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Gilad Atzmon versus the London Trots: background by Israel Shamir 

Background to Sex and Politics by Gilad Atzmon


Absolutely brilliant and challenging essay of Gilad Atzmon on . Gilad takes up the tools of modern philosophical discourse (he is a Wittengensteinian scholar) to explain our position: why we are against domination by Judaic spirit. He resurrects Otto Weininger and starts where ordinary anti-zionists finish. Should be read and enjoyed for daring somersaults of thought.


This is a talk he gave in Bookmarks, London’s Marxist bookshop; while outside, a group of Jews picketed and demanded to shut him up. This was absolutely expected - Jews, that is people who consider themselves as first of all 'Jews', should be as horrified by Gilad as a male chauvinist by a Loretta Bobbitt. They can't argue their case, they should shut him up - or surrender to his faultless logic. A funny thing is that were antizionist Jews who came out to fight Atzmon and petition the managers to cancel. On the other hand, it is also logical. If Gilad were to speak in a Park Lane club, some conservative Jews, maybe even a lord would demand its cancellation. If he were to speak to American businessmen, they would sick a Foxman on him, or rather on a premises owner. As Gilad was speaking in a Marxist bookshop, they sent antizionist Jews. Thus these protesters revealed their most important inner quality - they felt they weren't antizionists of Jewish origin, but representatives of Jewry within the antizionist Left.


We experienced it for a long time that we have this fifth column within our movement, and now this column materialised and made visible: they signed their names under the Web petition against Gilad Atzmon and Paul Eisen, the whole lot from the US, England, Israel etc; mainly members of Jews For or Jews Against separatist organisations (why we never had Whites Against Apartheid?).


This list should be studied, for such an exposure is valuable. It contains Abe Weizfeld, a self-confessing Jewish nationalist from Canada, who describes himself as ‘second-generation survivor’ and runs a one-man Jewish People Liberation Organisation. He mainly fights Palestinians for ever referring to their tormentors as ‘Jews’. Ahmad Abouali from Nablus wrote about him: “The problem with Abraham is not just him being a Jewish nationalist, rather he is a person with lots of hatred & anger towards the "others" for mistreating the Jews who allowed himself, unknowingly, to become a mouthpiece of Zionists.”


There is a name of Deborah Maccoby, who received fulsome treatment in Gilad’s funny essay The Protocols of the Elders of London < > She was fitfully described by Joachim Martillo: "She is the daughter of Hyam Maccoby, the exact Zionist counterpart of the Hitler's Professors. Deborah Maccoby is a victim of her father's perverted ideas, which are the Ashkenazi counterpart of German proto-Nazi and Nazi scholarship. One could even say that Deborah Maccoby grew up in a completely unrepentant Nazi household."


There is a liar Ronald Rance, read about him in Not Cricket .


An American Mitchell Plitnick, who justified mass murder of Palestinian Christians , read in Chicago Powwow,


There is Tony Greenstein, a dumb British Trot, read and


But full description of other Leftist Sons and Daughters of Abe Foxman can wait.


Naturally, it is not an ethnic or racial split, for by these criteria Gilad is as much a Jew as any one of his opponents. I may quote a good email by our friend Miriam Reik, a very good person of no nonsense in New York, who refused to sign the petition. On the other hand, the list contains some Gentile followers, such as Sue Blackwell who makes decisions on the basis of Jews-for-peace advice, as she admits in her blog: "I have now had a chance to take a closer look at this site and consult Jewish friends on their views of it." ( . It is not strange that, with such guidance, her initiative to boycott Israel in British universities dismally failed.

It is hardly a question of religion as these picketers are irreligious. Indeed, it is a question of spirit, the Judaic spirit we find at the basis of Zionism.


Gilad and Paul were attacked by the leftie Jews ostensibly for their non-orthodox attitude to the holocaust narrative. Ostensibly, for their rejection of the Judaic paradigm is much deeper than this shibboleth of ADL presupposes. Gilad correctly stated that ‘holocaust denier’ is but a Zionist term. There is no need for us to argue ‘facts’ as our opponents are wont. I forwarded recently a few texts convincingly arguing that this concentration of attention on Jewish deaths is racist, sick, damaging for all including Jews. Antizionists are aware of words of the French Jewish filmmaker Claude Lanzmann: “whoever said 'shoah' (holocaust), will say 'tsagal' (Israeli Army)”. His words “If Shoah is important, Christ is not important” should ring an alarm for Christians and Muslims among us.


Anyway, their picket miserably failed; and the British socialists and antizionists did not give in to the blackmail. This is a very good sign of weather change and a visible proof that the Left is not brain-dead.


Gilad and Paul made a lot of good by bringing out the woodworm before it ate up the house.

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