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Wiki, the Chaos Controlled

By Israel Shamir


In the art of surveillance, there is a cunning ploy familiar to the readers of Le Carre: the target is followed by a clumsy gumshoe; he discovers he is being tailed, easily shakes the tail off and goes on, feeling secure and unobserved. Unbeknownst to him, there are other detectives who stick to him like glue and follow him to his perdition. Professionally it is called a “double tail”.


Apparently, some of us were duped by such a ruse in the peculiar affair of a Zionist plot to infiltrate Wikipedia. This powerful online encyclopaedia is ostensibly free and open: everyone can be an editor, can add or edit any entry. Editors remain anonymous; their true identity is hidden behind a nickname. This rule has a serious drawback: using this anonymity, a dedicated group can infiltrate the system by stealth, distort reality and create a false picture of the world in the eyes of billions. Apparently this script has been recently enacted.


Conspiracy? Yes. Jewish conspiracy? You bet! The damning email exchange was intercepted and published, revealing a radical Zionist plot to bend “Wiki.” A moderate leftist (some would call it ‘tame’) US-based pro-Palestinian site EI revealed that the radical-extremist Zionist organisation CAMERA called for “volunteers who can work as ‘editors’ to ensure” that Israel-related articles on Wikipedia agree with their right-wing-Zionist agenda. This effort was to be kept secret from the media and the public. Stealth and misrepresentation were presented as the keys to success. A CAMERA official advised the volunteers to sign up as editors for Wikipedia and afterwards to avoid editing Israel-related material for a while, in order to “avoid the appearance of being one-topic editors”. The orchestrated effort was to appear as if it were the work of unaffiliated individuals, and for this reason the editors were to avoid picking a user name that marked them as pro-Israel, or that let people know their real name. The emails taught Zionist apprentices how to act in the interests of Israel while using neutral language. The emphasis was on the long-run side of the operation: “This is a marathon not a sprint”, a Zionist instructor nicknamed ‘Zeq’ taught his apprentices in the email exchange.


The EI article about this revelation was quite sycophantic towards Wikipedia. It presented “Wiki” as an objective source at loggerheads with Zionist infiltrators, and even bordered on advertising: “Openness and good faith are among Wikipedia’s core principles. Any person in the world can write or edit articles, but Wikipedia has strict guidelines and procedures for accountability intended to ensure quality control and prevent vandalism, plagiarism or distortion. It is because of these safeguards that articles on key elements of the Palestine-Israel conflict have generally remained well-referenced, useful and objective.”


Still, it was not enough, and on the following day, 22 April 2008, EI updated this article with a triumphal and calming statement: “a plan by the pro-Israel pressure group CAMERA to skew Wikipedia in a pro-Israel direction appears to have collapsed after it was exposed by EI”. Zeq was dismissed, and anyway, fewer than a dozen of CAMERA moles were active at the time EI exposed the scheme. In short: everything is fine, Wiki is functioning well, and the Zionist scare is gone, thanks to fearless EI. And anyway, it was only a small operation by the enemies of freedom, and it is over.


Excuse me, is this an article, or a paid advertisement for Wikipedia? Did EI receive on the evening of April 21st an offer they could not refuse from the owner of Wiki? Only a Zionist can think that Wiki “articles on key elements of the Palestine-Israel conflict have generally remained well-referenced, useful and objective.” On the contrary, they are biased in the extreme; just read, for instance, the exceedingly hostile entry on Hamas, including its Talk, i.e. discussions of editors, deletions and corrections. It defines Hamas as “… best known for multiple suicide bombings and other attacks directed against civilians [best known to whom? To me it is best known as the ruling party of Palestine, and secondly, as a grassroots mutual assistance movement – ISH]… Hamas' charter calls for the destruction of the State of Israel [while all prominent Israeli parties have joined in the destruction of Palestine – ISH] … the organization is described by many as antisemitic.” Is that objective? Further the entry says, inter alia: “Hamas is considered by the US a terrorist organisation.” This is true, but not the whole truth. I personally added: “However, Russia refused to consider Hamas a terrorist organisation.” My addition was immediately removed by the ever-watchful Zionist case-officer. Hamas is terrorist, full stop.


Only a dishonest fool, or someone who never used Wikipedia, could think that plan of the Lobby “to skew Wikipedia in a pro-Israel direction appears to have collapsed”. The clumsy gumshoe was shaken off, for CAMERA is but a bunch of amateurs, extreme Jewish nationalists with some nuisance value. They do not represent the Jewish mainstream; but they do play a useful part: they make the mainstream appear moderate. Being hassled by CAMERA is like being hassled by the Klan – it proves nothing. They hassle everybody, even moderate Zionists and other fellow-philosemites whom CAMERA fanatics consider insufficiently zealous, such as Johann Hari, an English professional philosemite who recently boasted: “I have worked undercover at both the Finsbury Park mosque and among neo-Nazi Holocaust deniers to expose the Jew-hatred there; I went on the Islam Channel to challenge the anti-Semitism of Islamists, I received a rash of death threats calling me ‘a Jew-lover’’. Later he strayed farther afield and wrote about Israeli sewage pouring all over Gaza. Afterwards, he complained, “CAMERA said I am an anti-Jewish bigot akin to Joseph Goebbels.”


Now, when the amateurs are disgraced and gone, the professionals remain. Wiki is as partial to Jews as the Jewish Chronicle. The picture of the world it offers is being edited and shaped in full accordance with the general Jewish world view thanks to a group of permanent and devoted editors and arbiters.


Freedom to add and edit is just the bait attracting millions of unpaid contributors. If Wiki were truly free, provided that “ordinary people’ are in the vast majority, we could expect to find a democratic world view presented, not one not perverted by a biased minority; but the real Wikipedia does not work that way. The apparent chaos of Wiki is strictly controlled by a hierarchy of Agents Smith, who secure the Wiki matrix. They delete references to Jewish misdeeds, but emphasize every good deed by a Jew. Israel/Palestine is just one area in what is truly universal agenda. For instance, they block and remove attempts to mention the Jewish origin of the founder of the Satanist movement, one La Vey (originally Levy), though this explains his hatred towards Christianity. They insist on the inferiority of Poincare versus Einstein, of Jung versus Freud or Proudhon versus Marx. Every act against Jews is recorded; every act of Jews against goyim is blotted out from this organised memory of our generation. These editors can manage just fine, thank you very much, without amateur infiltrators.


Zeq has been banned for his indiscretions, but the man he wrote of so admiringly, whom he described as a role model to his apprentices (“work with him and learn from him”), an ideal,. effective Zionist Wikipedia editor called Jayjg, is still there. Jayjg is not just an editor; he is an arbiter -- what passes for a judge on the Wikipedia. He was appointed to that position by the site owner himself. He is an Agent Smith of the Wiki matrix. One can see his work in many, many entries: clever and unscrupulous, he is a master of the subterfuge and deceit.


Another, superior Agent Smith is Cberlet or John Foster (Chip) Berlet, the scourge of the web. He is acting under many names. He is a collaborator with the ADL, the Jewish thought police. Though he previously denied having any relationship to ADL, he admitted to Israeli Foreign Affairs that he “had had quite a cordial professional relationship with the ADL" and “had been doing research in cooperation with ADL”. The New York City Jewish newspaper "Forward" reported that Berlet transferred information from an FBI anti-Communist informer directly to ADL. Ace Hayes wrote: “John Foster “Chip” Berlet has been involved, over the past half decade, in attacking virtually every independent critic of the Imperial State that the reader can name.” His operation is financed by the Ford Foundation. Michael Collins Piper in his monumental book on the Kennedy assassination, Final Judgment, asserted that Chip Berlet is a CIA agent. Naturally, his own entry in Wiki is protected from editing. The Arbitration committee (those who hold the reigns of power on the Wiki) “admit to hero-worship of Cberlet’, I was informed by a prominent insider.


These men are discreet, they won’t babble about their devotion to the Jewish cause -- they hide it under the veil of bureaucratic expressions and abbreviations. Their supporting cast includes some Jewish “antizionists” like RolandR. This is actually British Trotskyite trade union apparatchik Roland Rance, who does not mind cooperating with convinced anti-Communist, CIA and ADL agent Berlet and with zealous Zionist Jayjg. So much for his antizionism and his socialism! He, and thousands of smaller wannabe Agents Smith do not need the starry-eyed arch-Zionists of CAMERA, they are already in.


The “revelation” by EI is nothing but a subterfuge, a “double tail” executed to increase our trust in Wiki. A similar “double tail” operation was performed last year, when Wiki announced it had found CIA-made edits on a few pages. Careful reading of that “revelation” was even more disappointing than that of EI. The worst discovered CIA edit of the President Ahmadinejad entry was an ‘added exclamation “Wahhhhhh!”, while “other changes that have been made are more innocuous, and include tweaks to the profile of former CIA chief Porter Goss and celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey.” This is ridiculous: the US secret services spend many billions per annum in their drive for domination of the Web. A recent report speaks of $30 billion allocated by the Pentagon for an “electronic Manhattan Project” in order to fight the Web. And they want us to believe that all these billions produced an exclamation “Wahhhhhh!”? Alas, it is just another “double tail” sting operation by the usual suspects.




The Wiki entries on Palestine/Israel are far from “well-referenced, useful and objective” as the dupes of EI claim. On the second thought, are they dupes, or willing collaborators? The top man in EI is Electronic Ali, as Ali Abunima is nicknamed, the man who began the witch hunt against “Shamir the antisemite”. He is the Arab front for various exclusively Jewish organisations for Palestine, who rather promote the Jewish cause and fight antisemitism. Such Jewish bodies like to have a compliant shabbesgoy (as Rosa Luxemburg called these guys) for a front, and Ali fits the bill perfectly. Even this article on Wiki makes some reference to ‘evil antisemites’.


In his attack on me, Electronic Ali acted together with the execrable Hussein Ibish, but since then, the thieves have fallen apart.[i] Another prominent EI person is, or was, Nigel Parry, a British antisemitism-fighter, their webmaster and probably also their case officer. Nigel Perry is an enforcer of Political Correctness and is Gatekeeper General of the permitted discourse on Palestine, keeping the line between hard Likud and the soft Peace Now. He proudly mentions many years of involvement with the Palestinian cause. Well, such guys are a good reason why the Palestinian cause looks the way it does.


Why, we could have One State, a single unified state in Israel/Palestine by now, but for these guys! Looking back, that was a possible development in 2001, sometime before 9/11, when my call for One State was heeded by many Israelis and Americans, and supported by major American newspapers. But then these men began their campaign to denigrate me and scared supporters away. “Shamir is discredited and marginalised”, they wrote with satisfaction. For them, it did not matter that together with me, they discredited and marginalised the idea of One State, the only possible peaceful solution to our conflict.


The final battle was fought on the Wikipedia site, where Ali-Ibish-Parry provided ammunition to Zionist Agent Smith Jayjg and ADL’s own Berlet, with the ADL-sponsored block of “antifascist” e-zines: British Searchlight, Norwegian Monitor, Swedish Expo, American Trotskyite Socialist Viewpoint et al. These formidable forces were counteracted by our wonderful friend Joh Domingo, a South African fighter against apartheid, and our French friend Omnivore. You can read the protocols of the battle on They decided to make me a Swedish neonazi impostor, instead of the Israeli writer I really am.


All the time this battle was going on, I lived in my Jaffa house, receiving endless visitors, giving numerous interviews, going to work, seeing people – but I might as well have been dead. I felt like Doc Daneeka, a character in Joseph Heller’s witty Catch-22, who was declared dead as the plane he was supposed to fly was downed. “I am alive!” he shouted. “Here we have a paper saying you are dead”, they replied. His wife “inherited” his property, he was stricken from the lists, they stopped serving him food, and even his friends and comrades looked askance when he appeared. This is the power of an official-looking document – or a webpage blue with hyperlinks. Thus I have learned the dreadful power of an encyclopaedia: it does not reflect the world, but rather creates the world. Wiki is linked to thousands of sites; whether you look at or at an Arab English-language site, you’ll be led to Wiki with its lies.


If an encyclopaedia says I am a Swedish neonazi antisemite, nothing can change it. I could scream all day long: “Look, here I am, in Jaffa” but they would reply: “Here we have an official paper saying that you are not”. I am very grateful to Joh Domingo for his superhuman efforts, but he could not overcome the Agents Smith. Neither could I. If tomorrow they decide to make you a little green man from Mars, they will succeed, too. And then, even your friends will look behind your back for your flying saucer.


A few days ago, I spoke to a group of Indian intellectuals in Delhi, and afterwards I received this touching letter from Come Carpentier, a French expat writer living in the Indian capital. He wrote: “I meant to thank you for these enlightening, balanced and always objective yet passionate words you spoke that evening...Listening to them dispels even better than reading you the reputation that you have been given by you-know-who as a firebrand defamer of Israel, holocaust denier, Nazi apologist and so on and so forth... Not to mention the rumours about your being a clandestine Swedish Far Right-winger infiltrated in the Holy Land by the international Islamo-Fascist Cabal!”




In a way, the pro-Jewish bias of Wiki is unavoidable bearing in mind Jewish positions in Western discourse, media and universities. Jews – even people of Jewish origin – are likely to correct discourse in a way that is flattering for them. They did it hundred years ago, they did it five hundred years ago. Provided they do it in only one direction, they constitute the only entity (besides the undermined Church and its Orders) capable of a marathon (in words of Zeq) -- capable of sustaining a long-run operation.

A hundred years ago, New York lawyer Samuel Untermeyer financed the first Scofield Reference Bible; since then, the Scofield Bibles are being republished in newer even more pro-Jewish editions and they bring in millions of Christian Zionists.


Joachim Martillo writes in his Judonia: “Jewish efforts benefit from organizational memory that does not exist in other lobbying situations. The longevity of Jewish Federation organizations can give Israel Lobbying efforts a generational aspect not seen elsewhere. For example, Israel Advocacy organizations worked for fifty years to delegitimize Arabists in the Foreign Service and State Department, and replace them with Israel-sympathetic personnel”.


Martillo erroneously connects this result with some specific pro-Israel organisation. The success of Zionism (and incidentally its crimes) is just the strawberry on top of the Jewish success cake. The Jews are engaged in the advocacy of Jews, and consequently they delegitimize Arabists, or priests, or independent historians who do not subscribe to the notion that Jews are special in a consistently beneficial way. Zionism is a result of Jewish pruning of history, and this pruned history is what we are all taught.


There are no Arab sheiks or Russian oligarchs or American oilmen ready to finance anything long-term of no immediate relevancy. They do not understand that practically every entry of an encyclopaedia, of every textbook, influences future generations. A correct entry on, say, Poincare or monotheism or the Persian invasion could save potential Zionists from their delusions of grandeur.


Wikipedia is a great idea for Jews: people of all nations from all over the world contribute their knowledge, and then this Summa is pruned in a way acceptable to the pro-Jewish gardeners. Despite its “free” image, Wikipedia is part and parcel of the immense Judaised media holding, and thus is as biased as any other publication of this group, from the New York Times (owned by Sulzberger) to Liberation (owned by Rothschild) to hundreds of Murdock papers.





Wikipedia is an important asset, like the New York Times, but both are in the hands of enemies of freedom. Sometimes good and truthful articles or entries are to be found in both, but these are specks of gold dust placed there to salt a dud mine. We certainly want to democratise both -- to make both really democratic and accessible. Until this is done, we should explain that both are tools of mind control not to be trusted or taken at face value. If Wiki wants to preserve some of its reliability, it must get rid of its Zionist enforcers. Not only of the CAMERA bumpkins, but of the hard men in black suits, the Agents Smith.


Responses of readers:


From Colonel Maguire, Mississippi


Dear Swedish Neo-Nazi Imposter,


Excellent article for the uninformed masses.  I saw the original breathless 'expose' earlier.  Naturally I interpreted it as merely a Zionist Likudnik plot to overturn Wiki's existing Zionist Laborite control.   No more significant than Israeli elections.


This event:  "A hundred years ago, a New York lawyer Samuel Untermeyer financed the first Scofield Reference Bible; since then, the Scofield Bibles are being republished in newer even more pro-Jewish editions and they bring in millions of Christian Zionists."


deserves more attention and better investigative journalism than it has received to date.  I think Untermeyer himself only played a partial role in this by supporting Scofield during his period of editing, or rather Talmudicizing, the KJV Bible.  When we look at everything, Untermeyer's own role reduces to local NYC Zionist cashier.


1.  Scofield's own background.  No known divinity school training to justify his T.h.d.  No known ability in Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek.  Convicted forger and swindler, notorious adulterer, wife abandoner and 'deadbeat dad'.  iow, the perfect shabbas goy profile.


2.  Place of authorship:  Scofield went on sabbatical to Switzerland, of all places, to 'complete' his work.  You and I know this as a hotbed of Jewish subversives of all kinds prior to WWI.   Bolsheviks, Zionists, Rothschilds...


3.  First publisher.  Oxford University Press, 1909.  And revised in 1917 in the Year of the Balfour Declaration.  This particular transaction is very curious, especially given Scofield's own known notorious personal history.  Nor has the august Oxford University Press felt any need to rescind its imprimatur despite widespread knowledge of Scofield's infamous personal and professional life.


I personally rank Scofield's sulpherous book as second only to "The Holocaust" (TM) in its political importance for intellectually and morally justifying Zionism among Christians.






From World View News, Boston


Dear Israel, Don't be too harsh on old Ali. Can you blame him for mistrusting an Israeli?
Those were the good old days; you used to be a rebellious Jew and one of the elite. But
alas, now you are a lowly Christian like everyone else. The Arabs only talk to Jews.


From Henry Kopke, Canada


Hello Israel Adam,
This comes from Canada:

I like the stories being sent by "that little green man from Mars" and I appreciate seeing and reading his views on the world we live in. I approve of his "swedish-russian-jewish-orthodox-anti-semitic or whatever" interpretation of politics and agree with his views on the treatment of the Palestinians by Israel. I just wish that there were more such intelligent and straight thinking people in this world.

Keep up the good work!  



[i]               In an article by Osamah Khalil of Berkeley EI deservedly took Ibish to task for his “defense of Abbas’ strategy of deference and obsequiousness to the US and Israel. According to Ibish’s issue paper, Abbas’ problem is not that he is a failed, corrupt and ineffectual leader who appears to Palestinians as an eager American tool, but that he is “uninspiring” and “lacks the charisma that many politicians rely upon, and is not an emotive speaker.” Ibish’s screed, continues EI, “deliberately ignores a thugocracy in Palestinian politics as embodied by Mohammad Dahlan, Jibril Rajoub and their ilk.” His idea of an independent secular Palestinian state is a US-backed government of thieves and their enforcers… Ibish derides reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas as “utopian”, as for him there is no alternative to Abbas’ rule, American hyperpower, and Israel’s military and economic dominance in the Middle East.”