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Freak Factory

October 17, 2002

Psychologists like to offer their patients to play an allusion game in order to free imagination. They drop you a word and you should reply with the first word that comes to your mind: “bed” - “sex”, “husband” – “pay”, “drink” –“police”. These replies help the shrink to understand the works of your mind. But sit a Jew on the couch, whisper one word, “Christ”, and you will get one response: “you call us Christ killers”.

A few days ago, a nice old Jew, member of pro-Palestinian al-Awda group, wrote expectedly “Shamir called us – Christ killers”. I was rather vexed, as I know I did not say it because I do not think so. But then, I remembered, over a year ago, when I compared killing of Palestinians who are the beloved children of Christ with killing of Christ, immediately two hired boys voiced this Jewish complaint, “he called the Jews – Christ killers”. And they would not take ‘no’ for an answer.

When the Pope John Paul II visited the old capital of Umayyad Caliphate, Damascus, the young Syrian ruler reminded his audience of the transcendental meaning of the battle for Palestine. The Palestinians fight the enemy of Christ and the enemy of the Prophet, he said.

Words of Bashar Assad caused consternation of Jews. A Conrad Black newspaper, always supporting the Israeli ‘extra-judicial killings’ (read: murders), wrote indignantly: ‘this was anti-Semitism of the worst order. Down the centuries, the charge of deicide has been a pretext for persecuting Jews, who stood accused of "killing Christ."

Please re-read again. Bashar Assad did not say, nor did he imply that Jews killed Christ. Neither did I: there is no collective guilt over many generations. But the Jews know better what people are supposed to say. In the same way the Jews know better who should represent Palestinians instead of ‘irrelevant’ Arafat, they know better who should rule Iraq, they know better who attacked America and whom America should attack, and even whom should elect the Blacks instead of Cynthia McKinney, in the same way they know better: we should say, ‘they killed Christ’. They wait for it like a passionate lover for consummation of his desires, like a brave soldier for the battle call, as they know how to reply. They will insist it until we say it, like in the joke.

A Jewish joke tells of a Jew who pestered a Chinese man in New York subway, “Are you a Jew?” – “No, - replied the Chinese. But the Jew asked again and again the same question, and the exasperated Chinese gave up “Yes, I am a Jew”. The satisfied Jew smiled at him and said, “Isn’t it strange? You do not look like a Jew”.

This accusation is false; it is but an anti-Christian libel. None of the Church Fathers, none of the “right wing religious fanatics” of old, none of the Crusaders would or did condemn the present day Jews for killing Christ just because some of their ancestors killed Christ. They were not that silly: nobody is. This accusation is but a figment of Jewish imagination. The eminent scholar, professor David Flusser, was right: ‘the Jews should not be blamed for killing Christ anymore than French blamed for sending Joan of Arc to the stake, or Greeks for sentencing Socrates to death’.

Why, then, the Jews insist on the false accusation? They do it, in order to obscure the real one: of hostility to Christ, Christianity and Christians. My dear late teacher David Flusser was a very fluent and skilful Jewish apologist, who could and would justify anything done by Jews. His reasoning is correct, but it lacks sincerity. Why, indeed, the French are not blamed for the fiery death of the Maid nor considered ‘enemies of the Maid’? But for the simple reason: though the situation appears similar (foreign occupation, corrupt local judges), the French people condemned the French judges who sentenced Joan, and made her their beloved saint. The Jews of old, on the other hand, were defiantly proud of the deed of their ancestors, and the ‘Gospel according to the Jews’, Toledot Yeshu, (it could be called “How we killed Christ”) is the most frequently copied (non-Biblical) Jewish manuscript of Middle Ages.

Adepts of Judaism kept fighting Christ and Christians. Soldiers of the last Jewish king Bar Kochba massacred Christians in 135. In Yemen, a Jewish ruler Yusuf Zu Nawas burned churches and killed thousands of Christians in 519. Palestinian Christians were slaughtered in 529 and 614. Afterwards, the warfare switched to ideology. The Middle Ages are full of rather crude Jewish anti-Christian propaganda. Its examples could be found in Jesus through Jewish Eyes[i], a recently published compendium of Jewish writings about Jesus, and they include infamous Toledot Yeshu and Nestor Hakomer, written in Arabic in 9th century. Even today, leaflets in Jerusalem describe Judas as ‘the Redeemer of Israel’. That is why, as a short-hand, the Jews were described as ‘enemies of Christ’.

Christians fought back, and slaughtered quite a lot of Jews as well. It is a peculiarity of modern convoluted discourse, that Christian persecutions of Jews are well known, while persecutions of Christians by Jews are consigned to oblivion. There is ‘post-Auschwitz Christian theology’, but there is no ‘post-Mamilla Pool, or post-Deir Yassin Judaism’. This distortion of history is used by the Jewish leadership in order to induce Christians with destructive guilt feeling. That is why it is important to explain that the relations of Jews and Christians weren’t as one-sided as depicted by the Jewish apologists.



The millennia-old ideological warfare against Christ became the most important element of Jewishness, and it is still with us. ‘T’is better to serve Hitler than Christ”, - words to such effect said a well known Israeli Rabbi. Acceptance of Christ is the worst possible crime for a Jew, and it is felt by vast majority of the community. Jews aren’t just ‘non-Christians’, like we are ‘non-Buddhist’, they are anti-Christian. Even now, when majority of Jews ceased to practice the rules of faith, this anti-Christian streak is not gone. For instance, a baptised Jew is banned from receiving Israeli citizenship by the Law of Return. Recently, a few good Jews in America wrote to the State of Israel renouncing their right of return. There is just one way to do it:  accept Christ and you would lose this right.

There are, for sure, many Jews who feel different. No group is that monolithic as to exclude dissent. Even in the leadership of the German Nazi Party, there were people who conspired against Hitler. But it does not mean there was no Nazi ideology. Among millions of Russian Communists one could find people of every possible opinion, but the Party had its structure and ideology. That is why one should not hate a man for being a Jew, or a member of Nazi Party etc, but one may reject their doctrine.

For many years, a son of enlightened parents, I could not force myself to enter a church. I did not spit at seeing church, as my great-grandfather would, but I was taught to despise Christianity, “a silly prejudice”. The Jewish faith was never considered to be a prejudice in our circles. Still, a young Jewish man could toy with Buddhism or pray in ashram, or dance with Sufis, but Christianity was beyond the pale, a totally forbidden thing. That is why many young Jews of J. Salinger’s days were looking for spirituality in foreign Buddhism: they really did not dare to embrace Christ. One could eat pork, even marry a shiksa, a slightly smaller sin, but we had imbibed hostile rejection of Christianity with our mothers’ milk.

The opinion of the Jews about Christianity would be quite irrelevant if the Jews would live on the Moon. It would be bearable if the Jews would be shoe-shiners or cotton-pickers. It was survivable while Jews were visibly separated by dress and manners, as in Middle Ages. But since the Jews became an important part of the American elites, their massive presence undermined the delicate social and spiritual fabric.

It is particularly deadly, as spirituality of our tripartite ecumene (the Western Christendom, Eastern Orthodox world and Dar al-Islam) has been built on Christ. The cathedrals of Rome, Assisi, Chartres, Köln and Canterbury, mosques of Damascus, Baghdad and Jerusalem, paintings of Botticelli, Andrei Rublev and Blake, great poetry of Rumi and Elliott, Block and Brodsky flow from this rock. It is as basic as water and earth for our civilisation. Even books arguing with Christianity: Rabelais and Voltaire, Mayakovsky and Marx still are based on it. Removal of Christ kills the Western civilisation as certainly as poisoning its air does. Human beings will not die, but the civilization will collapse after their sacred unity will be gone.



The scary present of the US is the result of this collapse. This neo-fascist state of billionaires and hungry children that scraps the human rights, tortures prisoners in Guantanamo, rejects all norms of the international law and plans aggression against sovereign Iraq just after devastation visited upon Afghanistan is the moral perversion built upon Christianity undermined. My friend and an important American Islamic scholar of religion Maria Hussain wrote: “Christianity has been very weak in the US. In Ann Arbor where I was raised it was understood that you do NOT mention the name of Jesus unless it is to make fun, and you do NOT publicly admit to believing in Christianity, unless you want to be avoided by your peers”.

The strange uniquely American phenomenon of Jew-worshipping Christian Zionists is but a result of social neurosis, caused by strong guilt feelings induced by the Jewish elites. These simple Christian souls try to combine their love to Christ with the society-induced adoration of Jews. They look for the Jewish approval, while sticking to the church. These opposing forces misshape their psyche like the bodies of children were misshapen by the medieval freak-makers. They should be helped to reassert their love to Christ and freed from the emotional dependency on the Jews.

Appearance of the Christian Zionists was predicted in long gone 1902 by a Viennese Jew, Solomon Ehrmann. He spoke of future when “all of mankind will have been jewified (verjudet) and joined in union with the <Judeo-Masonic> Bnai Brith”[ii]. Now when the Bnai Brith are strong supporters of Sharon and Foxman, one understands that these Christian Zionists have been thoroughly jewified.

Their pitiful spiritual condition should remind us: Christianity and Judaism are NOT mirror images of each other. While the Church wants to bring every Jew to salvation, to make him equal to the rest of believers, to turn him or her into a dear brother or sister, the Jews want to turn the Christians into jewified Christian Zionists, emotional and spiritual slaves of the Jews. It means that the struggle is not over yet. It is an ideological, not a racial struggle; and the Christians of Jewish origin were always an important element, a beacon for their hesitating brethren, as it is the battle for the souls of Jews as well. But as precious as they are, they are not a bit more precious than the souls of other folks. If the spiritual and ideological struggle with the Jewish influence won’t be vigorously resumed, I am afraid the Christian Zionists will become the biggest and most powerful denomination in the US, and then seep over to Europe.

Professor David Perlmutter wrote to me: “Sure, maybe 20 years ago the "Israeli lobby" was made up mostly of Jews. And campaign donations were important. But now it's the Evangelical Christians who are dominant, and most politicians are nominally pro-Israel not because they want Jewish money but because they either believe in the "holy" cause or listen to their huge number of evangelical voters. Bush did not go easy on Sharon because of Jews, but because his own constituency rebelled. This is something that most Arabs and Israelis don't understand - but you see it here in the Churches and in DC. Every major US evangelical Christian leader is farther to right on Israel than most Jews I know, and after 9/11 they consider it their own personal crusade. The traditional Israeli Lobby (AIPAC etc.) has become almost irrelevant”.

That is why Jews are often described as ‘yeast’ – because of ability to judaise people; an ability based, in the US, on their positions in the discourse, media and universities. If the preachers would not feel the great support of media lords, probably they would not become as pro-Israeli as they are now. If the cause of Christ would not be so completely undermined, their flock would not feel obliged to support the Israeli genocidal apartheid state.



The accusation of trying to destroy Christianity was an important part of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. But the reality is more complicated: in my opinion, Jews are not consciously aware of the damage they cause through their rejection of Christianity. In the same way, Europeans were not aware they bring various diseases to the native people of Polynesia, as they were immune to the malady. Still, the natives died in droves.

It is well felt by the Orthodox Jews, who try to minimise their interaction with the Gentile world. It is also felt by anti-Semites, who often prefer a traditional Orthodox Jew in his shtreiml and peyoth to an assimilated Jew. None of them understands, however, what is the source of trouble, why assimilated Jews unwillingly cause much damage to the national fabric.

A tragic example is provided by Leon Trotsky, a Jew by birth, who thoroughly rejected Judaism and described himself as a ‘non-Jewish Jew’, but was involved in massive destruction of Russian churches. He did not dream to destroy the church in order to rise up the banner of George Soros or Ariel Sharon. He was not a Jewish supremacist. He liked goyim and didn’t like Jews. He believed that Jews handled money for so long that their souls were almost irremediably warped. They retained, he said, petty-bourgeois consciousness, while the Jewish intellectuals were ‘fickle untrustworthy semi-foreigners’. He spoke Russian and apparently lost his command of Yiddish. He was proud of being considered a real Russian, not a Jew[iii].

Why, then, he became the soul of the campaign against the Russian church? For the best of reasons. He did it instinctively, as he felt, and quite right, that Christ stands on the way of his full integration within the Russian people. He did not rise to accepting Christ, but tried to remove the obstacle. Thousands of churches were destroyed, and the future of Russian communism was undermined. Eventually, this schism of communism and church caused the great successes of George Soros and Mark Rich in Russia after 1991.

Many good people of Jewish origin in Europe and America repeat the same error. They fight the Church as they feel it stands between them and the rest of the population. Alas, the example of Trotsky proves there is no short-cut. They have to submit, or cause irremediable damage to souls of people they care about. That is the only way to stop the freak factory, this side of conscious anti-Jewish action.

[i] Publisher: Yediyot Aharonot, Tel Aviv, 1999, ISBN 965-448-527-3

[ii] Beller, Vienna, quoted by Lindemann, Esau's Tears

[iii] Nedava, Trotsky and the Jews, quoted by Lindemann

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