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The Sparrow and the Beetle

(On Immigrants from the Muslim World in Europe and the US)
By Israel Shamir


In 1923s, a Russian poet Carney Chukovsky has written a delightful short tale for children, Tarakan the Giant Beetle, an all-time favourite nursery rhyme for Russian kids. It is a story of the Animal Kingdom intimidated by Tarakan. The Beetle threatened to devour the disobedient animals, and the awed Lions and Tigers have holed up in their lairs. True, a beetle has no fangs or horns, but menacing Tarakan would brandish his great long mustachio, and no beast would dare to challenge the small monster, until a little Sparrow flew in, and ate up the Beetle, to common relief. Despite his threats, Tarakan was just an insect.

This nursery rhyme came to my mind as the great nations of Europe, “whose step once shook the earth, who endeavoured revolutions of great magnitude, populated new continents, conceived and inspired faiths and religions”, tremble in fear like schoolchildren in front of their strict teacher. Once, England ruled the waves, English Tommies climbed the Khyber pass, marched into Cairo and stormed the Atlantic Wall. A Prime Minister of England could decide the fate of millions. Now, he can’t apologise fast enough for a faux-pas of his wife, who dared to doubt the divine right of Jews to murder Palestinian children as they find fit.

The French were not afraid to get rid of their king and aristocracy, to disestablish their Church, to conquer Africa and move out of Algeria. But their selfless adoration of the Jews was put in doubt, and they lost their confidence. The Germans created best music, philosophy and science, and the first welfare state in human history. Now they go into a collective toxic shock whenever the word “Jew” is pronounced. Europeans agreed to become ‘younger brothers of Jews’, and follow the line ordered by New York and Tel Aviv.

The fate of Americans is not better. Proud to arrogance, they assumed the White Man’s Destiny will lead them from conquest to conquest. They took over the great landmass of North America, forcibly opened the doors of Japan, and won two world wars, just to find themselves strangers in their own house. Now, instead of their own history they study Holocaust Studies, instead of promoting their own interests, they fight mercenary wars for Israel. They work harder and harder to supply the goods to their new elite. They judge the world by one criterion, ‘whether it is good for Jews’.

This fear of Jews became ridiculous and disproportionate. We Jews have no horns and fangs, we should be treated like any group of people our size and cultural output: say, Welsh or Slovak. It is a cause of embarrassment for everybody concerned, not least to ordinary folks of Jewish origin. It is right time for the fearless Sparrow to come in and to deflate the overblown Tarakan, and to save the Lions and the Tigers, as well as the little white Lamb of the Holy Land. Well, the Sparrow is here, and I have seen it.


Marseille is a dynamic neat Mediterranean city facing one of the best harbours in the world, well protected by its two forts. The hometown of French Revolution and of French national anthem, it was sung by Pagnol, but not everybody in Marseille is called Marius, not everybody drinks Pastis. The City’s hero is called Zidane, a Franco-Arab football player of renown. In the Medina, the colourful Oriental Quarter of the City, throngs of relaxed and joyful Franco-Arabs, natives of France, second and third generation of Algerians, Tunisians and Moroccans created an exciting mixture of Maghreb and Provence. They are free people, restful and fearless. I was guided there by a large jovial smiling and chatty woman in colourful long and spacious dress, Rabha Attaf, born in France but keeping ties with the other shore of the Med. Rabha was chairing a conference for equality of Jew and Gentile in the Holy Land.

It was a great relief to meet jolly Rabha and her friends, children of immigrants and natives of Provence. They cared for Palestine and did not care for the seal of kosher approval by the crypto-Zionists. Such approval is not coming cheaply: the Jews for Two States allow activists a meagre defence against anti-Semitic labelling and extract recognition of the exclusionary racist Jewish state in exchange.

A crypto-Zionist I met in Marseille gave me the most ingenious argument against universal suffrage. “Israel is a racist state, she said. Why do you want the Palestinians to become citizens of the racist state?” It was almost as good as Zeno’s proof that Achilles would never overtake a tortoise.

In the city of the Golden Gate, beautiful San Francisco, I met the second generation of immigrants who achieved prosperity, but saved their hearts and desire to help. They do not embrace the Judeo-American faith, they remain immune to the Mammonite malady, and they are not easily intimidated by the slur of anti-Semitism. Together with the brave Afro-Americans, the Immigrants retain the true American values lost by many docile WASPs.

The Immigrants from the Muslim world usually are described as ‘Muslims’ or “Arabs”, though many of them belong to Eastern Christian Churches, Orthodox, Maronite or Nestorian. They have found a new home in Europe, and became a part of the old continent’s new mosaic. They even object to continuing immigration as much as anybody. Innocent of the WWII guilt, Semitic by race (if it exists) and language, free of hate or fear of Jews, certain in their religious beliefs, they are probably the only people (excluding Israeli dissidents) who are not afraid to take the Judeo-Zionist establishment on. They smile at the slur of ‘anti-Semitism’ as the Sparrow probably smiled at Tarakan’s menacing mustachio.

These days, the immigrants have received their baptism of fire in Germany, the European stronghold of Zionist influence. The Syrian-born German MP, Jamal Karsli, called on Germany to stop selling weapons to Israel because, among other things, its armed forces employ Nazi methods. Immediately his own Green party ditched him. A lesser man would learn the might of the Giant Beetle and retire, but this Asian Sparrow joined the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and broke another taboo by openly speaking in an interview about the strong influence of the Zionist lobby over the German media.

The Zionist minders of Germany launched a ferocious attack on the brave man. Karsli was forced to resign from his new party and, at very crucial moment for the Palestinians, most of the potential German supporters of a just peace in the Middle East became almost completely neutralized, wrote Shraga Elam, an Israeli dissident living in Germany. Many courageous Israeli dissidents, including Dr Ilan Pappe of Haifa University and Gideon Spiro of the Israeli Campaign for Mordechai Vanunu, supported Karsli.

Shraga Elam writes: “In the present atmosphere in Germany many people are afraid to utter loudly what they think and to express their legitimate critique against Israeli war crimes. Because of this, a growing number of people feel that only the right-wing radicals are courageous enough to declare publicly the widespread disapproval of Israeli politics”.

His analysis practically coincides with that of Dr Kevin McDonald, a California State University Professor, who wrote: “In Germany, a critical discussion of Jewish policies . . . is virtually impossible. Whether conservative or liberal, a contemporary German intellectual who says anything outside a narrowly defined spectrum of codified pieties about Jews runs the risk of professional and social suicide. Discussions of the work of Jewish intellectuals have come to dominate German intellectual life to the almost complete exclusion of non-Jewish Germans. Scholars have lost all sense of normal standards of intellectual criticism and have come to identify more or less completely with the Jewish victims of Nazism. Jewish writers like Kafka are seen as intellectual giants who are above criticism. Even minor Jewish writers are elevated to the highest levels of the literary canon while Germans like Thomas Mann are discussed mainly because they held views on Jews that have become unacceptable in polite society. Indeed, it is not too far fetched to suppose that German culture as the culture of Germans has disappeared entirely, replaced by the culture of the Holocaust” .

It seems even obedient Germans got tired of it. Just a few days after the brave interview of Jamal Karsli, the Germans flocked to buy a controversial novel Death of a critic by Martin Walser. The main character in the book, a creative writer, kills a vehement Jewish critic (like in Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita). The leading German newspaper, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung called the novel, ‘anti-Semitic,’ but it has been sold out on its first day of publication in Germany. A few years ago, Walser caused the rage of Zionist lobby in Germany saying the WWII tragedy was used as a "moral cudgel" to hammer home "German disgrace for current-day purposes".

Apparently, Europe and America need immigrants from the Islamic world as the jungle needs the fearless Sparrow. That is a great irony of history, as immigrants were considered natural and obedient allies of anti-nationalist forces. Now these allies had parted their ways.


Immigration from the Islamic world was an important tool of the neo-liberal, globalist, Mammonite policy. While good people helped refugees, the Mammonites encouraged immigration as a means to lower native workers’ salaries, to extract more profit by using cheap foreign labour and to undermine homogeneity of the society. The new rich outsiders supported immigration in order to displace traditional elites and to occupy their place. European nationalists had a valid reason to object to the immigration from Dar al-Islam, as they perceived it a threat to their society’s traditional way of life.

But the Mammonites stepped on their own petard. The immigrants had settled, moved socially upwards and discovered the unwritten taboos of the Western society. They noticed that the Mammonites obstruct their social integration and full participation in the public discourse. “Could it be that Arab-Americans can’t write?” – exclaimed the gifted Ahmed Amr from Seattle as he noticed the Jewish owners and editors of newspapers openly discriminate immigrants from the East. The Immigrants noticed that the persecutors of Palestinians are their real adversaries, and they have had no hate or fear of Jews. It caused the rift between the immigrants and their former supporters. From Marseille to Berlin, from San Francisco to Rome, a new constellation took place, as the Mammonites dropped the PC and have attacked the Immigrants.

A top Jewish official, Stephen Steinlight, Director of National Affairs at the American Jewish Committee , frankly called the Jews “to disregard our own Politically Correct gods, and to risk upsetting old and new friends and allies”. Unless the Jews contain the Immigrants, says Steinlight, “Jewish political power would diminish”. “Our present privilege, success and power do not inure us from the effect of historical processes. We have an enormous stake in the outcome of the process, and we cannot contemplate the loss of power with complacency”. In order to protect their privilege, Jews should discourage non-Jewish immigration and undermine the meagre influence of the Immigrants, as “the non-European immigrants harbour no feelings of guilt and see the Jews only as the most privileged and powerful of white Americans”. The white Americans are docile and obedient, but the immigrants from the Muslim world, whether Muslims or Orthodox Christians, do not accept the Jewish privilege as a norm.

Steinlight expressed hatred to Latinos, “who unseated our best congressmen”, but utmost hostility of this spokesman of Jewry is aimed at Muslims and Eastern Christians, Immigrants and converts alike, who threaten “our disproportionate political power”. He proposed to use “the Jewish power disproportionally concentrated in Hollywood, TV and news industry” in order to “divide and conquer” various communities of Americans.

Steinlight draws a self-portrait of an American Judeo-Nazi: “I was taught that Israel is my true homeland. More tacitly and subconsciously I was taught the superiority of my people to the gentiles. We were taught to view non-Jews as untrustworthy outsiders, while the primary division in the world was between “us” and “them”.

The policy of “divide and conquer” was executed in Europe through publication and promotion of the racist writings by Oriana Falacci. Take her article, substitute ‘Jews’ for ‘Muslims’, publish it and you will find yourself in jail doing five years for hate crime. Put ‘Muslims’ back and laugh all the way to bank. Muslims for Falacci are “scoundrels with turban or kaffiah”.

The mass murderer of Sabra and Shatila, Kibie and Jenin is “the tragic and Shakespearean figure Sharon”. Well, Shakespeare has such figures, but usually they have no names, just “Second Murderer”.

Oriana regrets that “nobody can keep a Mustafa or a Mohammed from enrolling in a University (something I hope will change)”. Indeed, let them wash dishes, as in her beloved Israel.

She blasphemes Jesus Christ, and refers to “a Jew without whom the priests would all be unemployed” (probably Judas?)

Her narration of history is as perverted as that of present. She writes: “I find it shameful that almost all of the left forgets the contribution made by the Jews to the fight against fascism”. One could add, “but the present fascist right of Italy did not forget the contribution made by Jews to the cause of fascism”. Indeed, many Italian Jews ardently supported Italian fascism from its very beginning. Three out of five Martyrs of Fascism were Jews, and there were Jewish ministers in the governments of Mussolini. Zionist leaders, including Sharon’s mentor Jabotinsky, adored Italian fascists, and now, the neo-fascist party of Italy is a good friend of Sharon and of the state of Israel.

The enlightened Jews, yesterday’s fighters against racism, now support this Judeo-Nazi line. A liberal Jewish professor forwarded to me her article with an introduction saying, “What Oriana Fallaci is saying about the Islamic leaders is eye-opening. This is a real prophetic call addressed to the West. If we do not realize where the danger comes from it will be over with us”. Yes, it is indeed eye-opening. It should open eyes on the new idea promoted by Masters of Discourse: “you may be a racist to anybody, as long as you are OK to Jews”.

This concept was spelt out by Alexander Chancellor in the Guardian in his eulogy of the assassinated Dutch right-wing leader Pim Fortuyn aptly called “Not Black and White”. The late saint “was never suspected of anti-Semitism. Islam was his great enemy and he supported Israel in its war against Palestinians”. It makes this enemy of immigrants a good guy even for the liberal Guardian. I hope the Guardian will provide us with portraits of other saints, as well. What about Jack the Ripper? He was never suspected of anti-Semitism, too.

Nor was Mussolini, neither Franco. As Albert Lindemann convincingly demonstrated, Adolf Hitler was unique in his rejection of Jews. Other fascists, most notably Mussolini, tried to persuade Hitler to desist of his struggle with Jews, as they did. Judeo-Nazism proposed by Steinlight, preached by Oriana Falacci, exemplified by Ariel Sharon, accepted by the Guardian is the winning proposition, the one the Masters of the Discourse are trying now on our world. Not in vain, an Israeli government delegation participated in deliberations of European extreme right in Brussels.

It is a complicated and decisive moment in the history of European and American Nationalist forces. A generation ago, they were pushed to fight Communism, and in the end both antagonists found themselves almost extinct. Now the same forces bent on ‘divide et impera’ try to set them up and against the Immigrants from the Muslim world, in order to preserve “unprecedented power and privilege of American Jewry”. The Mammonites have powerful tools: media and universities, political system and business. It is a moment when the enemies of yesteryear, leaders of Nationalists and Immigrants should meet and work out a common strategy, for the general well-being and against privilege.

“The Prince of the World could pervert any idea of the Lord; but the Lord can turn every Satan’s idea into a wonderful thing” .