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Civilization X

By Israel Shamir

(A talk given at “The Dialogue of Civilizations: the Contradictions of the Globalization” International Conference on May 23, 2003, in Kyiv, Ukraine. At the conference, Shamir was elected a member of the Ukrainian State Administration Academy)

The organizers of the conference could not find a better place to discuss its topic, for the Ukraine is the borderland between Civilizations, the ground where these ultimate personae of human history check their valor and vitality by prayer and sword. Founded by Vikings, peopled by Slavs, baptized by Byzantines, decorated by poplar and scented by lilac, Kyiv is the tolerant city of Igor’s Lay, the old epic poem of a battle waging between the Orthodox Christian Slavs and the Turkic horsemen. Its hero Prince Igor, a Roland of Eastern Europe, marries a daughter of a Turkic chieftain, for there is no reason for deadly enmity between cultures. Rudyard Kipling expressed it in the last less frequently quoted line: ‘There is neither East nor West, when two strong men stand face to face’. TOP

Though your thyme-perfumed steppes interspaced with chestnut groves served as the preferred battlefield of Germans, Turks and Slavs, paradoxically, the border skirmishes of Janissaries, Cossacks and Hussars, the let-go of excessive masculine energy, prove the civilizations have no reason for conflict. Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics and Muslims have their own habitat and they do not stray out of it, while the warriors deeply respect their adversaries and display their chivalry between the wars.

It is a trite observation, and that is why the concept of Clash of Civilizations was shunned in political discourse since the Crusades. The confrontations were perceived as ideological ones, be it the Cold War of Communism and Capitalism, or colonial wars of Imperialism and Liberation. American political scientists revived the Neo-Darwinist and racist concept of Clash of Civilizations for practical reasons: to explain and encourage the war of America against the World. Its enemies are presented in ‘civilizationalist’ terms: ‘Old’ (read: independent) Europe, Dar al-Islam, China. If these are the enemies, who are the friends? What is ‘our’ civilization of Huntington and Strauss, Perle and Wurmser, Feith and Rice? Whatever it is, this Civilization X is equally rejected by people of Eastern and Western Europe, French and Ukrainian, Germans and Greeks, Chinese and Zulu. TOP

Let us consider the qualities of this Civilization X:




It is exterritorial, knows no borders and able to attack and devour from Iraq to China, from Russia to Nicaragua. It has no natural habitat and able of endless expansion. Wherever there is a man to enslave, a house to bomb, a tree to fell, it is ready to come.

Its main occupation is usury. They provide loans to states, ensnare them with impossible conditions and ruin them.

It considers human solidarity and brotherhood – ‘totalitarianism’.

It rejects Spirit and considers it ‘fanaticism and fundamentalism’.

It equally abhors Apostolic Christianity and Islam; but it loves to set the Christians upon the Muslims, and vice versa.

Its devotion is given to the Jewish State. Not only the JINSA Cabal is ethnically faithful to Israel; the US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said that the security of Israel is the key to security of the world. Rice added that she feels a deep affinity with Israel.

It is heavily engaged in drugs. Wherever they win, heroin has its field day. London's The Independent newspaper, reported from Baghdad: The city, which had never seen heroin, is now flooded with narcotics. It is not unusual that where the Americans go, the narcotics flourish. Taliban had successfully eliminated the drugs from Afghanistan but since the US forces took over the control, Afghanistan has become the largest producer of heroin. Some reports suggest that the drug and arms trafficking is patronized by the CIA to finance its covert operations worldwide.

It exalts vengeance. The war against Afghanistan was promoted as ‘vengeance for 9/11’.

It has soul of dastardly knave, in its narrow meaning of ‘opposite to noble’. They did not dare to attack Iraq until it was fully disarmed by the UN.

It produces no art. In vain archaeologists of Fourth Millennium will search for their Venus. The rusty American Venus a.k.a opus 5327 exhibited in the Guggenheim is identical to any heap of scrap metal. There are no glorious temples, no exciting architecture, absolutely nothing to miss if the gods would pour sulfur and brimstone on its cities.

It is obsessed with paranoid fear. It is not enough that America spends on weapons ten times more money than the rest of the world. They want to disarm everybody. The war in Iraq was caused by desire to remove its weapons. Now they want to disarm Iran, Syria, Korea, and Ukraine and Russia just wait for its turn.

Fear of weapons is not aimed exclusively outside: the proponents of Civilization X try their best to disarm the American people as well. For this reason they committed the mass murder at Waco and implicated militias in Oklahoma bombing.

It despises labor and laborers. American cinema, the only existing quasi-art output of Civilization X, depicts millionaires and whores, gamblers and brokers, bums and gangsters, but its last worker was depicted in the pre-war Grapes of Wrath.

It loves the rich. They believe the rich are virtuous, for they are blessed with wealth, while the poor are evil and damned just because they are poor.

The psychological portrait should be recognizable for the Ukrainians. Yes, the Civilization X presently at war with the rest of the world, is this eminently familiar and contemptible figure, a medieval Ukrainian Jew, a usurer, tax collector and alcohol pusher magnified by a factor of million. Its size impeded our recognition, for it is not easy to recognize an elephant-size louse. TOP

Centuries ago, this figure ruled your steppes. After expulsion from France and Spain, the immigrant Jews settled in the Ukraine, suborned the timid native Jews and in short time strategically placed themselves between Polish landlords and Ukrainian peasants. They had lent money to landlords and peasants, pushed alcohol, managed the feudal estates, and eventually became the ultimate source of power. The Jews fought the Church, for the Church objected to their liberal trade in alcohol and usury. Until nowadays, the Jewish word kabala (receipt) is used in the Ukrainian language for ‘debt enslavement’.

The Civilization X pushes heroin instead of vodka, loans out billions instead of two rubles, sucks out the wealth of nations instead of meager livelihood of a peasant, fears nuclear weapons rather than moujik’s axe, but it is the same complex of ideas and methods. In short, Civilization X is a dangerous and aggressive mutation of Jewish spirit grafted on the Anglo-American basis. Huntington was right – up to a point. The Conflict of Civilizations is unavoidable, but it is not a conflict of Christendom and Islam, but the conflict of Christians and Muslims versus Neo-Jews. TOP


What a strange and dreadful thought, one would say. However, this thought is shared by many Jews, for instance, by a prominent Jewish thinker, ex-Rabbi of Oxford, author of a few books, a TV personality, Rabbi Shmuel Boteach, incidentally, a leader of Khabbad, the most racist and xenophobic Jewish movement. He notices and blesses similarity, almost identity of the traditional Jewish attitude and the ruling US paradigm. I do agree with him in his diagnosis, though our conclusions are diametrically opposed. Rabbi Boteach proclaims in The Jerusalem Post: “America and the Jews are teaming up take over the world. But it is a conquest of ideas rather than armies, and you can be sure that when they give it back, it will be in much better shape than when they took it.

It is a conquest of ideas, but they are backed up by Tomahawks. These ideas will improve the world, like the character of the Jewish joke ‘translated and improved’ Shakespeare. As for ‘give it back’, tell it to Palestinians.

The ideas are the worst part of Jewish heritage, for these ideas were already tried in the Ukraine and now they are tried in Palestine. These ideas force many young Palestinians (‘suicide bombers’) to commit suicide rather than to live under the unbearable Jewish rule. These old Jewish ideas were modernized by Leo Strauss, the brain behind the JINSA cabal. Pfaff sums them up in a one-liner ‘The ostensibly hidden truth is that expediency works; there is no certain God to punish wrongdoing’, or in even shorter form, their power is based on the secret knowledge that there is no God. TOP

It is not a new observation. The Prophets complained about the Jews who act as if there is no God to punish wrongdoing or apportion grace. Since God through Christ has opened his Covenant to the Gentiles, those from the Jews who do not consider themselves to be in one beloved Israel of God with righteous Christians from all other nations do not belong to Israel either and do not participate in the Covenant of God. In plain words, by rejecting Gentiles, the Jews rebelled against God.

Now these rebels command the nuclear arsenal of the US. Pfaff names leading disciples of Strauss: Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz; Abram Shulsky of the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans, Richard Perle of the Pentagon advisory board, Elliott Abrams of the National Security Council. These men have now enough bombs to erase the mankind, or, to achieve the ultimate goal of Strauss, ensuring Jewish group dominance in the modern world. This frightening thought provides also a glimpse of hope, for 95% of American people do not belong to the Neo-Jewish community. Instead of fighting Muslims and supporting the Neo-Jews in the style they are accustomed to, the Americans can borrow a leaf from the Ukrainian book.

For the Jewish dominance in Ukraine was undone in 1648, when the Christian Ukrainians and the Muslim Tartars led by a Polish noble Bohdan Chmielnicki and supported by Russian troops united in a ferocious Intifada and freed the Ukraine. (For centuries, the Ukrainians were libeled as mass murderers of the innocent Jews, until the modern British Jewish researcher Jonathan Israel proved there was no massacre; though Jews suffered as much as everybody else in the ensuing civil war.)

The defeat of the Jewish ideas in 1648 was good for everybody, and good for Jews, as well. Jews lost their arrogance and gained some respect to their neighbors. They lost their exalted position and became better human beings. Thousands of Jews, followers of Jacob Frank, were received in the Church and became ordinary Ukrainians or Poles. Others followed Besht into new Hassidic movement which internalized many Christian concepts. TOP

Yesterday I visited Uman, a charming old town with its famous 18th century landscaped park of Count Potocki, one of the world wonders, where young Ukrainian belles in dangerously brief miniskirts stroll under the white pyramidal candles of chestnut blossom. There I attended the tomb of Rabbi Nachman, for this Jewish philosopher-saint and contemporary of Napoleon was venerated by my ancestors, and he is still revered by thousands of Jews everywhere. He was much influenced by the Ukrainian folk ways and dreamed to unite his people with the Ukrainians in one Church. He felt affinity to the soul of Jesus and repeated His words ‘I came to fulfill the Law’ while ostensibly transgressing it. He made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land but chose to return to his native Ukraine. His mystic teaching is the best proof of blessed influence the Ukrainian Orthodox had on the rebellious Jewish soul. Thus the old withered oak of Jewish spirit blossomed again in the Ukraine after the victorious Intifada .

Likewise, the strategic mega-usurer from New York and his partner the butcher from Tel Aviv will be defeated in the new world-wide Intifada, and that will be the end of the Clash of Civilizations.