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Enough of attacks on Pope, - says Palestinian Archbishop

Jerusalem 25.09.06. The most senior Palestinian churchman, Archbishop Theodosius Atallah Hanna of Sebaste called upon Muslims to show their magnanimity and put an end to their campaign against the Pope. “The Pope apologised for his unfortunate words; now it is time to put this affair behind us and forget it” said the Msgr. Theodosius, a leading Palestinian cleric of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, well known for his active support of the Palestinian cause. He spoke at the Church of Mar Elias (Elijah the Prophet) in his native Haifa to local Christians and Muslims. “Despite long and troubled history of our Church relationship with the Catholic Church” – said Atallah Hanna in a veiled reference to the Catholic Crusade against Orthodox Christians, - “I call for friendly, warm and brotherly relations with Vatican, and with all Christian and Muslim believers”.

Archbishop joined with the Muslim clerics condemning a wave of arson targeting Catholic churches in Palestine. The perpetrators of these crimes are still unknown, and the Haaretz newspaper reported that Israeli Security Services [Shabak] are widely suspected for being behind it. The Orthodox Church is the oldest and biggest Christian Church in the Holy Land.

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Reported by Israel Adam Shamir