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Subject: Webster v. Sue Blackwell, involving Shamir



A know-nothing 'academic' from Birmingham University (in the UK), one Sue Blackwell, circulated an attack Israel Shamir for using material from me on his web site and on his List.

The woman was so ill-informed about me and the "extreme right racist" scene in Britain generally that she described me as "the leader of the British National Party". (What a hoot!).

My response (a couple of items below) to this ignorant woman obviously irritated her, so she got on to some left wing bigots of her own stripe to try and get them to put pressure on Shamir to toe their line. This bit of troublemaking by Blackwell is what prompted Shamir's List item immediately below. Shamir was not abashed, as you will see, any more than I was.


What will the malignant Sue Blackwell try next? She can't try the old primary school playground threat of "I'm gonna get my gang on to you!!" because she's already tried that and her gang was faced down by Shamir in short order.

It is very likely that she and her gang of left wing anti-Zionists will approach the UK based "anti-fascist" magazine 'Searchlight'? That is the orthodox leftists' usual first stop when embarking on an "anti-racist" initiative.

If that happens, the outcome should prove interesting and the source of a steep learning curve for Sue and her friends. The publisher of 'Searchlight', Gerry Gable, has dedicated his life to a cause which transcends his "anti-fascism" and "anti-racism" - but it is not the cause of the Palestinians! He is a dedicated Zionist on close terms both with officials of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and senior Scotland Yard officers.

He encouraged his son, also a UK citizen born and bred, to perform "national service" in the Israeli Defence Force! Without doubt Gable senior is numbered among that tight-knit group of Jewish UK citizens known in Israeli intelligence circles as "Sayanim" ("Helpers"), some of whom double-up as members of the Board of Deputies' spook organisation, the Community Security Trust, which is granted special training facilities by the London Metropolitan Police and the Manchester Police

"'Helpers'? 'Helpers' of whom?", the ignoramus Blackwell may be promoted to ask. The Mossad. That's who, Sue. This should inspire great confidence among your Palestinian associates to whom, as you see from the header, I have copied this bulletin.


From: "Israel Shamir" Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 16:55:01 +0200 To: "Stanley Heller" Cc: "Emma Rosenthal" , "abou faraz \(tarek ezzat\)" , "Universalist" , , "al-awda-unity" Subject: Re: From the Moderators of Al-Awda-Unity Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 9:19 PM Subject: From the Moderators of Al-Awda-Unity


Dear friends,

I received the following letter from Stan Heller. Though it churlishly lacks any form of address I presume it refers to me. It is an interesting reading: I ran (and lost) against Stan for the much coveted :-) position of this e-group moderator, and this is the victor's magnanimity. Well, no icepicks, anyway. My reply is below.


Israel Adam Shamir, Jaffa.

----- Original Message ----- From: Stanley Heller To: Israel Shamir Cc: abou faraz (tarek ezzat) ; Emma Rosenthal Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2003 9:19 PM Subject: From the Moderators of Al-Awda-Unity

One of the principles of al-awda is opposition to racism. "PRRC/Al-Awda condemns and does not tolerate any kind of racism. This includes racism directed at Palestinians by denying them the right to return to their homes and lands and maintaining racist laws that allow any Jew to acquire automatic citizenship and live on confiscated Palestinian lands while denying native Palestinians the right to return home. This also includes our opposition to anti-Jewish statements and other acts."

It has been alleged that you work with rightist racists and spread racist concepts about Jews.

1. In a message on your listserv Shamireaders you list approvingly a letter from a Martin Webster whom you describe as "Mr Martin Webster, a British friend of this list"

Is this Martin Webster not the notorious organizer in the 1970's for the violent rightist National Front and writer of the anti-Jewish Inner Circle Researchers and current publisher of Electronic Watch on Zion (EWOZ)?


2. Is it true that that you forwarded a post of a leftist friend of Palestinians [SA Blackwell] to Webster complete with her name and work address?

3. Is it true that as you have written to Lenni Brenner that you have no objections to having your writings published on neo-Nazi websites?

4. In your article on your website "Bloodcurdling Libel" you argue that it is possible that some Jews may indeed have killed Christians and have used blood ritually.

You offer no proof that such things actually took place. The charge of ritual murder is a mainstay of anti-Jewish incitement. Why would you give it credence on your site?

5. You reposted on your listserv [message #156] an article by Simon Jones from the site (New World Order - Survivalist - UFO) entitled: "Triumph Of The Will: Jewish Cultural Hegemony" which argues that Zionism both ensured the success of the Bolshevik Revolution and the undermining of the Soviet Union. The site also has a prominent article contending that the Rothchilds invented communism as part of a plot to control the world, an insane neo-nazi charge.


Why would you have any association with


My Response:

Let us begin with Nr 2 - 'ladies first'.

You make it sound like I passed on a love letter of charming Sue [Sue Blackwell - see below]. Everyone who writes to me (and it includes YOU) may have his/her letter forwarded and used, unless it is marked 'private'. I run a listserve, not a confession booth.


Pass to Nr 3.


Lenni wrote to me: I understand that you are not responsible for them (right-wing sites) putting it up. Neo-Nazis have put up my material as well. But when they do, I denounce them, I replied: No, I do not denounce anybody who distributes my writing; other way around - I approve of him/her/it wholeheartedly. You were brought up in a traditional home, maybe you remember the Hebrew saying: "mitoch shelo haya le shma, haya le shma"; in other words, it is good to study the Law even for totally wrong reasons, for the Law will bring the person to better reasoning. Our books may be sold in shops whose owners are not saints, and our message may be spread by whoever chooses to spread our message.


Nr 5.

Your articles appeared in the Boston Globe, and articles of other friends were published (not often enough) by the New York Times, while these papers provide tribune for Daniel Pipes the arch-racist and Thomas Friedman the Liar. Why would you have any association with the NY Times? For it provides access to multitudes. My articles were published in Haaretz, the newspaper that published calls for genocide. Why don't you mind it? Can it be that you differentiate between Jewish Nazis and Gentile Nazis?

Nr 4.

In the article quoted I refer to a case of ritual murder committed by a Jew and approved by the Jewish community. Moreover, I quote a case of Blacks found guilty of ritual murder. Do you believe that a Black can commit a ritual murder (see recent case of Adam the Torso Boy in London) but a Jew can't? Isn't it a racist belief?

No. 1.

I do not exclude that Mr Webster has, or had some racist views. Does it mean he should be excommunicated? Why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Indeed, in our e-group one moderator believes that Blacks can murder for ritual reasons, while Jews can't; another member (Lenni) supports Zionist thugs of Antifa (a photo of Antifa carrying flags of Israel and acclaiming Harris the British genocidaire, can be seen on the left), Weizfield voices the opinions of Foxman... Let us remove the plank from our own eye, and then we shall see clearly to remove the speck from our brother's eye.

It is possible that as an Israeli (the only one in the e-group), I am not sensitive enough to the extreme right. The opinions you describe as 'neo-nazi' are being held in my country by moderate left of Shimon Peres. Webster probably would not qualify even for the centre of the ruling Likud. But for some reason, nobody minds speaking to Mr Peres.

My list is the place where the right and the left have a chance to listen to each other directly - without intermediary of the mainstream media, for I reject the Pharisee complaint and eat with tax collectors and sinners.

Mr Webster does not want to have immigrants in his country, while Emma Rosenthal stands for unlimited immigration. Who is a better neighbour? Probably the truth lays somewhere between these two extreme positions. In order to find it, we should have both positions presented, and that is what my list is doing.

The claim that I 'spread racist concepts about Jews' is ridiculous. While racists believe that Jews can't be but what they are, I believe that every 'Jew' can reject Jewish exclusivity and become a good neighbour to all his neighbours. Actually this Christian idea was expressed by Mr Webster in the letter I published on my listserve: he wrote that Mr Howard rejected the Jewish exclusivity and became, in his opinion, a good neighbour of the English people. Instead of trying to condemn him ad hominem, it would be better to read and approve of his message.

You, members of al-Awda, had rejected the supremacist idea of an exclusive Jewish state. You are on the right way. Now, let us reject vehemence and the Pharisee selectivity, and work together with everybody willing to support the great idea of equality in Palestine.

Israel Adam Shamir



(Chief Ignoramus, Birmingham University)

From: Martin Webster To: Sue Blackwell Date: Thursday, November 13, 2003 12:41 am Subject: ME - the "leader of the BNP"!! What a laugh!

Dear Sue Blackwell,

You may be right that I am "none other than THE" Martin Webster. However I am not and never have been the leader of the British National Party - indeed, I have never even been a member of that party and do not seek to become such.

I produce two occasional e-bulletins:

(1) 'The Electronic Loose Cannon' (ELC) which is largely devoted to attacking and exposing the BNP under its current leadership (Chairman Nick Griffin - NOT me!) for taking up a "modernising" strategy which involves coming to a modus vivendi with the Zionists, accepting Afro-Caribbean and Indian Asian immigration into Britain - and in effect accepting multi-racialism - but opposing Pakistani and other Muslim Asian immigration and

(2) 'The Electronic Watch on Zion' (EWOZ) whose name, I think, conveys its purpose and content.

Some of my essays in these bulletins have been republished by Israel Shamir. This does not mean that he agrees with everything I say. We are individuals. We come from different backgrounds. We have a sense of humour too, a faculty which you should try to cultivate.

Now to educate you about me, as you are in such dire ignorance:

From 1969 until 1983 I used to be the National Activities Organiser of the National Front, but the NF and I parted company in December 1983 - 20 years ago. Since that time I have not been a member of any political organisation. I am now an independent racial-nationalist.

I believe that each and every ethnic-national group should have its own living space in their respective ancestral homelands and I do not believe in the imposition on any ethnic group of compulsory multi-racialism. That is a kind of genocide.

My views concerning the imposition of a multi-racial society on Britain are to a certain extent predicated on this fact:

"Thus [in 1955] the only opportunity Parliament had to vote on immigration was lost and a major ethnological alteration of the nation took place without any democratic ratification whatever"

That quote is taken from the last chapter of 'Eminent Churchillians' - a book by the academic historian Andrew Roberts, published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in 1994. Since publication that crucial assertion of fact has not been challenged by any informed authority (or even ill-informed authorities, such as yourself).

In short, what the British people have had imposed on them has no "democratic legitimacy" (a favourite catch-phrase of the Left when it suits them) - yet it is being enforced and imposed not just by a deluge of brainwashing propaganda in the mass media and in the schools, but by iniquitous "Race Relations" laws.

The multi-racial society is being promoted both by the International Left and by International Capitalism. Have you never asked yourself why this is? I bet not - but I also bet you consider yourself to be a "radical" and "anti-Establishment"!

The entity originally responsible for the promotion of multi-racialism in Britain and in most other formerly White-European nations across the globe is Zionist-Jewry. Jews run most of the "anti racist" groups around the world. Yet these are the same people who demand the right to enjoy the benefits of ethnic exclusivity for themselves - not only within the borders of Israel, but within the nations of the Diaspora. To draw attention to that glaring fact is smeared as "anti-semitism" - so most people shut up. I don't.

These people are oppressing native ethnic Britons in Britain - and native ethnic Palestinians in Palestine. I only wish that the British people were showing the same fighting spirit as the Palestinians. My e-bulletins have readers throughout the Middle East. One of my oldest friends and supporters (since 1963) is a Muslim from India called Bashir Khan.

The Internationalism which you preach is a bloody disaster - an inane fantasy which I will not attempt to dignify by appending to it the description of "idealism". It is sheer folly.

It does not surprise me that somebody so ignorant about everything else should rush into correspondence to display her ignorance about me.

Grow up, woman.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Webster.