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“It is ironic that anti-racists are willing to challenge the Jewish establishment’s view of the holocaust but not the issue of Jewish world domination”, writes Bob Finch in this second powerful essay. He goes well beyond our usual complaints. He does not stop at his critique of Zionism, he is not being attracted by the holocaust debate. He takes up the punch line of Shamir’s Vampire Killers: “it is not a myth which sustains the Jewish state – it is Jewish global power. It is power which sustains myths”. Bob Finch goes for jugular, for the absolutely forbidden question of Jewish power from our non-racist position. While good people bewail the multibillion subsidies provided by America to the Jewish state, Bob Finch states unashamedly: “But these are not subsidies. They are tribute payments that the vanquished pay to their conquerors.” He calls upon us to deal with this question of power instead of secondary one, how it is used. It is also refreshing that Finch avoids such cliché euphemism as “Israel Lobby” or “Israeli influence”, but refers us to the true culprit – the organised Jewry. He concludes: “It has become absurd to believe that the JOS is an American colony. On the contrary, America now resembles a Jewish colony. America is not merely ruled by a Jewish elite, it has become the biggest prize in the global Jewish empire.”


America Vanquished

By Bob Finch


Historically, holocaust denial has been a political tactic used primarily by extreme right wing political parties. However, a small number of anti-racists have gone beyond criticisms of the racist policies of the Jews-Only state in Palestine (JOS) to question various aspects of Jewish holocaust propaganda. These commentators believe such propaganda is used politically to justify the oppression of Palestinians so they hope that holocaust questioning might help to undermine this oppression. Norman Finkelstein exposed the fabrications and extortionate practices of what he’s called the Jewish holocaust industry, ‘There’s no business like Shoah business’. Lenni Brenner has highlighted Zionist collaboration with the Nazis in the mass slaughter of Jews during the second world war (see ‘Zionism in the Age of the Dictators’ and also ‘51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis’).


Since Ariel Sharon became the JOS’s prime minister in 2001, the oppression of Palestinians has reached such heights of obscenity that an increasing number of anti-racists have joined the fray against Jewish holocaust propaganda. Some have raised questions about particular facts believed to have taken place during the second world war. Others have questioned the so-called Jewish holocaust on conceptual grounds e.g. that the holocaust is a racist concept for focusing solely on the slaughter of Jews. Some anti-racists have expressed doubts about the wisdom of enshrining the establishment view of the Jewish holocaust in law and then making it a criminal offence to challenge such a view. In 1963, Hannah Arendt, one of the foremost scholars of totalitarianism, estimated in ‘Eichmann in Jerusalem’ that the Nazis killed between four and a half million to six million Jews. If she was alive today and uttered such a view it is possible she would be deemed a holocaust denier and even thrown in prison. Arendt’s punishment for expressing such a view in the mid-1960s was condemnation, and then ostracism, by Jewish communities around the world but only the most extreme Zionists would have doubted her historical scholarship or thought she deserved imprisonment.


There is no doubt the JOS has used holocaust propaganda to legitimize its racist treatment of Palestinians. The Jewish holocaust industry has exploited holocaust propaganda to extort huge sums of money from European countries which were then used to fund racist causes in the JOS. Anti-racists are rightly and justly raising questions about the strong links between what happened during the age of totalitarianism and what the JOS has been doing to Palestinians over the last sixty years.


It is paradoxical, however, that whilst some anti-racists are now willing to engage in holocaust questioning, the one issue they do not address, the last remaining Jewish taboo, is Jewish political power. The only well known anti-racist who has confronted this issue is Ralph Nader, “The subservience of our congressional and White House puppets to Israeli military policy has been consistent. They’re almost all puppets. There are two sets: Congressional puppets and White House puppets. When the chief puppeteer (Sharon) comes to Washington, the puppets prance.” (Pat Buchanan ‘Ralph Nader: Conservatively Speaking’ The American Conservative June 21, 2004). Nader has never repeated this statement or elaborated upon it or sought to use it as the basis for policies to counter such distortions of political power. Perhaps the reason for this is that nobody came to his defence when the Jewish lobby accused him of anti-semitism. It has been quietly dumped into the dustbin of history. (But even Nader considers Sharon, the PM of JOS, ‘the chief puppeteer’ instead of seeing him as a minor official in the bigger setup. ISH)


Anti-racists, like virtually everyone else in the western world, maintain that America is the world’s hyper-power. From this perspective, the JOS can be seen only as an American colony - dependent on America’s military, technological, and economic, support for survival. Anti-racists are willing to risk being condemned as anti-semites for challenging the racist nature of the JOS. They are willing to endure condemnation for casting the merest conceptual or empirical shadow over the establishment view of the so-called Jewish holocaust. But, they are not willing to challenge the Jewish taboo over the idea of Jewish political power in the western world, "It is an old canard that Jews control America and American foreign policy," Foxman said. "During both world wars, anti-semites said that Jews manipulated America into war.” (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘A War for Israel’ April 2004). But what better way is there of camouflaging Jewish world domination than behind such a hoary old canard? Indeed, the fact that this taboo has become an accepted norm throughout the western world is yet one more piece of evidence pointing to the existence of Jewish world domination. It is ironic that anti-racists are willing to challenge the Jewish establishment’s view of the holocaust but not the issue of Jewish world domination even though, politically, their reasons for doing the former also apply to the latter.


Andrew Winkler's article 'Deadly Chess Game' is a classic of this genre. Winkler believes "Iran is also threatening the moral and ideological base of Israel: the 'Holocaust Myth'." He encourages the left to re-examine the propaganda of the Jewish holocaust because he believes this would threaten the survival of the JOS. "If world-opinion came to believe, as an increasing number of historians claim, that the Holocaust was nothing but a propaganda lie, designed pre-dominantly for the purpose of mounting support for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine, it would become impossible for the US government to continue pumping billions of Dollars in military and financial aid into its de-facto colony Israel and backup Israel's brutal oppression of the Palestinian people through the ruthless abuse of its veto right in the UN Security Council." (Andrew Winkler 'Deadly Chess Game'  Feb 16th 2006).


Whilst Winkler is willing to engage in holocaust questioning because it politically undermines the JOS he continues to support the conventional idea of the JOS as an American colony. This stance leads him to a somewhat distorted conclusion, “The Jewish State wouldn't even exist, if it weren't for the combined effort of the Zionist lobby, US government and Stalin, of making the world believe in the Holocaust.” The so-called Jewish holocaust is certainly used politically around the world to evoke political sympathies for the JOS but it is not a myth which sustains this apartheid regime – it is Jewish global power. It is power which sustains myths. Without power myths cannot survive. The prevalence of a myth is a pointer to the power which sustains it. Is it not a little bizarre to believe that the “Zionist lobby” would spend time and money promoting a myth in the hope of winning the world’s approval for the survival of the JOS, when it can manipulate America into providing the JOS with military and political protection irrespective of world opinion?


The idea of the JOS as a mere American satellite or colony dates back to October 1973 when president Richard Nixon airlifted military supplies to the beleaguered Jewish army to save it from defeat by Arab armies. At the time, this rescue was commonly perceived as America coming to the aid of an ally. It was this highly dramatic event which led to the image of the JOS as an American colony. Since then this view has become a commonly accepted opinion throughout the western world. It has been given the seal of approval by western academia. Zionists love the image because although it seems to demean the stature of the JOS, it once again allows the JOS to present itself and, by proxy, Jews around the world, as innocent victims.


The best known intellectual exponent of the proposition that JOS is an American colony is Noam Chomsky. His promotion of this view helped to justify its acceptance by those on the left, the anti-apartheid movement, the anti-war movement, and even by liberals. Chomsky is the chief Rabbi of the left who absolves the JOS of guilt and responsibility for its apartheid regime and its military belligerence against neighbouring countries. The implication of seeing the JOS as an American colony is that America has ordered the JOS to do everything for which it has become despised, so all blame and all responsibility must be placed on Americans not the JOS. Thus Chomskyism proposes that the American government was to blame when Ariel Sharon invaded the Lebanon because it forced him to fight a war he did not want to fight! The clever racist assumption that Chomsky allows to fester here is that what he means by ‘America’ is a country ruled by White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPs). Since he refuses to countenance the idea of Jewish power in America, let alone Jews controlling American politics, the only people who could be responsible for ordering Sharon to engage in violence, terrorism, and warfare at every opportunity are American WASPs!


Given Chomsky’s intellectual stature and authority, few on the left have dared to challenge his preposterous, immoral and racist, views. Jeffrey Blankfort is one of the few – see for example ‘The Israel Lobby and the Left: Uneasy Questions’ c.2004). See also Réseau Voltaire’s interview of Blankfort (‘The Chomsky/Blankfort Polemic’ February 20, 2006).


According to Blankfort, Chomsky’s “attempt to portray the US-Israel relationship as mirroring that of Washington's relations to its client regimes in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua, has no basis in reality.” Blankfort argues, “Also, there were no Salvadoran, Nicaraguan or Guatemalan lobbies of any consequence in Washington to lavish millions of dollars wooing or intimidating members of Congress; no one in the House or Senate from any of those client countries with possible dual- loyalties approving multi-billion dollar appropriations on an annual basis; none owning major television networks, radio stations, newspapers or movie studios, and no trade unions or state pension funds investing billions of dollars in their respective economies. The closest thing in the category of national lobbies is that of Miami's Cuban exiles, whose existence and power the left is willing to acknowledge, even though its political clout is miniscule compared to that of Israel's supporters.” (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘The Israel Lobby and the Left: Uneasy Questions’ c.2004). It is ludicrous to regard the JOS as if it was little different from a country like Honduras which is dominated by an American multi-national corporation producing a single monocultural crop. Hondurans do not own a substantial proportion of the American media and pump out an endless stream of Honduran propaganda on behalf of national interests of the Honduran state. They do not posses a hugely wealthy lobby which bribes members of congress into passing legislation supporting Honduras's foreign policies. There are not huge numbers of Honduran intellectuals in America producing policy papers outlining new foreign policies for America which, completely coincidentally, are the same as Honduras’s foreign policies. There are not large numbers of Hondurans serving in the Bush administration. It has to be concluded that it is impossible to see the JOS as an American colony.


This is not the place to outline the history of the Jewish takeover of American politics and the rise of Jewish global domination. Suffice it to say the JOS has used its nuclear weapons or military power to blackmail America into giving it whatever support it needs and that the Jewish lobby has manipulated various American administrations into fighting proxy Zionist wars. It was pointed out above that America’s airlifting of military supplies to the JOS during the October 1973 war gave rise to the now commonly accepted view of the JOS as an American colony. But this interpretation of the airlift is erroneous. Nixon was confronted with the choice of protecting a country with no oil or an Arab world with a super abundance of oil. To all those left wingers who have for decades blithely insisted that America is interested in the Middle East solely because of oil such a decision should have been a no-brainer. There is no conceivable reason based on America’s national interests why Nixon should have chosen to support the JOS rather than the Arab world. (Please do not suggest that America saw the JOS as essential because the Jews provided political and military services for America it could not provide for itself. Any number of Arab regimes could also have provided exactly the same services if asked. Saddam Hussein was all too willing to carry out services for America - but when he expected Americans to pay for these services they decimated his army). The most plausible reason for Nixon’s decision is that the JOS used its nuclear weapons to blackmail Nixon into providing it with military assistance even though he knew such a decision ran counter to America’s interests. Nixon must have known the Arab world would retaliate by establishing an oil embargo that would severely damage America’s economic and national interests. And this is precisely what happened. The embargo pushed America and the global economy into an economic recession that lasted nearly a decade. The JOS blackmailed Nixon into sacrificing American interests for the sake of the interests of the JOS. “the decision to give $2.2 billion in emergency military aid during the October War triggered an Opec oil embargo that inflicted considerable damage on Western economies.” (John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt ‘The Israel Lobby’  March 23rd 2006). In other words, America spent $2.2 billion in military aid which then cost it hundreds of billions of dollars in lost economic development. This pattern of American sacrifice has been repeated ad nauseam ever since. What the 1973 airlift really symbolizes is the JOS’s power to extract whatever it needs from America to boost its own interests even at America’s expense.

It is often mentioned that America provides a huge annual subsidy to the JOS. Over the decades this has amounted to something in the region of $150 billion. “Since the October War in 1973, Washington has provided Israel with a level of support dwarfing that given to any other state. It has been the largest annual recipient of direct economic and military assistance since 1976, and is the largest recipient in total since World War Two, to the tune of well over $140 billion (in 2004 dollars).” (John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt ‘The Israel Lobby’  March 23rd 2006). But these are not subsidies. They are tribute payments that the vanquished pay to their conquerors.


Since the October 1973 war Jewish power in America has grown immensely. Jews now constitute America’s ruling elite. There is no longer any necessity for the JOS to use its nuclear weapons or military power to blackmail America into fighting wars on its behalf. Jewish political power in America is now so dominant it can politically manipulate the country into wars for the benefit of the JOS – even if these wars are contrary to America’s national interests. Over the last decade and a half, America’s Jewish ruling elite has manipulated America into two proxy Zionist wars. The first was to remove Saddam from Kuwait and the second was the invasion of Iraq. A third one against Iran is pending even though such a war could lead to the political, economic, and military, collapse of the United States. “When a parasite invades, it hides as long as it can, sucking the vital juices and draining the energy of its host. Yet there is a limit to what the host can tolerate: eventually, it either builds up an immunity to the depredations of its "guest," or it is sucked dry and exhausted to the point of near-death. Having used up nearly all available military and economic resources in Iraq, the U.S. has a choice: it can either build up an immunity to Israeli influence, even a partial one, or it can let itself be turned into a dry husk, a casualty of Tel Aviv's ambitions.” (Justin Raimondo ‘Spy With a Heart of Gold?’ January 25, 2006). The JOS and the Jewish lobby in America doesn’t care how much it costs America to fight proxy Zionist wars or how many American troops are injured or killed as long as these wars boost the regional power of the JOS in the Middle East.


Over the last decade or so the Jewish colonization of the American political system has been comprehensive. The JOS’s defence strategy has been adopted by America. Its foreign policies have been adopted by America. The JOS’s contempt for international institutions and international law has become a critical part of American politics. Its enemies have now become America’s enemies even though they pose not the slightest threat to America. The racism endemic in the JOS has now become rife throughout American politics. This amazing political transformation did not happen because a group of WASPs sat down and looked into a crystal ball to determine which policies would maximize America’s interests over the long term. These policies were introduced by Jews living in America who put the interests of the JOS first. They were then pushed through the American political system by the combined weight of the Jewish lobby, the Jewish dominated media, and the increasing proportion of Jews in successive presidential administrations. "With the assault on Iraq," wrote the distinguished historian, David Hirst, "the U.S. was not merely adopting Israel's long-established methods - of initiative, offence and pre-emption - ; it was also adopting Israel's adversaries as its own...” (quoted in Jeffrey Blankfort ‘A War for Israel’ April 2004).


At its annual conference this year AIPAC boasted that over the previous year it had managed to persuade the American Congress into passing one hundred pieces of legislation for the JOS. “AIPAC helps pass more than 100 pro-Israel legislative initiatives a year through more than 2,000 meetings with members of the U.S. Congress, according to AIPAC statistics.” Despite the fact that two of AIPAC’s most important employees are currently on trial for treason against the United States, America’s politicians turned out in force to pay homage to their AIPAC paymasters, “AIPAC’s influence was underscored by the seeming multitude of government leaders in attendance at the conference, the biggest in its 52-year history. This year, half the Senate, a quarter of the House and many White House administration officials, including vice president Dick Cheney, participated.” (Denyse Tannenbaum ‘“European media is questioning Israel’s right to exist”’  March 10th 2006).


The JOS is a racist rogue state and, over the last decade and a half, it has transformed America into a rogue hyper-power with increasing racist tendencies. It has become absurd to believe that the JOS is an American colony. On the contrary, America now resembles a Jewish colony. America is not merely ruled by a Jewish elite, it has become the biggest prize in the global Jewish empire. It is quite true that the American military remains the world’s only hyper-power but it is America’s ruling Jewish elite which controls America’s military not WASPs. Many of America’s WASP military leaders are aghast at the idea of being ordered to attack Iran and yet this is precisely the direction in which the American military is being pushed by the Jewish dominated congress and Bush administration.


It is the Jewish elite’s takeover of the American political system and its ability to use America’s military hyper-power for the benefit of the JOS that gives rise to Jewish global domination. However, Jewish world domination is far from complete. For a time Russia was controlled by a Jewish elite with allegiance to the JOS but Putin managed to wrestle back control of his country for the sake of the Russian people although whether he’ll be able to fight off the next Jewish political assault is far from certain. In Britain, the ruling elite is composed of Jews and the landowning aristocracy. The aristocrats own much of the countryside whilst the Jewish elite owns much of the country’s high streets. Whilst the former dominates over domestic issues, the latter dominates in foreign affairs.


There is little evidence that Jews started the second world war. But currently there are many Jewish commentators trying to provoke world war three (or world war four depending on which commentator you are listening to). During its lifetime, the JOS has created millions of victims in Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq, and it is about to create a whole lot more if it manages to manipulate its American colony into a long war against Iran, Syria, and rest of the Moslem world in the Middle East. Under these circumstances, it would be folly for political commentators to spend so much time researching events surrounding the racist Jewish holocaust that they fail to notice that Jewish political power is promoting a new catastrophe not merely against six million Palestinians but the Moslem world in the Middle East.


It is almost certainly true that Jews were nothing like as much victims of totalitarianism as the racist concept of the Jewish holocaust suggests – after all roughly 20 million Russians died during this time, far more than the number of Jews. If anti-racists continue to focus on the so-called Jewish holocaust, albeit in the hope of undermining legitimacy for the JOS, they will perpetuate the fixation on Jews as victims – the scope of their argument being confined to determining what sort of victim the Jews were. The Jewish people suffered terrible losses during the second world war but, since then, the JOS has brought about a huge loss of life and, given the chance, it will bring about even greater losses in the future. It has to be suggested that stopping the next world war is more important than dissecting the bowels of the last world war.


The way in which Jews have acquired economic, media, and political, power in America and other western countries since the end of the second world war until they are now able to push the world’s military hyperpower to the brink of a third world war, is an issue on which almost no research has been done. (A new work on this issue has just been published as this article was being written - John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt ‘The Israel Lobby’ March 23rd 2006). In comparison, the amount of research into the so-called Jewish holocaust is huge. Surely ascertaining how Jews living in America acquired political power in America, and what they are going to do with it, is a more urgent priority than politically exploiting events that happened 60 years ago?


By far and away the most important political issue at present is Jewish world domination. What matters is not the second world war brought about by the German master race but the third world war currently being instigated by the Jewish master race. Times have changed. The JOS is now far more powerful militarily than the nazis ever were. The JOS is creating so many millions of victims it is drawing ever closer to the total achieved by the nazis. Jews around the world currently agitating for the third world war are just as much racist supremacists as the nazis who provoked the second world war. Blair and Bush are modern day Chamberlains giving succour to the world’s new nazis – the Jewish master race.


There are many facts and figures in the works of Jeffrey Blankfort that could contribute towards making the case for Jewish world domination. He does not use such a phrase – he talks only of the Israelization of America’s Middle East policies. His focus has been primarily on the Jewish lobby in America so he has overlooked the critical role of the JOS’s nuclear and military blackmail in transforming America’s foreign policies. He has also failed to appreciate the role the JOS is playing in fostering a Greater Kurdistan to help break the Arabs’ grip on the Middle East. But he has inadvertently raised an important issue in any understanding of the nature of Jewish world domination. Is the world’s global Jewish elite so attached to capitalism and profiteering that it has become entirely rootless with no political loyalties to any particular country? Or is it so committed to Zionism that it would be willing to sacrifice profits and perhaps even capitalism itself if this ensured the political and military supremacy of the JOS in the Middle East and beyond? This issue bears upon whether there will be a war against Iran. If the global Jewish elite is like the former then it will avoid an attack on Iran because such a war could seriously damage the global economic system. If, however, it is like the latter then it will demand a war because no matter how much the world, or the capitalist system, or America, might be damaged it would be a huge boost to Jewish supremacism in the Middle East. “If there are truly elites who are pulling the strings in Washington and control Tel Aviv, as we are often told, there will be no attack because those elites would certainly be aware of the consequences it will have for the free-market capitalist system that they cherish. If there is an attack, it will be yet another proof that Washington is Israel's most important occupied territory, despite the efforts of a handful of brave individuals there to expose and bring a halt to the Israelization of US Middle East policy. I don't like the concept of elites, but I do not think there will be an attack and that the drum beats are designed to scare Iran because there are no other realistic options available. Nevertheless, beware the Ides of March.” (Jeffrey Blankfort ‘War within Range? Another Neocon beats the drums for war and says it will happen in 10 weeks’  c. Jan 7th 2006). In other words, does the Jewish global elite have a god-given sanctuary in Palestine or does it not care about this Judaically sacrosanct land?


This article does not present the case for Jewish world domination. It suggests the time has long since passed when the idea of Jewish world domination should be deemed to be preposterous or treated as morally abhorrent. There is plenty of evidence pointing in the direction of Jewish world domination. For example: the willingness of American politicians to criticize the president of the United States but their total reluctance to criticize the JOS. Western governments’ acceptance of the JOS as a western, liberal, secular democracy rather than criticizing it for being a racist state. It is more absurd to believe that America is the world’s hyperpower and that the JOS is just an American colony than it is to believe in Jewish world domination. This article seeks to change political priorities from the so-called Jewish holocaust of the past to the Jewish inspired catastrophe of a third world war. The so-called war against terrorism is a racist war initiated by Jewish supremacists designed to boost Jewish world domination. We can either live in world that seeks to combat racism or in a world where Jewish racism is accepted as a normal part of everyday life. In the latter case Jews would rule the world.



Bob Finch