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(photo by James Harding)
SIAM, after completing his studies at Aenon Bible College, and Ohio State University, went on to complete his Master of Theological Studies degree from the Harvard Divinity School in 1976. SIAM is the author of one book of contemporary verse, A Word For Black Emotion, with two unpublished manuscripts, Invocation For The Mentally Insane, Excerpt Poems For The Lost And Found Who Collect Old Pictures of UFO’s and Your Image on the Wall, on the poetical alter for possible sacrificial oblation to the present and future restless native species inhabiting Planet Earth and Multiverse.

This Mystic Poet is known both for his poetry and his acting. SIAM has read and performed his art, taking his energy and light to institutions across the nation and abroad. Such notable places include, but are not exclusive to Ohio University (Athens); Central State University, Xenia, OH; Wilberforce University (Ohio); Chillicothe Correctional Institute (Ohio); The Columbus Stage Center, (Ohio); Wexner Mershon Auditorium, Columbus, OH; the Karamu Theatre, Cleveland, OH; The Human Race Theatre, Dayton, OH; The Chapel and The Braun Room of The Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA; The Apollo Theatre, Harlem, New York; The Brooklyn (New York) Academy of Music; the Kenya Science Teachers College, Nairobi, Kenya; Aynou Rahmati in the Holy City of Touba, Senegal, West Africa; and inside the Kings Chamber of The Great Pyramid of Cairo, Egypt. He has also read his work and performed on the stages of local churches, schools, and notable theatres such as Phillips Temple C.M.E. Church, The Central Avenue United Methodist Church, The Warren Performing Arts Center, The Omega Conference Center, The Phoenix Theatre, The Madame Walker Urban Life Center, The Indianapolis Civic Theatre, and the Indiana Repertory Theatre.

SIAM was a recipient of a $5,000 Fellowship from the Indiana Arts Commission for his work in theater. He also received standing ovations and accolades on behalf of his poetry from notable poets such as Norman Jordan, Delbert Tibbs, Ethridge Knight, Eugene B. Redmond, and Imamu Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones).

His art and writings have appeared in magazines and periodicals such as Our Choking Times, Kuwas, The Escutcheon, The Midtown Writer, Nuvo, Ain’t No Frost On This Pumpkin-New Hoosier Poets, Vibration, Proud Black Images (the OSU quarterly publication of poems, essays, and photography which he formerly co-founded and co-edited), and The Flying Island. SIAM's work has also been read on television stations in various cities and published in newspapers such as, The Columbus Call & Post, The Columbus Dispatch, and The Dayton Daily News, all in Ohio; The Harvard Crimson (Cambridge, MA), The Indianapolis Star & News, and The Indianapolis Recorder.

He has recently been asked what SIAM means? The poet responds by saying:

SIAM is like unto IAM - the continuous eternal verb to be; it is the ever new me of being and becoming endlessly evolving into new and more beautiful construction and art forms. SIAM is not only that new creative name for my talent and the place it comes from. SIAM also stands for my spiritual and human station in life (my mission). SIAM is...
Shaikh Ibrahim Al-Jahizz M'Backe




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