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Teramo Trial First Hearing

Here is an English translation of the blog of our Italian friend Andrea Carancini reporting about the trial of intrepid Prof Claudio Moffa (more about this great man here - my talk given at a conference he organised).

7 June 2008, Andrea Carancini

Yesterday, 6th of June 2008, the first hearing took place in the Court of Justice at Teramo (Province of Abruzzo, Italy) involving those who were charged for riot, about ten members of the Roman Jewish community on one hand, and Agostino Rabbuffo, provincial secretary of a small extreme-right party, Fiamma Tricolore, on the other hand.

Let's rehash the facts:

1) Prof. Claudio Moffa was, during the academic year 2006-2007, the coordinator of a MA "Enrico Mattei" course in Middle Eastern studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences at Teramo;

2) In the framework of this course, Prof. Moffa decided to dedicate 4 hrs to the study of the Jewish Holocaust; he invited several Jewish scholars, like Valentina Pisanty, Marcello Pezzeti, Michele Sarfatti, but also Prof. Robert Faurisson, easily the most noted "negationist" scholar (in fact : revisionist) of the Holocaust official history.

3) Faurisson's lecture was supposed to take place on Friday 18 May 2007 at the Faculty of Political Sciences. But several factors interfered :

       a) the chairman of the Political Sciences Faculty, Prof. Adolfo Pepe, launched public attacks against Prof. Moffa in the local and national press;

      b) the articles published in L'Unità by journalist Massimo Franchi, replete with insults against Prof. Moffa and against the MA course (one of them announced the coming to Teramo of the Rome "Jewish community");

     c) The chairman of the University decided to close the buildings to prevent the lecture.

4) In the evening of May 17th, Prof. Moffa calls a press conference, to be held the following morning at the Gran Caffe, on Teramo Duomo Square . A new venue for Faurisson's lecture was to be announced.

5) On  May 18th, around 1 p.m. Prof. Moffa and Prof. Faurisson meet the press, giving separate interviews to Italian mainstream newspapers. Around 2 p.m. several persons, screeming and gesticulating, get close to Faurisson. Prof. Moffa and other people take position between the French scholar and the assaillants. One of them strikes Moffa at the neck.

6) Prof. Moffa's aggresssor is caught by Rabbuffo but friends of the thug intervene; so does the police with the carabinieri and the melee is general. Police officer Gennaro Papasso get a broken shoulder.

7) The Chief of the police asks prof. Faurisson to depart immediately.

As a consequence of these facts, Laura Colica, Dictrict Attorney, decided to put all of them on trial.

At the opening of the trial, Francesca Fragale, lawyer of Prof. Moffa, requested the hearing, as witnesses, of Prof. Moffa and Dr Serge Thion, an associate of Faurisson, by the court. The request was granted. It is a positive fact as these are key-witnesses.

As a second step, Fragale asked the court to accept Moffa as a plaintiff and to upgrade the bill of indictment from "riot" to "crime of private violence", "attempt to inflict wounds", and "threats".

The lawyer Gay, for the ten Roman Jews, opposed the two requests, arguing that Prof. Moffa had no cause since he did not lodge a complaint within 90 days of the facts.

The presiding judge rejected the first demand of Fragale but transmitted the second one to the Prosecutor's office, which will be in a position to reformulate the indictment, and, in case of need, request additional inquiries. This seems good news because Moffa's rights may be reiterated and the "private violence" may be made obvious, condemnable as such.

On the intervention of Gay: his rejection of the requests was formally clever but the substance was absurd. In fact, he not only denied any link between the punitive action of his clients and the mediatic campaign against Moffa, reinforced by the Faculty's Council decision to shut down the MA) but he also denied his clients were guilty of riot.

He is the real denier!

In any case,  it will be difficult for him to prove his point as we have a neutral description of events in the Italian newspaper of reference, Corriere della Sera, published immediately after the facts :

http://www.ucei. it/uceinforma/ rassegnastampa/ 2007/maggio/ corrieredellaser a/190507_ 1.asp
This article is reproduced on the Rome Jewish community website, which shows that they accept it as a source.

Towards the end of the preliminary phase, the debate started and Gay requested - and the demand was granted - that each of the indicted persons would produce a certificate of birth which would demonstrate (how?) their family links with persons who died in the German concentration camps, in order to establish the legitimacy of their "indignation" in front of the "perfidious" denier Faurisson. Rabbuffo's lawyer aptly described this request as "outrageous" or superfluous because the trial has only to establish if there was an aggression or not. But the judge did not reject it.

The trial is adjourned until July 11th.

The court will have to judge if the aggression against Moffa and Faurisson (and against Rabbuffo) was spontaneous or organized. It is now an established fact that inside the Jewish communities one can find paramilitary groups. Blondet has written an article on the subject: http://www.ladestra .info/?p= 8726 (I advise to read this article – quite mind-boggling! - and I place a machine translation at the bottom. Atrocious as it is, still one can understand somewhat- ISH)
These groups are clearly illegal but are tolerated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. When Serge Thion spoke of a "karate attack", it could be the sign of the existence of such groups. This maybe opens new perspectives.



Blondet: There is a squadrismo (Fascist storm troops) kosher

http://www.ladestra .info/?p= 8726

Category: Opinion


The historian Robert Faurisson in hospital as a result of a attack: removed from the instruction in the 1990, private one of the pension and fact object of a series of physical aggressions in last the 10 years. An amount of readers send me mail on the facts of Teramo, where Faurisson, like expectable, has been assaulted and it has not been able to speak. What I must say? Personally I am not interested in the issues of the Holocaust revisionism. First of all because I am not a historian, but a journalist: I take care of the present, and this supplies abundant examples of contemporary atrocities, operates of USA and Israel , already enough difficult to document. But above all, because that Holocaust is the single public and obligatory religion. The single one, by now, than does not admit agnostics and skeptics. To discuss on the lager and the numbers is to discuss about the dogmas: untouchable, protected by penal and military laws from soi-disant the institutions of our State. Enough to remember the pronunciation of the Napolitano president Giuliano David Amato, minister of the Interior. To defy this interdetto door to the result seen to Teramo: the negation of that which a time called “the political feasibility”.

The present police leaves to make the picchiatori, and stops instead the assaulted ones: obvious.

Riccardo Pacific, recognized head of the square beater, gives orders: “To Mussi [the minister of the university] I give an order: Moffa can’t continue to teach”.

Naturally it will be obeyed.

This condition for which a State legally does not only fight attackers, but it obeys to their injunctions, where the police assists to the abusiveness, where the State accept and approve of this violence, is itself exactly the condition described from “the official” historians for the facts of 1922, like actions of squadrismo that led to the foundation of the fascism.

The fascism, is known, been the badly absolute one, deplored from the left all antifascist officially without makes them.

But they practice if it of the Jews, the squadrismo becomes kosher.


The tracotanza attributed historically to the Fascists is a constant of molliccio Mr. Pacifici.

In 2005, when the Sheet organized an assembly against the Iran in front of the embassy of Tehran , the Pacific intimò: “The Italian Hebrews will verify who will participate and who will not; and these last ones will be considered enemy not only of Israel but also of the Italian Hebrews”.

An other of the square, the vice-gauleiter Victor Majar, sibilò: “Who will not come, will have to explain of the reasons”. (1)

Intimidazione and tracotanza, and not-present, therefore “enemy” lists of, modernized for future pestaggi.

Al Napolitano president, that it says of being anti-fascist and it has its beautiful age, this would have to remember something.

Pacific say to have organized the squadrismo kosher for “self-defense” of the “community” threatened, as all we know, by the bad Italians.

Obviously its idea of self-defense is somewhat immense: the squad leader has asserted that Israel has assaulted the Lebanese, bombing it for a month, for self-defense.

Thus it is the left that he appeals to the Hebrew: that ready one to denounce the squadrismo of 70 years ago (if he returns we are ready with our chests) but zitta on the present squadrismo and impunito, indeed impunibile.

For they information - because they cannot say, like the Germans then, “we did not know” - we will say that the squares of manganellatori for Giuda exist in all Europe , everywhere equally exempted from the observance to the laws.

In France they call Betar, from the name of the first group of aggression founded in 1923 from Vladimir Jabotinsky, the sionist worshipper of Hitler, whose Jewish legion paraded with the fascists to Rome under the look of Mussolini.

The old tie is most solid: not only Pacific, he is intimate friend of Kippà Fine, but the convergence was revealed to the sunlight in mythical `the 68: against the left extraparliamentaria ns who manifested for the Palestinian, the self-confident ones giovinotti of the roman ebraismo were associated in order to defend the arguments (say thus) of Israel with Giulio Caradonna, deputy of the MSI (and member of the P2, Mussi beloved) and manager of squares of picchiatori, often also to payment, on behalf of the national direction of the MSI: mixed squares neofascisti- Hebrew will receive thus the first practical slight knowledge of guerrilla of public square and actions of manganello.

This first nucleus then was strengthened from enthusiastic of rabbi Meyr Kahane, the suprematist fanatic Judeo-American, that they formed the Jewish Defense League.

Active Tutt'ora, says to me, even if it does not use more some name.

Those that it counts, of the rest, is the facts.

The indefectible faith and the iron discipline: every member of the community, besides to pay the tenth one, must engage two days to the month in the “military service of city defense”; the individual that it wanted to esimersi the turns must introduce to the Gauleiter the medical certificate.

Groups composed from 4-5 persons, on large SUV, hard patrol 24 hours to the day the quarters Jewish density, to the hunting of some dissennato that it dares to outline written “anti-semitic” on some wall; the fact is rarest as it can be understood, but the presence of the vigilantes is instead continuous, intimidatoria, and blessed from the authorities (if we want to thus call them) italiote of anti-fascist Italy like a “police” of the community.

Dottor the Loved Giuliano, minister of the Inside, is to the current and approves of.

But the Muslims try to form groups of self-defense of the sort, and you will feel then to order it the repression in the name of the “legality”.

But the worrisome data is that the Hebrew squadristi have all, turns out to me, the port of crews.

And moreover, two times the year, go for a week in Israel where they receive military training.

Of the rest, in case of sionista war, they come recalled as normal reservists of the Israeli native land (one of they is remained killed in the Occupied Territories , while it made the hero).

To support voluntary in a foreign army is prohibited from the Italian laws: but they are laws that are only worth for the goym.

For the dominant race, instead, it is kosher.

They intensely practice to a kind of fight, said Krav Maga, elaborated in the Israeli army for its commandos.

I read from some technical notes: “If other traditional martial limbs, above all of matrix orient them, stretch to associate besides the instruction of the techniques philosophical and spiritual a system, the Krav Maga answers to criteria of military type which the effectiveness and the rapidity with which it is arrived to the wished result, that it is the neutralization of the adversary. Where often many martial limbs (between which also those from which the Krav Maga it has reached, like Judo, Ju-Jitsu, kung was, etc…) they prefer a formulation fence-sitter that leaves the adversary the first movement, the Krav Maga heads before for a fast neutralization of the adversary that these can become a threat, with a mix of blows by hand opened directed to sensitive points like nose and typical throat, soccer and ginocchiate of the Thai Boxe. This formulation, adapts to atmospheres to high risk like the Middle Eastern theaters of operations, could be source of problems in situations of daily life: in fact the aggressive and anticipatorio approach could carry to complications of penal nature. […] Aiming above all for zones of the body (the genitals, carotide, eyes, etc.), thought normally untouchable for other sports of contact, the Krav Maga difficultly can be practiced in sport form”.

It is less than it can be said.


The Krav Maga is a lethal activity to support, knows or the dottor to it Not loved, than costoro they practice with total impunity.

In 1992, to Pesaro , with this professional activity they hurt a ten of persons seriously.

With this martial art the hands become comparable to revolver.

Even if the guns do not lack to these squadristi: in 1994 to Rome , the picchiatori kosher assaulted the center of the Political Movement (a group of skillful extraparliamentaria n) in via Domodossola: the covered armed aggressors of spranghe were noticed from individuals that aimed the crews from fire at the “enemies”.

Three of these individuals came stopped from flying: the car of the police was encircled and destroyed professionally, and the three freed.

Obviously, no provision came taken against the aggressors from the so-called police enforcements.

In compensation, the Political Movement was disciolto for law and its sealed center.

Numerous the enterprises of the squadristi of Sion, impossible to tell them all.

Aggressions to the roman federation of Communist Rifondazione (that it tace and it consents), with a lot of street block; and the motorists who protested, scientifically stepped on to blood.

All documented with photo and video: but neither the magistracy neither the anti-fascist police never have been taken care neither to make to stop the action neither to inquire on the criminals.

There was in those days also the pestaggio of Agnoletto, the head of not global, that it ate unaware of in a restaurant protect from the squadrista vigilance: and the day after, to Livorno , no-global of name Canaries was assaulted from 40 these prodi with spranghe and falls.

They are the same ones prodi that they have modified the sentence to the first Priebke process in the way that you will perhaps remember: they seized the judges militarily, the lawyers and the culprit in the classroom of the military court italiota, until the attorney general, such Flick - a lion - took part in order to make to change the sentence in the intentional sense from the squadristi.

From then, an amount of other pestaggi to the spicciolata one, with blows of spranga to the head of several malcapitati delaa skillful extraparliamentaria n.

Sprangate kosher and, for Loved and the magistrates, completely lawyers.

This is the situation, beloveds readers.


We are subject to the picchiatori of a foreign power, to which our State one acknowledges subordinate and obedient.

Subject, as we are criti us of Israel , to the ritorsioni of these trained groups in order to kill.

And not draft of an accidental or marginal fact.

Pacific are the vice president of the Jewish community.

Which, instead isolating it chooses, it like its spokesman.

Therefore it approves of and he is responsible in block of the crimes completed from costoro.

Because they are crimes and crimes, even if not are in enslaved Italy the courage to denounce them like such.


Maurizio Blondet


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


1) Maximum Fine, “the lists are always dangerous”, 4 November 2005. Here the text, where Fine it identifies like fascism the behaviors of the Pacific: “I am an anti-semite. They have not been in fact to the organized torchlight procession from the Sheet of Giuliano Ferrara in front of the embassy of the Iran in order to protest against the affirmations of the president of that Country, Ahmadinejad: `The sionista entity must be cancelled from the maps of mondo'. the spokesman of Pacific the roman Jewish community, Riccardo, us in fact has admonished: `The Italian Hebrew will verify who will participate and who and these last ones will not be considered enemy not only of Israel but also of the Hebrew italiani'. and an other exponent of the Hebrew roman, Victor Majar, has added: `Who will not make it will have to explain of ragioni'. I has not gone to us, to that torchlight procession, not because I could not but because I do not have intentional, and I do not have some intention to explain of the reasons to the gentleman Pacifici and Majar. They are therefore an enemy of Israel , an enemy of the Italian Hebrew, an anti-semite, a racist. The gentleman Pacifici and Majar say to us which star and of that color, will have themselves to be pined on the chest we that we do not go to the torchlight procession of Ferrara, because all can see, ictu oculi, that we are of the infami. We are to the proscrizione lists. Nevertheless no best of the Hebrew would have to know how much hateful and dangerous they are. Possible that the gentleman Pacifici and Majar do not become account that with their discriminations expresses, at least conceptually, the same intolerance against which they call to us to protest?

Moreover own the Hebrew have not always asked us, with justice, not to confuse Israel with the Jewish, national and international communities? Israel is a State, the scattered Jewish community in the world is an other thing. Israel is a State that, like State, can complete good or bad actions, than I can criticize or praise without that this is reflected on my neighbor of Hebrew house. Israel is a State that, like every other State (like we place, the Afghanistan , the Iran , North Korea ) can receive threats against which I can be loyal without for this having to be loyal with the roman Jewish community or with Giuliano Ferrara.

To confuse Israel and international the Jewish community - and the Hebrew have taught to us own - is a racist concept. Because racism is own to attribute of the responsibilities to a member of an ethnic community, religious, for the single fact to belong to that community (to only kill a Hebrew or Palestinian child or malgascio because Hebrew Palestinian or malgascio)”.

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