being wonderful this faith is easier accessible for a Westerner. The monks are learned men; some hail from Australia and Russia, France and Palestine. The abbot Vasileios studied in Lyon; he appreciates Pindar and Dostoyevsky. This is a good place to recognise an unknown victim of the Iraqi war: Christianity. 


We shall win the war if and when we win the argument. This has been my conviction since 1991, when I witnessed how the mighty nuclear superpower collapsed because they had lost a philosophical dispute. In the battle for Palestine the same rule may apply. Our adversary is protected by mighty Stealth technology made out of the best sophisms but he has his Achilles’ Heel, and Apollo may still point it out to our archer Paris. 

"The problem isn’t Iran, Iraq or North Korea; it's Israeli aggression."

Mordechai Vanunu:
An Interview
By Johannes Wahlstrom

A technician at the Dimona nuclear weapons production plant, he blew the whistle, and revealed the Israeli nuclear arms program to the nation and the world; a revelation that would cost him dearly. After being kidnapped Israeli Mossad agents in Rome, Vanunu was sentenced at a secret trial to 18 years of jail, 12 years out of them he served in solitary confinement.  In the solitude of the jail, he wrote 

The Return of Vanunu

By Israel Shamir

Vanunus Rückkehr

Le retour de Vanunu

El retorno de Vanunu

For 18 long years until today Mordechai Vanunu was buried alive in its super-secret Agaf Seven, ever since he was kidnapped in Europe by Mossad spies and illegally brought to be tried and imprisoned here. Vanunu committed a double crime for he defied the Jewish state by disclosing the secret of its evil nuclear might and by embracing Christ. For this he was kept in solitary confinement; hour upon hour, day upon day, year after year under lidless eyes of Mossad watchers. This would be enough to break spirit of an ordinary man, to drive him into release of insanity, as his tormentors wished. But they failed for he was not an ordinary man.

Kinder eines unbedeutenderen Gottes

Enfants d’un Dieu Subalterne

Hijos de un Dios menor
of a Lesser God

In Berlin, the high and mighty including U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, German President Johannes Rau and Israel's president, Moshe Katsav gathered for a Conference of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) dedicated to the struggle against anti-Semitism. They proclaimed that “the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is serving as a cover for worldwide anti-Semitic sentiment” as Ha
'aretz reported today. I was not invited to this gathering, but if I were, I would present them with the following talk.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit

Danny the Blue
& White

For my generation, the name of Danny the Red, or Daniel Cohn-Bendit, is forever connected to Paris and the glorious revolution of 1968, to Godard’s La Chinoise and Antonioni’s Zabriski Point, to ‘It is forbidden to forbid’ graffiti in universities, to long haired hippies, to marijuana and free love, to barricades in Paris and Berkeley and to the sweet wind of freedom that swept across the continents. Like its great predecessor, the Spring of Nations in 1848, the 1968 uprising failed but it transformed Europe and the US. Danny the Red was a mover of the revolution and a great source of inspiration for those of us who sought freedom and equality.

Read in French (Danny le Bleu et Blanc)   Read in German (Der weissblaue Danny)

Five To Midnight

The Jewish state is an extremely dangerous bundle of goods. It is part of Israeli military doctrine: act crazy, and people will be scared of you. The bogus threat of nuclear Iraq was modelled on the real threat of nuclear Israel. Its scientists practice chemical and biological warfare, as well. They actually tried nerve gas on demonstrators in Gaza, and water poisoning at the siege of Acre, as reported Abu Sitta in Al-Ahram. Unless peacefully dismantled, the Jewish state will go down in nuclear flames...TOP

Read in French (Minuit moins...)

Walking on Eggs

The NY Times is a bountiful spring of instructions to perplexed mankind. Its editors appointed by Mr Sulzberger (apparently, God's representative on earth) have an advice for everybody: what should the French do with their cheese (pasteurise and shove it you-know-where), Russians with their media (give it to Mr Gusinsky, a coreligionist of Mr Sulzberger), Chinese with their country (open it to Enron) and Palestinians with themselves (die, soonest). Now from their Mt Sinai on the 5th Avenue they conferred on grateful humanity a new commandment penned by Ian Buruma, directing us How to Talk about Israel. Yes, it is delicate task. TOP

The Wise Raven is Dead

A few days ago died my great countryman Edward Said, and our comrades-in-arms wrote obituaries tolling like copper bells in the air of his native Jerusalem. They stressed goodness of his heart, expanse of his knowledge, his relentless support for the downtrodden of Palestine. But to my ears, the most pleasing obituary to Said was that composed by his and our enemy, one Zev Chafets, who wrote in an American Zionist (well, aren’t they all?) paper The New York Daily News...TOP

Read the Russian version (Said )

Is the Intifada over?
(Reading Chaucer in the Holy Land)

"The Palestinian Intifada is over, and the Palestinians have lost"- -

thus proclaimed the Jewish American columnist Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post (June 18, 2004). Armed resistance has dwindled; there are no attacks on Israeli civilians; the Palestinians have been brought to their knees, thanks to the assassination of Palestinian leadership and to the Wall that has locked the unruly natives in their ghettos, wrote the Zionist stalwart. Is it true? Is the resistance over, and has the Holy Land been surrendered to the victor? Well, up to a point:

Tiens donc, l'Intifada est terminée ?
L'Intifada e' finita?
Terminó la Intifada?

The French Malaise

Tartarin ŕ Marseille

Tarascon is as French as they come. A charming and tiny Provençal village outside the high crenellated walls of an old chateau on the high bank of Rhone lies in a pleasant country full of sunlight, thistle, rough wine and Mistral poetry. But for the river, it is very similar to my arid Palestine; and indeed, an ingenious and liberated Palestinian girl Nicolette was wooed here by the heir to Beaucaire castle, young Aucassin, in a 13th-century fable. Tarascon’s church (bombed in 1940’s by the ubiquitous US Air Force) is old enough to remember their oaths. But Tarascon’s chief claim to posterity is due to a novel by the bard of the South, Alphonse Daudet[1]. There is a monument to its main character, Tartarin, an epitome of a Southern peasant, a jovial, earthly but boastful type who is getting carried away by his imagination and invariably gets cold feet.



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