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The Poverty of Racialist Thought

By Israel Shamir


Racial theorist Prof Kevin MacDonald has written a piece about film director Roman Polansky's recent arrest: As you might expect, KMD has discovered that Polansky is not condemned by Hollywood because he is a Jew, and Jews protect their own. They also like Polansky because his films and his actions have undermined the Whites’ morals and values. Life is simple for Prof MacDonald.

Real life is funnier and more complicated. In 1967, Roman Polansky directed the most anti-Jewish film ever produced in Hollywood, The Fearless Vampire Killers (Dance of the Vampires) In this unforgettable film, the Jewish vampire (1) just smiles at the cross and bites the neck of an innocent blond victim; (2) sends his daughter to ruin a Gentile, (3) steals the coffin of the noble vampire, (4) stays on despite attempts to kick him out, and finally, (5) is a mixture of Mark Chagall and Fiddler on the Roof. Polansky mocks practically every negative trait ever attributed to Jews, and does so hilariously! One would expect that an ethnically conscious Hollywood Jew would hate Polansky's guts, if anything.

Meanwhile, Goldstone, a Jewish judge, found the Jewish state guilty as charged of war crimes and crimes against humanity, while the ultimate non-Jew, PLO leader, Arafat heir and author of a Holocaust-doubting book, Mahmud Abbas, threw away Goldstone’s judgement in order to get his cut for a second mobile phone network provider in Palestine. I repeat: he did not do this in order to feed the hungry, give water to thirsty or to free prisoners. He did it to allow the relatively wealthy people of Ramallah a choice of mobile providers, and to make something good for himself at the same time. Is being a Jew still relevant nowadays?

If you still think so, the Daily Telegraph published a claim that President Ahmadinejad is of Jewish origin. Until now, this piece of news was regularly forwarded for a couple of years by various Zionists in racialist clothes. Now it is official, being published by a paper of record. (Another paper of the record, the Times, upgraded me to a “Swedish Nazi”). We are sorely missing Hermann Goering, the man that could decide who is a Jew.

But even he did not claim to know who is White. In the above-mentioned piece, and it his other recent texts, KMD speaks of “the Whites”, a group which does not function as he thinks a group should function. They allow their morals and values to be undermined by the Jews in the Jews' own interests. Whites do not pursue their own group interests. A scientific mind would draw a logical conclusion from such a result. If a whale does not behave like a fish, perhaps it is not fish. If the Whites do not behave like a group should, perhaps they are not a group.

He might as well speak about Redheads, or about people whose name is George, and their values and interests. The Whites of KMD and of other racialists are not a group, they are a granfalloon. “A granfalloon, in Kurt Vonnegut’s 1963 novel Cat's Cradle, is a group of people who outwardly choose or claim to have a shared identity or purpose, but whose mutual association is actually meaningless”, reports Wikipedia.

Indeed, America’s Whites have nothing in common: neither faith nor origin, nor morals, values, traditions or language. The Catholic editor of Culture Wars, E. Michael Jones, said this a year or two ago, at a meeting in Washington, and has been shunned by paleo-conservatives and white racialists ever since. Peter Brimelow, editor of the racialist vdare website, threw a fit and instructed his lawyers to demand the excision of Jones’s talk from the records and the incineration of his photos because he had denied “the idea that race matters or that America was ever a nation”. Jones said:

“We [Americans] have no common past. We have no royal family waiting in the wings. We have no established religion which can act as a source of order and identity. We have no racial identity. We have no common DNA. I am almost tempted to say that we have no we…”

Jones rejected the concept of “whiteness”. “White” is not a relevant classifier outside of the Deep South, he says. For the Poles and the Germans, the Greeks and the Italians in the North, “White was a completely negative designation”. If Chicago’s ethnics became “white” it was only because of migration of the blacks from the South, not because of any racial identity of their own. The struggle for the American soul (the “culture wars” in Jones’ term) is simply not understandable in racial terms. The blacks were ultimately the pawns of other groups, which were just as white as the groups they attacked.

The real nations of America, says Jones, are “Protestants, Catholics and Jews. America far from being some unified nation inhabited by generic Americans turns out to be a lot like the former Yugoslavia, a country made up of three ethnic groups based on three religions each engaged in a form of long-standing covert warfare against each other”. In his view, the Jews made an alliance with the WASPs against the Catholics of the North and against the Southern Whites, and turned out to be the joker in the pack.

I am not sure that the three are sufficient for real-time analysis. There are sizeable new groups – Hispanics, Blacks, South Asians, Chinese – who count in the millions. But even the older groups, WASPs and Catholics, may also turn out to be other granfalloons. Proof? They do not pursue their interests. Their elites do not feel responsible for their lower classes even as much as Jewish elites do. They did not make the grade to become nations even in a very limited Yugoslavian sense. And they never did. American Libertarian Jacob G. Hornberger wrote this panegyric to the good old WASP-ruled America:

“Imagine: No income tax, no capital-gains tax, and no estate tax. For the first time in history, people were free to accumulate unlimited amounts of wealth. No economic regulations. No welfare. No Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or education grants. No immigration controls. People from all over the world were free to come to the United States. No systems of public (i.e., government) schooling.”

It is supposed to have been a lost paradise, but it is not one I would care to regain. For Michael Jones, it was the anti-Christian Jew, obsessed with his revolutionary zeal, who upset this order and brought confusion. Perhaps this order had to be upset, for it was not good for the lower classes. The Jews used it to their advantage, granted; they used the legitimate dissatisfaction of the blacks in the South to their advantage, too – but there was much to that situation that ought to have been repaired in the spirit of genuine compassion. The American fear of socialism and of ‘revolution’ resonate a fear of compassion, which goes much deeper than the color of their skins.

I have a lot of respect for Kevin MacDonald; some of his observations regarding Jews are astute and timely; but his racialist thought is not reality-based, as illuminated above. There are no “whites” in the US as a group, and it does not seem that such a group is in the process of formation. Nothing unites Poles, Germans, Spaniards, Swedes, WASPs, Southerners in Mississippi, Greeks, Arabs, Irish, Persians, children of the Mayflower, recent arrivals from Russia and other whites. The time has come to provide some constructive criticism for KMD’s work, first of all because it is not devoid of merit. The problem is that too many politically engaged people have tried to shame KMD and other racialists, instead of arguing with them and their readers as though they might be reasonable fellow human beings.

Let us absolve KMD and other racialists from the accusation of racism. Racism is a negative attitude to persons considered belonging to a different race. We all know that racism is immoral and shameful. Racialists are not necessarily racists, and present-day American racialists rarely are. They fail as scientists, not as immoral persons. The schism within America is a schism between ‘whites’ and ‘whites’, and different medicine is needed to treat it.

(to be continued)