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A Boston Bitch,

By Israel Shamir


From time to time, a person with an Arab-sounding name is being drafted into zionist camp to support its line. Sometimes, it is an Arab Jew, but as often as not, it is actually an Arab who decided to support the enemy. They are the intellectual equivalent of the CIA-trained Mahmud Abbas' security men. They are plentiful in occupied Iraq, less but numerous in occupied Palestine, and they occur in the US, as well.

A Bostonian Arab, Ms Safia Albaiti   is a member of this gang. This relatively young lady decided to fight - no, not the occupation, she fights antisemitism. This is a most profitable business: fight antisemitism, and the Jews will give you a helping hand. So she does: in a letter written to the, a British Trots' site. Her hand is not particularly gentle. For her, our friend Gilad Atzmon, loved by all Palestinians, is but a "vile anti-Semite". As for me, she rants into oblivion: "the notorious racist Russian-Swede Israel Shamir, an open admirer of Hitler, David Duke, Jean-Marie Le Pen and Nick Griffin and the neo-Nazi British National Party". Well, she did not mention I drink Jewish blood with vodka instead of tomato juice in my Bloody Mary, but probably for the lack of space.
Unsurprisingly, the Boston Bitch is praised by the Jewish outlet ACLU. A good friend of Foxman's ADL, the most Zionist body in the US, ACLU is run by Jews for Jews and being supported by rich Jews to the tune of 85 million dollar a year, wikipedia says. Surely she is not worried that Foxman's hit-men support her, as she is doing their work. Despite claiming that she is a Muslim, she does not mind to be in bed with most violent God-deniers and faith-haters of ACLU.  Moreover, ACLU (being liberal) is anti-Communist and it bans communists from having a place within. That did not stop allegedly communist SocialistWorker from publishing her letter. What price their communism, I wonder?

I wrote a short missive to the Trots of the


If there is no place for Atzmon on your site, you should remove Marx, Trotsky, Isaac Deutscher and Abram Leon as well, for these men were even more critical to the "Judaic spirit" and wished to get rid of it.
Ms Albaiti's vicious characteristic of myself is too insane to argue against. I do not "admire" modern politicians, my admiration is given to St Paul for his principled stand and St Francis of Assisi for his compassion and humility. I do despise people who are unable of civilised discourse. The letter of Ms Albaiti belongs to gutter; you demeaned yourselves by printing it and reacting to it.


I do not hold my breath waiting for its publication. These guys consider fair play a "bourgeois fault".




From Maria Poumier, Paris

Nice answer indeed! Mrs Safia shows here that you are more important and dangerous than ever. Thanks for fighting so well. Here is your text in French:

voyez sur comment Shamir allume les crypto sionistes "de gauche". amitiés, maria


From Gilad Atzmon, London

thanks so much brother , just one correction... this is the American socialist Worker, not the British one... the real culprit here is the editor Alan Maass and i really do not know what to do with him yet. He didn't publish my answer nor did he publish any other letters that were passed to me including yours.


From John Wheat Gibson, Texas

I am cut to the quick, she had nothing to say about me J


From Karin Friedemann, Boston

Boston Trotskyites are worse than useless. I asked them to support the Somerville Divestment Project's ballot petition against public funding of the Israeli state. They claimed to support the Palestinian cause, yet could not sign the petition because they felt it was useless working for any goal less than "worldwide revolution." (in fact Palestine must be destroyed in order for the Palestinian "workers" to join hand in hand with the Israeli "workers" in socialist upheaval to take over the factories). Meanwhile two Zionists who were eavesdropping were laughing their heads off.
Anyway a lot of Arabs (and Muslims) try to play the game of reviling anti-Semitism hoping that the devil, once befriended, will demonstrate some kind of loyalty. Wrong. Many of them actually receive salaries from Jewish organizations but many of them do not. They do this crap in order to "fit in" with those "progressives."
From Ken Freeland, Texas

Yes indeed they do


From Jim Dean, Heritage TV, Atlanta


You can always judge a man's character by the lack thereof of his enemies.


It is an honor to have people like this as enemies. If she wrote something like this about me I would send her $5 and ask here to please keep up doing the sock puppet work for the Rad Zios.


Dear Abe Foxman, yes you the half-million-dollar-a-year-man who earns this for reporting vandalism and name are welcome to unload on me any time so I can put you up on my personal hater bulletin board to show my friends. So far I have only David Horowitz and Norman Podhoretz, both for the nastiest emails anyone has ever sent me.


Podhoretz got angry over a simple question on David Irving, like why if you disagree with his historical writings, do you want to send him to the Jewish Lobby gas chambers, without a trial? Why not just refute what you disagree with?


And for Horowitz, a sock puppet for the Israeli and American defense industry who bankrolled him, I mentioned on his web blog after some sanctimonious nasty treatment he was giving someone...I responded that at least they had never lent their bookkeeper to the Black Panthers for a weekend to get their accounts straightened out. She must have eventually run across some of their drug dealings and said something like ...' folks are funding you social work by selling drugs in the black community'.


They murdered her that weekend and dumped her body in San Francisco Bay (It washed ashore).  In one of Horowitz's books his ending comment on this incident was 'how dare them do this to me, after all I did for them'. Horowitz does not have a USS Liberty section on his website.


Horowitz got very angry :-)  But those were the early years when I was learning to use people quotes from their own material to expose what phonies they were. Little did I know then what countless opportunities there would be for this later in life...the gift that keeps on giving.


But frankly folks, only two really good haters on my bulletin has become a bit of an ego problem for me. What the hell kind of heritage activist could I really be without more haters? I must be doing something wrong. So no more Mr. Nice Guy stuff :-)


Dear David, What do you think Betty's last thoughts were, just before they finished her off? Could they have been about you?


Jim Dean...Heritage TV...Atlanta


From: Tawfiq Khoury

Dear Mr. Shamir:
You and I have never met, but we have corresponded over the years, and I have always read your e-mails and articles with great appreciation. I always found you indeed a man of peace, justice and fairness for all. As a Palestinian, I can only wish there were more people like you. And yes, in all of your writings, I have found the spirit of St. Paul and St. Francis of Assisi.
Hence, your message re-Miss Albaiti gave me much concern.
I am, and have been, for a long time, a strong supporter of the ACLU.I can spend the next 20 minutes explaining to you why, but will simply state, unequivocally, that they have always stood for our basic freedoms in the USA. They stood up to Bush when everyone else was cowed. They defend people accused of heinous crimes whom no one else would touch, simply insisting that they be given the basic legal protection we are supposed to enjoy. They stand up for minorities, for "illegals", for the oppressed. They even stood up for the Nazis' right to obtain a permit to march through the streets of Skokie, Illinois,(a town with a substantial Jewish population).That stand cost them the support of many Jews who cancelled their membership in the organization.
The ACLU I know does have many Jewish supporters, but is not in any way a Zionist organization.......and you and I have always agreed on the need to distinguish between "Jew" and "Zionist". I also support "Jewish Voices for Peace", and I hope you do too. They are a bunch of courageous, principled Jews who, against much condemnation and criticism by the old line Zionist organizations, raise their voices and do honor to the memory of Rachel Courrie.
Of course I found Ms. Albaitis' attack on you and on Atzmon, whom I respect greatly, very offensive. But I also accept her right to free speech.
What I cannot accept is the fact, if indeed true, that the Boston Chapter of the ACLU endorses and approves of her and her statements. That would be of great concern to me, as would be the statement that Abe Foxman, whom I despise and totally oppose, is in any way involved with the ACLU or exerts any control on the organization.
May I ask you to verify these 2 points for me? If you can establish them as being true and reliable, I would have to reassess my relationship with the ACLU.
Thank you for taking the time to respond.
Shalom and salam a laikum.

Shamir’s Reply:


Dear Tawfiq,

surely I remember our correspondence.

The last thing I want is to demonise anybody, and that includes ACLU with its huge membership. You are a good person, and certainly you are not the only good person in ACLU. The Soviet Communist Party had a lot of good people, too. There are good people in Israel, and elsewhere. Every organisation fights for good causes as well: you say, ACLU was against Bush' excesses - fine! The Soviet Communists were against poverty, against wars. German Nazis were against usury, banks and financiers, also a good cause. BP provides people with oil, not only poisons the Gulf.

However, while applauding the good cause, one may object to a bad cause, and ACLU has a lot of bad causes they fight for.

They demand to destroy crosses, they try to remove the vestiges of God's presence from American life. You can google ACLU and Cross, or ACLU and GOD, or ACLU and Christ to find thousands of such cases. Their fight against Christianity makes Jewry stronger. And stronger Jewry means more support of the Zionist schemes.  
You ask about their relationship with ADL. It is the same people, who smoothly pass from one body to another one. For instance,
Sprayregen was a leader of ACLU, and later he became a boss of ADL, and a great supporter of the Christian Zionists, worse than Foxman, if possible. Google ACLU and ADL, you’ll find they work hand in glove most of the time.

Regarding Ms Albaiti’s unwarranted attack: I am not aware that ACLU supported it. Probably they did not discuss it at all, though they were very happy of her on other occasions.

Should you reassess your attitude towards ACLU? Well, just be cautious; try and direct them instead of being directed by them. There is certainly a great need of defending human rights in the US. The right for work, the right to one’s house, the right of being safe from eviction, the right of having a point of view of one’s own… ACLU indeed supported the Skokie march of some Hollywood Nazis, but they did not fight for the kidnapped and extradited citizens. They fought against Christianity, but never against Jewish quasi-religious activity, such as collecting funds for Israel in the synagogues, though this is certainly against the spirit of the US constitution.

In comradeship,

Israel Shamir