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Flowers of Galilee
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Our Lady
of Sorrow

Our Lady of Sorrow, the collection of most powerful essays by Israel Adam Shamir, mainly written after his bestselling Galilee Flowers, will be published in June 05' (292 pages, price $17.99 from this site). It includes The Wall, The Shadow of Zog, Midas Ears, and the discussions on antisemitism, Christ and Jews etc.
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Our Lady of Sorrow
By Israel Shamir 

Here you can download the second book of Israel Shamir's essays, Our Lady of Sorrow. It contains his spiritual essays, the stories of Iraqi War and the developments in Palestine, including The Wall, The Shadow of Zog and Apocalypse Now. Together with the First Book, the Galilee Flowers, this collection sums up the works of Shamir presently available to the reader.


Сосна и олива
 In Russian
Sosna and Oliva


Хозяева Дискурса

Masters of Discourse:
Israeli-American Terrorism 


librairie du monde
220 Rue Saint Jacques, 75005, Paris


Visage d'Israel  


Flowers of Galilee - called L'Autre Visage d'Israel in French - is available in bookshops of  FNAC chain in France and elsewhere.

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Flowers of Galilee



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Galilee Flowers
(The Collected Essays of Israel Shamir)


The essays collected in the this book were written during the years 2001-2002, in the old Palestinian port-town of Jaffa, on the shore of the Eastern Mediterranean, during the Second Intifada, or Intifada al-Aqsa, but they are not limited to events in Palestine. The war in the Holy Land is presented as the centre-stage of the world-wide struggle of ideas, against a backdrop of such momentous modern developments as the growing influence of American Jewry ("the Rise of the Jews"), the decline of the Left, the ascent of Globalisation, the first steps of the anti-Globalisation movement, and the outbreak of World War Three with America against the Third World. It is a daring attempt to tie together various political, theological, military and social threads, and to formulate fresh concepts that provide people with new tools for analysis and action. While seeking the Liberation of Palestine, the author pursues another, more broad goal as well: that of the Liberation of Public Discourse.

REVIEW: Israel Shamir is in love with the Holy Land. He has a passion for the land and its people; he believes the two are umbilically linked. For him there is only one viable solution to the conflict that has ravaged the region for so long and that is the one state solution. Shamir is a humanist and although he is scathing about Palestine's enemies - the Jewish elite - he takes pride in and writes lovingly about the courageous Jews, who resist Israeli crimes.

Flowers of Galilee is a collection of essays, so full of affection - such an elegy of love - that, reading it for the first time, I felt impelled to delay the turning of pages, preferring instead to linger over images - to savour the sentiments. Shamir does not pull any punches. He challenges conventional thinking, but he does so with honesty, affection and such thorough understanding and knowledge that his outspokenness is reasonable and rational. Flowers of Galilee is an eye opener - a learning experience. It is also enchanting.
--Nick Pretzlick, Literary Critic


1929 - 2004


Schriften gegen die Zerstörung des Heiligen Landes

ISBN 3-85371-231-2, br., 216 Seiten, Euro 17,90, sFr 30,80
Herausgegeben von Fritz Edlinger, aus dem Englischen übersetzt von Eva Hirschmugl
Eine jüdische Geschichte erzählt von einem stummen Kind, das trotz intensiver ärztlicher Bemühungen niemals ein Wort sprach. Eines Tages, im fortgeschrittenen Alter von 10 Jahren, ließ es bei Tisch plötzlich seinen Löffel fallen und rief: "Die Suppe ist zu salzig!" Die Eltern fragten ihr Kind erstaunt, warum es all die Jahre geschwiegen hatte und es antwortete: "Bis jetzt war immer alles in Ordnung."

GET INVOLVED AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE is where you'll find the news and critical information on Palestine and Israel the Mainstream Media is too afraid to report.  You'll also learn about the three faiths involved: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, not just the positive aspects but how people have twisted these faiths to justify killing, hate and terror.

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