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Magnus Ljunggren was a teacher of Russian in Goteborg. He also learned a lot from Russians, though the lessons he had learned are those the Russians try to forget. In Russia of 1930s, it was quite common to jail a man just because his father was a Trotskyite. Son of Trotsky was murdered for this reason. Later, Joseph Stalin declared “A son is not responsible for his father’s deeds”. But this Stalin’s message is too enlightened for the more orthodox Magnus L. He prefers it old style.


His attack on Johannes Wahlstrom, a young Swedish journalist, is based mainly on his descent. Johannes happens to be a son of Israel Shamir. And Israel Shamir is … Who is Israel Shamir?


Israel Shamir is me. I stand squarely for full rights of my Palestinian brethren to live in Palestine and to come back from exile; against apartheid in Israel/Palestine, for dissolution of the Jewish state, for full equality of a Jew and non-Jew and for natural assimilation of descendents of Jews in the countries they live. Moreover, I call the Jews to accept Christ. For these views, I was branded with a scarlet letter of “antisemite” by the ADL-stooges like Mr Ljunggren.


No regrets here.

This word works magic with many good people. Whenever they are called ‘anti-Semites’,
they prostrate on the ground, and swear eternal love and fealty to the Jewish people. Not me. I’ve heard this word from the settlers, from Abe Foxman of the ADL, from Mort Zuckermann and Sharon, from Per Ahlmark the warmonger and now Ljunggren the Ljugare. It was used against TS Elliot and Dostoyevsky, Jean Genet and Shakespeare, St John and Yeats, Martin Luther and August Strindberg, Karl Marx and Woody Allen, and it is a much better company to be in than Ljunggren and Latynina’s company.

Magnus Ljunggren tells a lot of tall stories about Israel Shamir. Even if all of these stories were true, what is the connection with Johannes Wahlstrom? None.


But the stories he tells are all lies. And these lies are old and well known and refuted years ago. For instance, he says: “Shamir appeared on Förintelseförnekarkonferensen in Tehran 2006” This is a lie. Ljunggren could read on the site a notice saying “Israel Shamir did not go to the Tehran Conference and never considered to go for he never was invited in the first place”.

As I have not been there I could not speak there with David Duke.

My articles on the Jewish ritual murder cases are rather reviews of works by two renown Hebrew scholars, Prof Israel Yuval of Hebrew University and Prof Ariel Toaff of Bar Ilan University.


Ljunggren says: Interviewed by Mohamed Omar, Shamir made clear last year that "it is every Muslim's and Christian's duty" to dispel gas chambers. This is another lie. The interview is available on the web, so it a brazen lie.


Ljunggren refers to his source of information “one of Russia's most courageous journalists, Yulia Latynina” who asked: Why Assange is represented by an extremist Shamir?


Ljunggren did not tell his readers that Ms Latynina thinks Assange has to be executed as an enemy of America and the free world. On her own radio station Echo Moskvy her ferocious writing about Assange was compared with 1930s Pravda calling to tear to smithereens “the Trotskyite gang”.


Ljunggren did not explain his readers that Ms Latynina applauded Israeli murder of Freedom Flotilla volunteers, that for her, there were not enough Palestinian children slaughtered.


I can answer Ljunggrens lies and half-lies. But it is shameful for the newspaper to attack a young journalist just because his father happens to have some ideas of his own. Do you have no decency at all, sirs?


Israel Shamir