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Our Lady of Sorrow, the collection of most powerful essays by Israel Adam Shamir, mainly written after his bestselling Galilee Flowers, will be published in June 05' (292 pages, price $17.99 from this site). It includes The Wall, The Shadow of Zog, Midas Ears, and the discussions on antisemitism, Christ and Jews etc.
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Distinguished Contributors

The Open Society and its Enemies - The Story of Auschwitz by Gilad Atzmon

Auschwitz is there to maintain the myth of open society; it is there to present an illusion of liberated Western identity. As long as Auschwitz is there, in the core of our discourse, we are everything but liberated. There is life after Auschwitz and this life belongs to us. We had better do something with it. If there is something we should never do, then that is taking other people’s lives in the name of Auschwitz.  MORE

Reflections On “MADE IN PALESTINE,” “Dybbuk,” & “The Holocaust” by Robert Leverant

The Shekinah, the female Presence of the godhead, rather than wandering, now resides in Gaza. .  MORE

Simon Jones - The one state solution as the liberation struggle for the Jews

The break-up of world Jewry will be a wonderful development precisely for Jews Simon Jones: One State as a Jewish Liberation Struggle .  MORE

Down with Human Rights:

Philo-Semitic Attacks On The Rise by Joh Domingo

More people died from philo-Semitic attacks in Palestine and Iraq, than died in the massive tsunami that engulfed Asia at the end of that year.  MORE

Down with Human Rights by Joh Domingo

It behoves us to deconstruct the edifice of the Human Rights Industry and examine what oozes out.  MORE

Iraqi Puppet Show by Joh Domingo

George Bush for Nobel Peace Prize!   MORE

WATCHDOG NATION by Cletus Nelson

Hating Those Who Hate - all the tricks of anti-hate bodies.  MORE

The true face of Jesus

How did Jesus look alike? Two versions  MORE

Le Vrai Visage du Christ

Silvia Cattori
Palestine. L’ampleur de la tragedie exige un soutien sans faille

Pourquoi Israel Shamir est-il calomnie avec une telle perseverance ? Et, par assimilation, tous ceux qui le lisent ou l’evoquent ? Parce que cet ecrivain israelien de talent - connaisseur aussi bien du Talmud et de la Bible que des turpitudes de l’armee israelienne - a ose briser des tabous et enfoncer des portes que des non juifs ne se seraient jamais hasardes a toucher. Vous l’avez compris ! Israel Shamir a une vision qui va a l’oppose de ces personnes qui dans la mouvance de la solidarite - en Israel et en France notamment - s’arrogent le monopole et le controle de ce qui doit et peut etre dit.  PLUS

White Nationalists -
a possible ally?

By Joh Domingo

Should the friends of Palestine cooperate with staunchly anti-Zionist European and American Nationalist forces?

A strong and clear new voice, Joh Domingo, an African friend of Palestine with a long experience of anti-Apartheid struggle in South Africa, says: "The important thing to remember about White Nationalists (a.k.a. Supremacists) is that they are isolationist, not international Cabalists that want to rule the world. The White Supremacists are an improvement on the average American Joe who goes along with the slaughter in Iraq and Palestine. Let's first stop the theft, and dispossession, and slaughter of Palestinians, then we can "re-educate" White Supremacists.  

as Jewish National Socialism

By Lasse

Lasse Wilhelmson from Sweden had spent a few years in Israeli kibbutz before becoming disenchanted with Zionism. He doesn’t set off good Socialist Zionism (of Ben Gurion, Rabin, Barak) vs. bad Revisionist Zionism of Jabotinsky, Begin and Sharon. Lasse asserts that Socialist Zionism is but Jewish National Socialism, and finds a common root of Jewish and German National Socialism in teachings of ‘the Red Rabbi’ Moses Hess, who allegedly influenced Marx, Herzl and Hitler. MORE

l'Omnivore Sobriquet
to Mr. Robert Bowman,

From Spain to Iraq

History never repeats itself, but, nonetheless, some identities show up, are being revealed, on a regular if unique pattern in time.

Misunderstanding Islam 

By John Alden Williams

Our honorable guest is Prof Williams, a wonderful and unusual man, who believes - in the tradition of the Eastern Church - in a great communality of Islam and Christianity. A weather-bitten pilgrim on the roads of the East, fluent in Arabic, this professor from Virginia belongs to the great spiritual brotherhood of good men. He considers that good Christians are Muslims, and vice versa. He touches the common ground; not the common ground of Mammon, not the common ground of platitude, but the common ground of tradition in Guenon's deep meaning. His short piece Misunderstanding Islam argues succinctly against the Zionist- inspired 'Clash of Civilizations' theory.


The silencing of dissent 

By Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen, a director of Deir Yassin Remembered, is one of the staunchest friends of Palestine in England. The article below provides you with a wonderful definition of antisemitism:
"If you do not agree with the right of Jews to go to Palestine, settle there en masse against the wishes of the indigenous population, expel this population from 75% of their land and then, for the next fifty years and more, continue this assault on the remaining land and population, then you are an anti-Semite."


Jewish Power 

By Paul Eisen

The crime against the Palestinian people is being committed by a Jewish state with Jewish soldiers using weapons displaying Jewish religious symbols, and with the full support and complicity of the overwhelming mass of organised Jews worldwide. But to name Jews as responsible for this crime seems impossible to do.


What is Antisemitism?

By Michael Neumann

Every once in a while, some left-wing Jewish writer will take a deep breath, open up his (or her) great big heart, and tell us that criticism of Israel or Zionism is not antisemitism. Silently they congratulate themselves on their courage. With a little sigh, they suppress any twinge of concern that maybe the goyim--let alone the Arabs--can't be trusted with this dangerous knowledge.


Photo by
James R. Depp

In Jerusalem
Commemorating Edward Said and the struggle for Palestine

By Siam

n a rare guest appearance, now on this site a new poem by SIAM, arguably the best living American poet, commemorating Edward Said and the struggle for Palestine. SIAM combines deep Sufi mysticism of Rumi, and all-American cosmic spirit of Walt Whitman. His poetry is a natural phenomenon as much as a work of art, and reminds of a vulcano in full blast of its furnaces, with lava erupting and rocks flying out: spectacular but scary.

In presence of his poetry, one feels that the gift of prophecy is still with us, for his is the language of prophets. Descendent of Native Americans, Africans, Arabs and Europeans, all-human son of Milton "Cowboy" Smith from Indianapolis, a graduate of Harvard Divinity School, SIAM lived with the monks of St Maur until he discovered the mystic teaching of a Senegalese saint Shaikh Ahmadou Bamba who founded the Mourid Mystical Order of Islam in the early 1800's. His poetry is a sign of life sent by the soul of America to the world, saying: America is still alive.

A Poem For Adam Shamir, Son of Israel By Siam

Fiesta Responses

Noam Chomsky's thesis "The US support of Israel is in the best imperial interests of the US elites" was savaged in Shamir's article Fiesta of San Fermin (included in the Galilee Flowers). Here you can read various responses and discussion on the 'Dog and Tail' subject.


Witch Hunt

The following is a volume of the polemics on Shamir, anti-Semitism, and policies of the Jewish supporters of Palestine.


Zionist Provocation under False Flag By George Pumphrey

Soldiers In My House by Wafa Abu Shmais

La nuit du 4 aôut, en attendant celle du 15 août by Maria Poumier

Jews or Zionists? Three approaches by Elias Davidsson

Responses to Olives of Aboud

Activists and Media by Johannes Wahlstrom, Stockholm University

Contested Truths by Johannes Wahlstrom

No Holds Barred Discussion On Jews and One State

Mel Gibson and the Judeo-Christian myth By Gilad Atzmon

The Israel Lobby and the Left: Uneasy Questions By Jeffrey Blankfort

Discussion Neumann-Blankfort


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