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BACK In the forthcoming struggle, it makes sense to know who your enemy is and what sort of victory you hope to achieve. In my opinion, the enemy is Jewish supremacy carried out by organised Jewry.

 Now, following Isaac Deutscher and other thinkers, I would distinguish between Jewry and Jews, i.e. people of Jewish origin. Jewry is a structure, a state without territory, an offensive ideological formation. Jews, people of Jewish origin could belong to Jewry or reject it completely and become ordinary Americans, French or Palestinians, like thousands and thousands of their predecessors, from the Apostles to St Teresa of Avila to Karl Marx. It is a question of personal choice, but we are not indifferent to the result. Isaac Deutscher put it neatly: let Jewry perish and Jews live.

There is always a problem how to distinguish Jews - members of Jewry and ordinary people of Jewish origin. In the days of old, religion provided sufficient indicator for a person's relationship to society. The Jew was in the state of declared warfare with the society, as Marx put it. If he would not like to be anti-social, he would accept Christ. Nowadays, it is not that clear: Christianity in America isn't posited as the only alternative, nor a religion is considered necessary. TOP

 Fortunately, we have three criteria. They are

 1. Support for Jewish supremacy in Palestine,

 2. Preference of Jews over non-Jews, and

 3. Support of anti-Semitism fighters.

 These three parameters allow us to separate goats from lambs by non-ethnic criteria. Conrad Black, a friend of Sharon and of Foxman, neatly falls into Jewry, while my friend Michael Neumann finds himself on the side of angels.

 Now, what sort of victory should one wish for? In my opinion, the first goal is liberation of discourse, removal of means of mass communication from the clutches of Jewish supremacists, democratisation of access to media. In the longer run, cutting Jewry to its natural size. Let the religious Jews pray in their synagogues, but in case they take their synagogue with them to a bank or to a newspaper office, the affirmative action anti-discrimination law should be enforced. The Jews constitute two per cent of the US population, and that is exactly the maximum share they should have in the resources and administration. TOP

 It is very generous approach: nowadays, in the Jewish state, non-Jews constitute 50 per cent of population but occupy no important positions at all. But Christian approach is not a mirror copy of the Jewish one.

 Eventually, Jews will leave Jewry and join all-American population. Our three criteria would allow us to see whether we deal with sincere conversion, or a trick. If a person sends his money to Jews, instead of general population, if he calls to support Israel, if he alleges Christian customs make him feel uncomfortable, he belongs to Jewry and should be treated as such. If he freely intermarries and communicates with the others, if he cares for all and not for Jews only, if he values the spirit of America, he is just an American.


 I regret that you misunderstood Michael Neumann's opus (Blame Yourself: American Power and Jewish Power) you described as Defence of Jews. Yes, Neumann tried to make light of the Jewish power and to magnify the power still in Gentile hands. On my list I run Jeff Blankfort's response. Jeff refuted him, in brief but poignant description of the vast powers of the Jewish lobby. (I would recommend you to link or display Blankfort's piece). You, in your response, perceived Neumann's essay as a usual Jewish dissimulation.

 But actually Neumann tried to encourage you, the Gentile America, to cheer you up, to remind you that you still have the immense strength of your sinews and your mind. He was worried that your spirit is crushed by comprehension of the Jewish power. He behaved like Jesus in the Sufi poem by Jalal ad-Din ar-Rumi, who whipped a sufferer around town, until he vomited a huge snake. Why did you beat me? Asked the healed sufferer and Jesus replied: if I would tell you the truth about the snake you would die of fear. TOP

 It is necessary to make people aware or the great unjust and discriminative concentration of power and wealth in hands of a small group. But it is also tactically reasonable to play this power down, like Mao Zedong did when he called the nuclear might of the US, 'a papier-m’chÈ tiger'. Neumann's call for more civil courage was timely: unless you will speak up nobody will do it for you.

 Your response to him was a bit too suspicious. There are many guys with Jewish names who prefer equality to Jewish supremacy, because they know: Jewish supremacy is not rule by Einstein or Freud, it is rule by Mort Zuckerman, Ariel Sharon, Richard Pearle et al. Together we can win the game.

 Though I am flattered by being described as 'anomaly', but as a matter of fact, I receive many letters to the contrary. Just today I received a letter from an anti-Zionist (or should I say 'pro-equality') activist of Jewish origin in California: TOP

 When speaking at an event last year on the subject of  "Washington as Israel's Most Important Occupied Territory",  I began my speech by describing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as "funny papers" compared to the reality not only in Washington but in most of the cities of the United States including San Francisco and Berkeley where I was speaking.  Most people who refer to the Protocols have not read them - and I am convinced, given the times and language in which they are written and the terms used, that it is indeed, a forgery, but a forgery that, ironically, presaged what we see today in the US and to a lesser extent in other Western countries, albeit today's version is much more sophisticated and solidly based in reality.  In short, life imitating bad art. And no sector of our society is immune.  TOP

 There are hundreds of similar letters written by people who explicitly reject any claim of organised Jewry on their soul. That is why I believe in possibility to undo the Jewish hegemony in full partnership with 'Jews'. Again, it is not an ethnic divide: goys Black or Murdoch are as pro-Jewry as Zuckerman.

  You write:

The key to Black joining the powerful "tribe" of course, in any sense, rests upon his Jewish connections -- in this case his wife, Barbara AmielÖ


 I think this is an error of judgement. Black is not a weakling managed by his wife. A lot of people have Jewish wives (or Jewish husbands). It means nothing. Probably every family in the US elite has a member of Jewish origin (probably your family as well). It is quite normal way of assimilating minorities. In such a way, other successful and powerful minorities were integrated and dismantled in the course of human history. The Jewish leadership hopes to perpetuate its control over these descendents of Jews, but Jews can be assimilated and dejewified like everybody else, if America is alive. That is the challenge for America: to dejewify Jews before Jews will jewify them. TOP <end>




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  By Hakon Kolmanskog

  During the last year Klassekampen has published several essays by the Israeli writer and novelist Israel Shamir, who is an extraordinary and controversial writer. His texts are quite provocative and sharp, so sharp that even seasoned friends of the Palestinians show difficulties accepting him.

  He writes about "Jewish controlled newspapers" and "the friends of the Jews in the US" without blinking. He believes the State of Israel is worse than the apartheid state of South Africa, and that this state is upheld by the Jewish lobby in the US.

  Shamir is not afraid of being labelled "anti-Semite". He says this label is used against anyone who doesn't wholeheartedly support the Jewish occupation of Palestine.

  Klassekampen can by no means confirm the content of Shamir's texts, but does today still publish a new text written by him. This is also a provoking and controversial one.

  We publish the text since we are of the impression that many readers find his texts refreshing and thought-provoking while dealing with theme which is usually dominated by black and white thinking and dead-locked ideas. Shamir has written enlightened and well about how the differences between orthodox and liberal Jews may be less than we outside Israel imagine. Klassekampen wants to treat the questions he raises in full earnest, but demands that he also declares his own stands.

  Everybody who has read Norman G. Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry are aware of the fact that today the terrible mass-slaughter of Jews during the World War 2 is exploited economically and symbolically by the State of Israel. The myth of Holocaust (as a unique and incomprehensive event) is, together with the branding as "anti-Semite", against all dangerous criticism of Sharon & Co.'s occupation policies towards the Palestinians.

  But to understand these contexts, to realise there is a connection between Jewish identity and the brutality of Israel's occupation policies, must not make us indifferent to us if friends of the Palestinians are branded racists or anti-Semites. One thing is that anti-Semitism has deep roots in Europe. Nobody should ignore this, especially not those fighting a racist policy against the Palestinians. And then we must ask: Who will benefit in allowing the Zionists to have a free go playing the anti-Semite card against anyone who criticise them?


  Some of Israel Shamir's wordings, including in today's essay, seem to indicate that Shamir doesn't see this point, or that he gives a damn about it. Today he writes things like "As 'Arab-lover' and 'Nigger-lover', 'anti-Semite' is a branding expression which stains the one who is making use of it (...) It was used against TS Elliot and Dostoevsky, Genet and Hamsun, St.John and Yeats, Marx and Woody Allen, and this is a much better company to be with".

  Weirdly, it looks as if Shamir shares his Weltanschauung with the Zionists: Zionists do not separate between the Jewish film-maker Woody Allen's slightly ironic attitude towards his own people and the Anti-Semitism of Hamsun the Nazi. Shamir doesn't want to do that either, and seems to accept that both are "Anti-Semites" and join their camp. Why not engage in a political struggle in order to use "the Anti-Semitism" brand when it's actually relevant? Wouldn't it deprive Ariel Sharon of a strong political weapon?

  Israel Shamir should clarify his stand on such issues and clearly explain it to the World: Does Shamir think that friends of the Palestinians should feel comfortable with being put in the same camp as Hamsun? Or should we fight such "parallels"? Maybe there is something in the dogmatic dualism of the Zionists we ought to resist? Or what?

  Shamir was born in Russia, but moved to Israel in 1969 and lives by now in Yaffa. He has served as a paratrooper in the Israeli army and worked as Moscow-correspondent for the leading Israeli daily Ha'aretz during the dismantling of the Soviet Union. He lost his job at the newspaper when he demanded the right of the 1948 Palestinian refugees to return home. For us up in the cold North it is obviously quite difficult to grasp the crazy situation in which both Jews and Palestinians live. More frenzied, feverish and [unyansert] environments for debate are hard to be found. Maybe this is the reason why Shamir employs words, phrases and wordings which makes us react negatively? Or do we simply disagree?

  Israel's president Moshe Katsav recently visited Germany. He was last Monday confronted by German neo-Nazis carrying Palestinian flags and banners saying "Hands off Palestine - No German armaments to Israel". It was a disaster! If the neo-Nazis hadn't thought of it themselves, I guess Ariel Sharon would have phoned them to give them the idea. I'm wondering if Israel Shamir shares my concerns and if he agrees with me that at all means we have to avoid a situation where Nazis march in support of Palestine? Or if it means nothing since "Anti-Semitism" has become an empty and meaningless phrase and only a weapon in the hands of Israeli Zionists? Is this a question of no importance?


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  By Christine Mohn, psychologist, secretary of Norwegian Association against anti-Semitism

  Anti-Semite: The central place Israel Shamir has in some Norwegian intellectual circles illustrates that central Norwegian press organs are willing to distribute anti-Semitic attitudes under cover of Israel-critics, the author writes. Internationally Shamir was dismissed as a confused "noisy bucket", but he has for some reason acquired almost a cult status among Norwegian left-radicals.

  In the last months, Klassekampen, Friheten, Dagbladet and Morgenbladet newspapers have often used statements and comments from the Israeli scribe Israel Shamir in debates and articles about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Sometimes Shamir even was permitted to write an op-ed.

  Israel Shamir is disreputable due to the paradox of being an ethnic Jew and at the same time anti-Semite. He is born and grown up in the Soviet Union, and defines himself as a Christian. He has been linked to the Israeli Communist party Mapam, but also flirts with right-extremist groups.

  The most important content in Shamir's political agenda is that Jews are best characterised as Christ-killers, that Jewish Israelis organise pogroms against their Christian fellow citizens, that wealthy Jews usually have earned their fortunes dishonestly and that Jews by nature are "rootless" individuals that in the deepest meaning do not fit in anywhere. Another anti-Semitic cliché he enjoys to put forward is the wish of the Jews of economic and military world dominance, and how they are "like a virus" infect non-Jewish societies with the aim of breaking them down. These attitudes are expressed in an aggressive, rude, sexist language, and are primarily raised in discussions about the fate of the Palestinians, who are Shamir's special object of interest.

  As a background for his opinions about Jews and the Judaism Shamir refers, among others, to Karl Marx, Isaac Deutscher, Knut Hamsun, T.S. Eliot and the ultra-orthodox Rabbi Kook. In other words, he builds his hate on literature written by people who themselves had a somewhat incongruous view of the Jews. Especially Shamir cares for the description of Jews as God's Chosen people. For Jews it means implies that Jews must follow Jewish rules of living, i.e. in relation to food and holidays, while other people must follow their traditions. The phenomenon of Chosen-ness, as understood in Jewish tradition, has nothing to do with closeness to God or superiority versus non-Jews, as this term however is usually comprehended by Christians.

  Shamir writes for some Russian publications, among others for the weekly paper Zavtra, the most anti-Semitic of the present Russian press. Zavtra upheld the Red-Brown message of the new Stalinist party in Russia, The Communist Party of Russian Confederation, which takes further the notorious hate of the Stalin-period against ethnic minorities. The editor of Zavtra, Alexander Prokhanov, invited in March 2000 the former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke to Moscow to ask for his advice how to ethnically cleanse Russia.

  Further, during the last French election campaign, Shamir expressed his wish that Front National should win because of the comments of Jean Marie Le Pen that "the Jews dominate France".

  In addition to his writings, Shamir has a hobby; he collects Nazi documents from the WWII that he tries to bring further to the present right-extremists. One of the more famous of these, the British historian David Irving, however, called Shamir "not serious" and refused to have contact with him.

  The anti-Semitism of today is most widespread in the Arabic world, where Mein Kampf and The Protocols of Zion are freely distributed. These days e.g. the Egyptian television shows a TV series based on the Protocols of Zion to "unmask" the aims of the Israelis. Arabic newspapers are filled up with statements that could have been published in Der Stürmer. Movies or books portraying Jews in a positive way are usually getting prohibited. Holocaust is often denied, but sometimes assessed as a positive event. Israel Shamir rejects however this as "Zionist propaganda". When the planned revisionist conference in Beirut last year was expelled due to the fear of Lebanon of international criticism, Shamir complained that these "excellent researchers" did not get their message through. He denies the existence of Islamic terrorist organisations, and claims that the Palestinian suicidal attack against the discotheque "Dolphinarium" in Tel Aviv June 2001, costing 22 young people their lives, was done by Russian mafia.

  Due to such activities, a range of Shamir's former fellows on the extreme left wing and in Muslim circles have taken distance to him, among those Nigel Parry, Tim Hall, Stanley Heller and Hussein Ibish - the last named is the leader of the American Muslim umbrella organisation CAIR - and claim that Shamir's hate to the Jews makes him unsuitable champion for the cause of Palestine.

  Internationally Shamir was dismissed as a confused "noisy bucket", but he has for some reason acquired almost a cult status among Norwegian left-radicals. It is maybe not surprising that Friheten and Klassekampen embrace him - he claims no other attitudes to Jews and Israelis than what the East European communists did - but it is alarming that he is allowed into the politically moderate organs such as Dagbladet and Morgenbladet. The central place Israel Shamir has in certain intellectual circles illustrates two things - first, that anti-Semitism is not something that only characterises right-extreme groups, and second, that central Norwegian press organs are willing to distribute anti-Semitic attitudes under cover of Israel-critics. It is raised above any doubt that objective, legitimate criticism of Israel's policy by no means can be defined as anti-Semitism. However, Israel Shamir's statements are neither objective nor legitimate, and the use of him as a witness of truth in the debate about Middle East is the same as inviting to debate of Holocaust with David Irving in the panel of experts.

  It is frightening to see that journalists do not recover the hate of Jews when they achieve it directly in their arms, and such examples are strengthening the impression of the Norwegian Jews that Norwegian media can not behave to Israel and Mid-East in a balanced way.

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