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The Times Rides Again


The Times newspaper (the Old Lady of London) attacked Gilad Atzmon, Paul Eisen and me again. The article by the well-known Zionist and Blairite, David Aaronovitch can be seen on,,22369-1671715,00.html 


Here are some responses:


From Israel Shamir to the Times:


Dear Sir,

Re: Aaronovitch How Did the Far Left


To my annoyance, this is a second time in one month your newspaper describes me as a “Swedish fascist” who “claims to be a Russian Jew from Jaffa” (Aaronovitch) or a “Swedish anti-Semite” (Pollard). When such ridiculous claims are published by obscure ADL-financed publications, one can shrug it off. When these claims are repeated by what was once the leading newspaper of the Empire, one is amazed by the lack of professional approach. A Times correspondent in Tel Aviv can visit me anytime and check whether I am a six-foot-tall blond Aryan supremacist with Swedish accent or not; there are thousands of Israelis who know me since 1968 when I came to Israel from the Soviet Union. I published many books including a translation of Joyce’s Ulysses, I served in an elite unit of the Israeli army, I was seen at the demonstrations in Bethlehem and Ramallah. I do belong to the Israeli Left. Israeli newspapers wrote about me many times; my biography was researched and combed by friends and enemies; but none rushed to reprint these silly rumours. If an overseas phone call is too expensive for you, the newspaper could ask Tim Sebastian or other old BBC hands, for I worked there in 1970s.

I do not mind being attacked by the likes of Pollard (his own article begins with: 'I am a warmonger. I am bloodthirsty. I am rabid.') and Aaronovitch (a Zionist cheerleader of the Iraqi War) – actually their support would be a greater embarrassment. But your readers deserve a better researched reporting. They can read more on where they can view so many letters to the Times you chose not to publish.

They are also entitled to know that the Aaronovitch’s article is but a rehash of a lengthy piece by an ostensibly anti-zionist Jewish Trot from JPUK on a far left site , including quotes and errors. While these Trots do not mind to have a certified warmonger and Zionist as their bedfellow, all antiwar and antizionist forces may postpone their strife until better days.

Israel Shamir



From Rowan Berkeley to the Times:


Dear Sir

It is intriguing to see Mr Aaronovitch straying from his usual Grauniad territory into yours, because it suggests an attempt to outflank the leftists and centrists from the right, before they manage to slip the leash and combine their various anti-zionist arguments into one broad front.

I say "leftists and centrists", because despite Mr Aaronovitch's "browns under the bed" scare tactics, there are few or no right wingers involved in anti-zionism. There are merely different schools of thought regarding the nature of, and consequently the correct mode of attack upon, Zionism, and the undeniable climate of global Jewish privilege that sustains it.

According to the perpetually recycled world-war-two hysteria that Mr Aaronovitch and the neoconservative movement (odd bedfellows, one would have thought) seek to implant upon the twenty first century, "the Jews" are still "the canaries in the coal mine of freedom" and anything that discommodes any of their many and ferociously antagonistic factions calls forth "beware the fascist beast" rhetoric.

However, the real world has moved on since world-war-two, and the substantive questions of holocaust numerology, comparative atrocity propaganda, blood libels, etc., are less important to most real world players than the psychology of perpetual Jewish endangeredness itself, which fits ill on a global super-power with special protective legislation enforced in all the "free countries of the world".

Mr Aaronovitch would be well advised to dismount from his "anti-nazi" high horse and inspect his troops. There may be fewer of them than he imagines.

yours sincerely, etc


Berkeley to Aaronovitch:


Dear David Aaronovitch,
I know Atzmon and Shamir personally, though not Eisen or Zundel.
The four of them seem to constitute a continuum of intensity of challenge to the no-go nature of the Holocaust. Gilad is at the soft end of this continuum, which is why he is attacked most often, as being the easiest target; then comes Eisen, then Shamir, then Zundel (the only non-Jew - your description of Shamir as a 'Swedish fascist' is grounded solely in a decontextualised rumour, which is itself based on the simple fact that he has, apparently, an alter ego under the name Joren Jermas : I invite you to discover any writing by this Jermas, nazistic or otherwise).
Maybe the distinction between "anti-Semitism" and "anti-Zionism" is being not blurred but CHALLENGED, or maybe DECONSTRUCTED?


From Nancy Harb Almendras to the Times:


Dear Editor,

Enough with the red herrings and the obfuscations (David Aaronovitch, June 28) which abound in "How Far did the far left manage to slip into bed with the
Jew-hating right?"  Good grief.  The children of Zahra Zaboun are heartsick because she died recently at an Israeli checkpoint.  Her crime?  She wanted to attend
Friday prayers. 

The pages of your opinion section should be railing against this Israeli crime against humanity instead of smearing Gilad Atzmon, who courageously left Israel
because he could no longer tolerate the abuses of Zionism.  Your editorial writers might question why Johnny Thalijiah, a Greek Orthodox altar boy, was shot
by an Israeli sniper while standing around his cousin's store, instead of Aaronvitch's inanities re Atzmon. Your editorial writers might look up Maria Khoury, the Christian Palestinian who picked up bullets off  her son's bed and wondered what offended
the Israeli soldiers who fired them.  Was it the sign fron the World Council of Churches that said "End the Occupation" she wondered?

Atzmon empathizes with the suffering of the Palestinians, and has won the heart of this Palestinian, and I say with certainty, knowing my people, that I am among a majority, in spite of the unnamed Palestinian musician who refused to work with
Atzmon, to whom Aaranovitch refers.  Aaraonvich throws out obfuscations in order to keep the British public ignorant of Zionist atrocities.  It is clear that
Aztmon works in the interests of humanity, while Aaronvitch serves a government which perpetuates crimes against it.

Nancy Harb Almendras



From Eric Walberg


Dear Editor,

In "How did the far Left manage to slip into bed with the Jew-hating Right?" (28/6/5), David Aaronovitch states that Atzmon's "tirades have got him into trouble with more than just the Jewish community." As if that is some kind of no-no. Maybe the Jewish community is wrong about certain things. Maybe we
are all wrong about certain things. Rather than rushing to sling mud at brave, lonely voices trying to set the record straight, maybe we should set aside our prejudices and listen to them.

Does Aaronovitch think that Atzmon takes his brave stands just for a lark, or because he is uninformed or "a silly boy"? I suggest he look at the fine philosophical writings of Atzmon at and take
pride in a fellow Jew who is willing to take on the formidable Jewish establishment, calling it to account for the crimes that Israel commits every day in its name.

Aaronovitch is terrible interested in the 'blood libel' tradition in European folklore and makes this a central argument in his polemic against Atzmon. While we have no way of knowing whether medieval Jews actually drank non-Jewish children's blood, we do have Mordechai Vanunu's uncle on video
screaming "I will drink his blood!" after Vanunu was 'freed' for telling the world the truth about Israel's nuclear weapons program. Funny this fascination with drinking blood among Jews. Brrrr.

And how he LOVES to throw around 'anti-semite' and 'fascist'. Israel Shamir is not a fascist and I hope he can successfully sue Aaronovitch for this slander. Is this mud slinging an example of the great Jewish legal principle 'An eye for an eye etc'? Yes, yes - revennnge! Perhaps Shakespeare's
Shylock is the real Jew after all, despite Hollywood's recent attempt to dress him up as a misunderstood victim of (yes!) anti-semitism.

Aaronovitch casually refers to "Eisen's Holocaust-denying article" though the article in question is no such thing. What it 'denies' is what Israel and its Zionist fanatics have turned a terrible tragedy - the murder of many people - into. These murders are now the basis of a sick cult which is promoted to perpetrate yet more racist murders, this time of Palestinians. It is also based on dubious stories, many of which are fantasies and outright lies. Mr. Eisen merely protests the perverse use that the 'Holocaust' as the tragedy is officially called is being put to IN HIS NAME (as a Jew). All historical events need to be studied and documented, especially when they are tooted as being beyond all discussion, as the
Holocaust is.


Sure, call Atzmon "cretinous" or a "disorganised racist", despite his brilliant writings, outstanding musicianship and courageous rejection of the hideous racist state of Israel and his concern for its victims. Keep digging David. There's lots more muck down there. But be careful your house of cards doesn't collapse on you. Jews have a long history of building up wealth and control in their 'host' societies, only to 'go beyond the Pale' and find themselves expelled or stripped of their wealth or worse. I think we can all agree that Fukiyama's 'end of history' was a trifle premature. That goes for the history of the Jews too.  Atzmon is merely trying to stop this reckless plunge by his coreligionists (or co-ethnics or whatever) into the abyss. You should be thanking him and Eisen, instead of slinging mud at them.

Eric Walberg


From Joachim Martillo


The Aaronovitch column is a pastiche of libels of Atzmon and Shamir that Plaut and others have been circulating around Israel action groups in the USA and (I assume) the UK for the past few years.[1] There is probably an ethical issue merely in Aaronovitch' claim to have authored the article.


I am more concerned with an emerging pattern of attempts to silence discussion both of ethnic Ashkenazi behavior in English-speaking countries and also of Zionist colonizer behavior in Stolen and Occupied Palestine.  This pattern is not new.  Ethnic Ashkenazi communities were characterized by a culture that strictly controlled deviance and divergent opinions among members until well into the 19th century.  Moreover in Eastern and Central Europe ethnic Ashkenazim have a long history of resorting to slander, libel, harrassment by frivolous law suits and other coercive tactics to silence external critics of ethnic Ashkenazi behavior.[2] 

Over the past few months, Dershowitz has worked on blocking the publication of Finkelstein's latest book.  Charles Jacobs and the David Project have put together a smear campaign (Columbia Unbecoming) against Joseph Massad and other professors and preceptors at Columbia.  There is the beginning of a smear campaign at Princeton against Khalidi to prevent an offer of a professorship.  Now we are seeing simultaneous attacks on  Israelis and ex-Israelis sympathetic to Palestinians. The targets seem to include Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, Jeff Halper, Avi Shlaim and Ilan Pappe, and there seems to be a fairly clever attempt to get them to attack each other.  Sympathetic non-Jews like Susan Blackwell are apparently also on the radar screen. In Boston, Fox and the Boston Herald have a long running smear campaign against Yousuf Abou al-Laban and other members of the ISB.  Charles Jacobs and the JCRC Israel Action Center seem to be involved just as they also seem to be involved in the campaign against Somerville Divestment, in slandering me and in bribing Mayor Curtatone with a free trip to Israel (in part sponsored by the AJC). 


A lot of the material involved in these campaigns is old and has made the rounds in Israel advocacy sessions for a few years, but these actions to defame pro-Palestinian activists seem coordinated, and one has too wonder from whom Maccoby and Greenstein are taking marching orders in the attempt to get pro-Palestinian activists to start bickering among themselves in order to create a distraction from the ongoing and historic crimes of Zionism.  Maccoby and Greenstein (and Aaronovitch for that matter) seem too low in the food chain to be in on the planning, but someone or some group seems to be supplying them with a standard script, and I have the feeling that I am experiencing a rerun of standard racist Ashkenazi tactics that have been applied since Yiddish newspapers in the USA at the beginning of the 20th century were attacked, ransacked or burnt down by Zionists when the editors penned editorials suggesting that some of the tactics racist Zionist colonizer militias used against the native population of Palestine were questionable and unethical.


Joachim Martillo

1] I read the accusation that Shamir was a Swedish Fascist about 2 years ago, and Shamir easily refuted it.  A real editor would fire a columnist that used the newspaper to spread demonstrably false propaganda.

[2] The behavior of ethnic Ashkenazim in the cattle and meat industry in the Eastern Areas of the German Empire provided a particularly nasty example of such collective pressure tactics against non-Jews (and sometimes Jews of other ethnicities) that tried to get a share of the market.  Ashkenazim used vertical, horizontal and middle market collusion and restraint of trade to bankrupt non-Ashkenazim in the industry, and, when all else failed, they maliciously used the courts.  To be fair, I have to note that such behavior is common among practically all ethnic groups in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.


From Angie Tibbs:


The editors of the Times should really pay more attention to whose "opinion" it publishes.


Case in point is the malicious attack by one David Aaronovitch on award winning musician and critically acclaimed author, Gilad Atzmon.  Two other intelligent and courageous individuals, Isreal Shamir and Paul Eisen, were also dragged into the mix. 


Really, who is David Aaronovitch, and what has he ever contributed to critical thought and reasoned discourse?  I am not aware of anything, but then how can such a closed mind as Aaronovitch's produce anything other than this unjustified attempt to discredit Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, and Paul Eisen, and in doing so, convince the SWP to cancel  Gilad Atzmon's appearance at its upcoming festival?


Unable, obviously, from an intellectual perspective, to engage in debate with Mr. Atzmon, Aaronovitch resorts ot bringing out the usual arsenal used so often in efforts to silence those with the courage to think for themselves, said arsenal being unwarranted accusations of racism, anti semitism, and even holocaust denier, all of which is so predictable, so time worn, so used and abused.


Describing Mr. Atzmon as being a "disorganized racist" is not only unproven and unjustified, but also slanderous and cannot be taken seriously.


Suffice to say, Mr. Aaronovitch, the only way that the SWP will "lose its political and moral compass" is if it succumbs to your insidious blackmail and removes Mr. Atzmon from its guest list. 


Such an action would be seen not just stifling freedom of speech but of stifling freedom of thought as well.


Angie Tibbs
Canada ("Canadian Lass"

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