For One Democratic State
in the whole of Palestine (Israel)


FOR One Man, One Vote




By Israel Shamir


A spectre haunts the West, a spectre that was not seen around for quite a while. Exorcized long ago, it was imprisoned in the dark lab like a deadly virus, bidding its time. Now, as Israel stoops to commit the most horrible of crimes, its supporters broke the seals and removed the magic pentagram.

For over a millennium, we Jews were connected in the European popular mind with well-poisoning, to great chagrin of our ancestors. Now, the fantasies of past become true, as some dark minds turn tales of old into today’s reality.

Abba Kovner, a Jewish socialist (?) leader, had tried to poison the sources of Rein. He had dreamed of exterminating millions of Germans, children, women, men. He has received the virulent potion from a man who became afterwards the President of Israel, and who never regretted nor denied it. His last-minute cowardice (or a miracle?) saved the heart of Europe. (You can read about it – no remorse, no shame – in his Life lovingly depicted by an Israeli historian Anita Shapira.).

It happened half a century ago, but now, a new sort of poison flushes through the Zionist tentacles into the wells of Europe and North America. In the Canadian daily National Post (August 27, 2002), published by Israel Asper, a great friend of my country, Daniel Pipes and his gentile sidekick Lars Hedegaard published an article with an alluring title,  “Muslim extremism: Denmark's had enough”.

Judging by its contents, Canada had scrapped its ‘hate laws’ that expressly forbid promoting hatred of ethnic and religious communities. Pipes-Hedegaard tandem writes:

“Predominantly Muslim immigrants constitute 5% of the population but consume upwards of 40% of the welfare spending… Muslims are only 4% of Denmark's 5.4 million people but make up a majority of the country's convicted rapists, an especially combustible issue given that practically all the female victims are non-Muslim”.

“They steal our money and rape our daughters”, - this concept was successfully applied in past, notably by Adolf Hitler in his Mein Kampf, against the Jews. Now, it is promoted by the mighty Jewish propaganda machine, this globe-embracing conglomerate of Jewish media moguls, obedient journalists, deferential university professors. Hitler or Stalin never had had such a network in their disposal. The hate potion is prepared by professor Lewis, multiplied by Pipes the journalist, published by Israel Asper, the owner of almost all Canadian media, and of our Jerusalem Post. It flows to Conrad Black in England, and to Mort Zuckerman in the US, and to innumerable Jewish media owners and editors all over the world.

Maybe our Muslim cousins (4% of population) supply majority of rapists in Denmark, but my Jewish brothers (hardly 2% of population) constitute majority of people who screw all of us: the media moguls, TV bosses, tax dodgers, multimillionaires, neo-cons and just conmen. Now, when we know the statistics of Muslim applications for welfare, let us see the statistics of Jewish fraud. I doubt all Muslim and Black welfare addicts can compare with one Mark Rich.

This mighty machine rolled out the Ku Klux Klan scaremongering image of a crouching dark-skinned rapist, lusting the white skin and golden hair of Aryan maidens of Denmark. Imported from the great KKK-worshipping silent movie by Griffith, The Nation Is Born, the racist image opens a new film of Men in Black II: big Negro with big knife, big teeth and big prick attacks an innocent White woman in the park. The film was produced by the creator of Schindler’s List, the sob story of persecuted Jews.

Still, there is a difference between Pipes, Zuckerman, Asper, Black and the ordinary racists of old. The German dictator or the Klan Wizard was sincere man, who truly and wholeheartedly hated Jews. Pipes and his kin have no feeling of special hate towards Blacks or Muslims. For them, there is no difference between a white goy or a black goy, Muslim goy or a Christian goy, or indeed a goy and a dog. They produce their hate potion for others, in preparation of the great assault in the Holy Land.


While the Jewish propaganda mills produce their output of hate, their potential victims still argue between themselves. Steven Salaita, a nice young American-born Palestinian student from Oklahoma, writes[i] in the “For the first time in my life, I was disgusted to receive messages in support of the Palestinian people”. Why? Because they are sent by “right-wing ideologues”, as “a number of far-right racists, David Duke foremost among them, now invoke Israel's behaviour as a "proof" of inherent Jewish depravity”.

It would be fairer to convey the main argument of these “right-wing ideologues” as follows. 1. There is a great proximity between the behaviour of Jews in Palestine and behaviour of the Jews elsewhere. 2. The horrors committed by Jews in Palestine and supported by Jews of Diaspora, prove presence of a horrific component of the Jewish policies, practice and ideology elsewhere. 3. The Jews represent a destructive (for others), dangerous and repulsive ideology and theology, and should be contained and counteracted. 4. Ideally, people of Jewish origin should be brought to see the light and leave their erroneous path; they should become “non-Jews”.

While the key point (3) is an unpleasant (for many Jews) notion, it is a non-racist age-long discourse. It is not a right-wing discourse either, as this opinion was shared by Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky, Theodor Herzl and Boruchov, St Paul and Martin Luther. Zionists were foremost rejecting ‘goodness of Jewry’. A leading French socialist, P-J Proudhon, perceived the Jews as supporters of modern bureaucratic, centralised state. Marx called to free mankind from Jews, and to de-Judaise Jews.

If Salaita wants to find a total rejection of the Jews as ideology, he does not have to go to David Duke. He could look up a book called The Jewish Question: Marxist Interpretation, by Abram Leon, a young follower of Trotsky, who perished in the walls of Auschwitz. Leon (I am grateful to Noam Chomsky who introduced me to this author) called the Jews, “people-class”, historically attuned to usury and exploitation of others. A man of Jewish origin always could leave ‘the Jews’ and join mankind, wrote Leon.

Salaita notes that “extremist websites post articles critical of Israel from respectable publications, many with Jewish authors” and concludes, “the organizations' hatred of Jews is so strong that they are willing to employ Jewish voices in order to promote their agenda. Their naïveté is as striking as their stupidity”. It is an unexpected and unwarranted reasoning. Rather, the websites employ voices of people of Jewish origin who reject the Jewish approach, and thus they prove their non-racist basis.

Salaita rejects the remote possibility of linkage between the Jewish behaviour in Palestine and the Jewish behaviour elsewhere. The apartheid established by Jews in Israel is not connected to the policies, ideology and practice of the Jews elsewhere, in his opinion. Well, this doubtful point of view is highly comfortable for the Jews in America. They can support Sharon and retain their angel wings. Maybe it is young Salaita who is naïve in his desire to disengage the war in Palestine and the confrontation elsewhere?

The article of Pipes we discussed earlier is just the latest proof of futility of this desire. The war for Palestine became a global war, the World War Three, and in this war, the organised Jewry is strictly on the side of bad guys. Now they employ the evil weapon of racist hate, trying to rouse the Europeans against the Blacks and Muslims everywhere, from Alabama to Chechnya, from Copenhagen to Kabul. They should be confronted and defeated, as otherwise they will poison the wells of mind. We should not allow our adversary to enforce the Black vs. White, or Christian vs. Muslim chasm. Instead of discussing David Duke’s anti-Semitism, we should discuss the anti-Gentilism, hatred of a goy, so evident in the Jewish-owned media. If we succeed, the Jewish communities abroad would pay more attention to their own well-being, and let Palestine to cool off.

Our war is NOT a total war. Despite childish remarks of Salaita, no sword of ethnic cleansing, no threat of physical annihilation hangs over Jewish heads, as Christians and Muslims always wished to bring their Jewish brothers to the light, out of their dark separatism. The enemies of Christ should be shown the error of their ways, not hurt, that was the traditional approach of the Church. Even after horrible holocaust of Palestinian Christians made by Jewish hands in 614, the Christian rulers retained brotherly Christian love to the misled Jews and did not punish them.

That was the Muslim approach as well. Despite much confrontation and trouble, “the Qaynuqa` and the Nadir Jewish tribes cooperated with the Prophet Muhammad, and so did the Jews of Khaybar, after he took the oasis in 628 (he married the daughter of one of the chiefs of Nadir)”, reminds me a reader from Virginia. Later, Jews collaborated happily with the conquering Arab armies in Syria, North Africa, and Spain, knowing that the Arabs would give them greater toleration and protection than their previous rulers.

The Jews and non-Jews would be able to live together happily, after the Jewish supremacy trend will be vanquished. However, until it is achieved, we, the friends of Palestine, should seek understanding and cooperation with all possible allies, black, white, red, green or rainbow, as blessed are the seekers of peace.