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These letters from Israel Shamir and other readers appeared during the battle against the bailout scam.


(1) Victory

My congratulations to you! The bailout was defeated by joint action of rebellious Republicans and Democrats. This was a good thing: thanks to internet, despite the mainstream media conspiracy, we turned the tide! Every one of us who read and forwarded and displayed is a participant of this victory. Do not get scared by scaremongers: continue the push. Let the bankers get flayed, together with their supporters in the politics and media. The Congress elections are coming: let us see that not a single yea-sayer will get through. Here is the list The Rebels may try and form a new body in the Congress, while ejecting the yes-men. Both Obama and McCain demonstrated they are sham marionettes, manipulated by the bankers. The states may vote for more emergency measures, for keeping their money with them instead of passing the cash to profligates in Washington. Let us turn this event into a lifetime opportunity to defeat Greed and its servants.


(2) No Deal

This is the time for every American to say to the US government and to the Wall Street fat cats: No Deal. If they have debts, so do we. You do not want to pay, neither do we. You can get such decision through the Congress, but we the people can do it directly: stop paying. Stop paying for your mortgage, stop paying your taxes, stop paying for your credit card.

There is no reason to pay taxes, if the money will go to the richest and greediest bastards. There is no reason to pay for your mortgage if your bank already charged you as a taxpayer for it when the government took over Freddie and Fanny. There is no reason to pay for your credit as your bank already got a bailout for it. You’d be paying double.

Tax revolt and debt revolt is the ultimate measure of citizen’s self defence short of armed rising. Democracy makes no sense anymore: what difference it makes whether you’d vote for Obama or McCain, if anyway both intend to deliver your money to the robbers?

And while at it, this is the time for Americans to give a thought whether they need to spend on their army 700 billion per year, more than the rest of the world? Maybe these billions will do something better for you?

If the federal government can’t free itself from the bankers’ grip, maybe it is the time to dissolve the Union? The debts may remain in New York, where they originated; but California and Alabama may do it alone. Less, much less federal government would lead America to fewer troubles.

Tell the politicians that you will not pay – by not paying today!

Israel Shamir


(3) These Guys Do Not Take No for an Answer…


After we derailed the Ransom the Banksters aka Bailout Bill in the Congress, the enemy has got its approval in the Senate and now they plan to repeat their offensive in the Congress. If we win, they always replay it until they succeed. Give today a call to your rep and demand his Nay. These talks of ‘threat to American economy’ are false and misleading. There are two American economies: one, real, and you participate in it. Another one is the financial bubble and it is a burden on the real economy’s back. Its disappearance will just help you to manage. Deny scaremongers, rise in tax revolt against the bastards!

“The Jewish thought-police Anti-Defamation League noted a major upsurge in the number of anti-Semitic postings on the internet relating to the financial crisis engulfing the United States.

The Jewish-American organization cited hundreds of posts regarding the bankrupt investment bank Lehman Brothers and other institutions affected by the subprime mortgage crisis. The messages railed against Jews in general, with some charging that Jews control the U.S. government and finance as part of a "Jew world order" and therefore are to blame for the economic turmoil”, wrote the Haaretz.

Is it a lie? Jews are the richest Americans; average Jew is three times wealthier than a WASP and seven times wealthier than rednecks and Catholics. An average Jew invests in the financial instruments that the rest of population has no idea they exist: and these instruments, derivatives etc are to become undone by the crisis. So, if you feel you do not support the Jews enough, you may as well support the bailout…


From Richard Wilcox, Tokyo

Dear Israel,

The senator- traitor from my home of Michigan from where I vote by absentee ballot is one Carl Levin, long time Israel Firster and supporter of the Zionist New World Order. In 1999 he voted to repeal the Glass Steagall law which led the way to total financial deregulation for his Jewish buddies. Levin has overseen the disappearance of Michigan jobs (one of the worst hit states in the country) while being sure to send billions in "aid" to Israel. You can believe that Carl got an earful from me, including that he should be put behind bars at the soonest possible convenience.

From Helmut Becker:


Great Article.

What an easy solution to the world’s problems: Greed is the great destroyer.

If only people could get off their couches and jump onto the barricades.

Keep on, dear man, sound the drums.

Thank you and God bless.



From Mark W. Chambers


Dear Israel,


I speak of you and your writings nearly every day, to my wife or colleagues or whomever I engage in conversation. I greatly anticipate your postings on your readers list and hope to some day meet you.


The recent posting from Ken Freeland is a powerful piece which I have not finished yet but it struck me as very similar to what Michael Ruppert has been discussing for at least 8 years, first in his website "From The Wilderness" and then further articulated in his monumental book "Crossing the Rubicon- The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil". Like many people who speak the truth too loudly and too publicly, Michael Ruppert has been threatened and harassed, his property and files have been vandalized and destroyed but his research and hypotheses have never been refuted. He is currently coming out of "exile" in New York City due to the economic/financial swindle which he predicted, back in mid 2001, would occur. Like Ken Freeland, Michael Ruppert makes sense because he follows the money; and as he says, you can't change anything if you don't change the way money works.


Michael Ruppert's new website is "Act 2 From The Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog" as "From the Wilderness" was "run out of Dodge" as they say in the old western film genre.


Best regards from Calgary,


Mark W. Chambers


From Tom White, Texas  



I'm holding my breath. Is it all Kabuki? This morning's War St. Jnl home page hints at that. "Stocks rebound on hopes of revised deal." And a rumor circulated late yesterday that the bankers threatened Congress with loss of pension funds, IRAs, etc,. if they don't behave. If they can put two phonies up for Pres. surely they are up to this little manoeuvre? Christ be praised.



From Saleh Elkmeshi, Tripoli-Libya.


I am shocked and angry, a government bails the "credit market" and fails to bail "universal health care". What kind of government is this?

They all insist and repeat that it is not a golden parachute for Wall Street or anything like it. IT is mainly for the sake of the consumer who will be "suffering" from fewer choices on how to borrow on his house. The bail is purely for the sake of "credit market" for those poor consumers!

To hell with their Health Care and Education.

What a shame for America. It is clear the sell out is in full swing, and even the face-lift coming by more and more likely BO. could not go free, 700Billions is the tag this time.


From Brab


Why should we, as individuals, worry about the U.S. financial system going bankrupt when
we, as individuals, are going bankrupt too?  If eating cake is good enough for us, it's good
enough for them!


From Dr Kumel:


The fight is not against the Jewish individual but against the Zionistic drive to world domination via the financial power and the military power of the complex USA-Israel. The calamity is not so much the written words in the archaic texts of the Jewish religion, although it commands the faithful Jew to kill, lie, rob, sexually abuse. The calamity of this Jewish suprematism (Goys are considered just animals and slaves) is that is used as a pretext of a very influential group of superrich Zionists to gain control on all mankind and destroy the peoples as the carriers of culture.


Gunther Kümel.


From Hatem Radwan, Ph.D. 


Can this be the 2nd Germany?  When the Jews and a small supporting group destroyed the economy due to their unlimited greed, and ability to reach control of most of the financial institutions?

Are the Jews doing this again, hopefully for the last time?

I say, Never Again.

Salaam - Peace -  and best regards,
Hatem Radwan, Ph.D.


From Sean Dix


Dear Mr. Shamir:

That was a great article Hang em High. I have been trying to do just that for 14 years now. It's a long story I have included it below as the first journalist to even touch my story seriously since it began was Mary Sparrowdancer. I have read many of your articles and I say keep up the good work. Peace is the natural state of man. The law of the jungle is only for animals. Humanity can do better but I think it is lacking the moral courage to say no to war. If you have any questions or comments I look forward to hearing from you. P.S. if you would like some free samples of the FlossRings let me know and I would be happy to send you some.



Sean Dix

The FlossRing Company 



Perpetual Growth Is Impossible,

By Tom White


            The Coming End of Usury as the Dominant Social Paradigm


It is our western rulers who are about

 to initiate a world war just to whitewash

 the collapse of the western capitalistic dream.

—Gilad Atzmon, in “A Sign of ‘The Times’”


I am teetering on the edge of quitting my compulsive reading of Internet copy on the “financial crisis” and the other malfeasances, not to say crimes, of G.W. Bush & Co. and his international banksters and their associated fraudsters who have successfully highjacked and now plundered our nation.


It remains to be seen if they complete the sweep by starting WWIII, as Atzmon suggests.


My incessant reading is, I fear, an “act of understanding,” which Meister Eckhart said 600 years ago is of greatly less moral worth than “an act of will.” I suppose an act of will is to do something about the present awfulness of things, but what? To dig (or protest in the streets) I am too old, to beg I am too weak and lazy.


So I am stuck with scribbling as a sole outlet for my inward conviction of the real evil of the bastards ruling things here and most other places. And even time for that is running out. I am 85 and go into hospital for a minor op later this week. I think to set down a few thoughts ahead of that.


I believe the entire world following, in envy, the leadership of the richest nations (the usual suspects, with the U.S. on top of the list), has taken aboard what I call the Usury Paradigm as a model for mass human action. It has prevailed increasingly for the last 500 years. The so-called “Christian” nations of the West have led the way, exploiting the world via finance capitalism (colonialism). It is universally in force on the globe today. (Think China and India. Think exponential growth in population. The earth is already defending herself against this. See James Lovelock’s book, The Revenge of Gaia)


The formula for compound interest is the formula for perpetual growth. Perpetual growth is impossible; compound interest is the formula for the impossible—for utter ruin. Nature stops all growth. There are no 14-foot tall human beings, no 500-lb. mosquitoes, no 900-foot tall Sequoias.


But there is enormous, ever-growing, unpayable, impossible debt which is enslaving masses of men. It is the primary feature of our evil system of banker-issued money (money as debt), and it must go.


As must the charging of any interest. No need to coerce people into lending at no interest, just refuse them the resort to the law to collect their usury. Have governments henceforth issue all money interest-free. The American Monetary Institute ( has complete plans for a relatively smooth transition to this in the U.S. Ignored, of course, by the major media, but sound as can be.


The commodity money folks are crazy; they want a return to gold, which has already failed (about 500 years ago) and they campaign against government; they want the Magic Market to rule. The fundamentalist religion of “Market” is the worship of Mammon. We have just witnessed where that goes. Only “government of the people” can stand against greedy oligarchs. At least reasonably uncorrupt government, that is.


Charlie Reese, a “people’s pundit,” in one of his very last essays before he recently retired wrote that 545 people rule the U.S. and can start or stop any social or mass activity they want to start or stop—wars, debts, bank rackets, etc. But they don’t. Why not? Because they participate in the oldest of all professions: they do it for money, they betray the people to line their own nests and, God knows, many of them do it almost without knowing what they do.


It is the oldest story of all. “All for me, none for you, you slob.” The Lord Christ came against this. As of now his enemies, the Mammonites, are winning. But they win by means that must produce in the end their own destruction. God is not mocked. 


From Steven Allen

Sadly Shamir’s hope for the American people to simply string up the fellows instead of throwing up huge amounts of money to them to soften their landing so they don’t crush us all in the process "save the bankers, save the bankers"--did not happen. The moment passed, the brief revolt was overturned quickly as cooler heads prevailed. and the necessary bought and paid for votes were additionally oiled. 

The masters of discourse went to work to obfuscate as usual and this i think really historic deeper consolidation of direct power of mere predatory Mammonite wealth here was secured without much more than a murmur.

The plan is in place and very clear and simple; in good times the ultra-riche ("the sliver of the rich" as Shamir calls it) are to be left only to their own magical working and if so we will all benefit but if some day the magic runs out then we are called back in to repay all their loses else, as i say in falling from their towers in the clouds they might crush us all.

It’s comforting i guess to know they still need us on occasion.