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A letter from a French Catholic writer, l'Omnivore Sobriquet
to Mr. Robert Bowman,
an Independent candidate for the US Presidency

From Spain to Iraq

History never repeats itself, but, nonetheless, some identities show up, are being revealed, on a regular if unique pattern in time. With similarities so perfect, detailed, that it's above decent human explanation. Quite the opposite of rational 'comparison historology', however handy this can be. Interest yourself in "la Guerre d'Espagne", the Napoleonic campaign of Spain. It is Iraq war in every move.

Here we have 'shock and awe' so called strategy ("l'artillerie scientifique', to name but one), then the fast establishment of a new and 'democratic' puppet government, to teach and lead the locals, consisting mainly of political refugees, of dubious morals. Dedicated to the holding of a military strategic position of course, just to annoy England as a motive, in fact. Flag change etc...

And then a peasant's war. The worst of them all. Fuelled 'simply' by the defense of their soil, which nobody else had ever dared to hold, and by a general, obvious, religion drive. The Pope was in a Parisian prison by that time, steadily refusing to sign le concordat. For those who didn't care, the hate of the empire sufficed.

Let me state it clear, this is bad news. With only their forks and their pikes, using both ingeniosity and cruelty, they simply attacked. Always, wherever, whenever. The French troops first acted to 'establish order', then marched on 'rebellious places', or 'archaic centres of the reaction', then simply fought for their lives...

What happened there reached the very summits of horror, decadence. With new recruits and experienced soldiers, given either a free hand or Hitlerian instructions, with peasants now driving for blood, fear, vicious deeds and symbols, still sticking to their 'simple' method : aggress whenever you can , whenever you feel like. Blood chilling feats, on both sides. Things a naughty kid wouldn't dare do to an ant. If you need 'striking images' to tell the mainstream media, just pick the history book. And again, more than matching the case, announcing.

There was no clear winner. After three or four years of hell, and various political shames, Napoleon simply pulled out. Voices to 'abandon the folly' had been many and systematic (in his 'inner circles' only, of course, no contestation being tolerated anywhere else), but the 'little caporal' (...) overestimated its importance, or more distinctively, overestimated the unquestionability of its empire interests, over-confident and getting capricious. Compare with nowadays 'American' 'ruling elites'...Napoleon just admitted he had 'done a mistake'. He had much bigger concerns by the time, think about this.

Spain had not threatened our liberties whatsoever. Spain had nothing to see with the 'crown headed conspiration against the republican empire they're so jealous of'. It was just there, a bit old fashioned, showing perhaps a little disgust at the non stop massacres occurring 'outre Pyrénées'.

Spain was left shattered. Physically and morally. Now two adversaries were remaining, the old Catholic Church with its secular order, and the modernist flesh-educating luminaries. As both of them had their hands now charged with so much blood, they could not convince a Spaniard, neither could win. I don't remember the exact number but, between those days and the Gal Franco, that country witnessed some 100, 150, violent regime changes... And don't believe it was some kind of 'tradition'; it didn't occur before, Spain was a steady monarchy. A bit old fashioned...So there.

Mr. Robert Bowman, I read that you are standing for these next elections. Very good! One shouldn't get blinded by the polls or forecast success evaluations. That you are fighting against two super giants is just.. the debate itself. Reaching the ears of all your fellows Americans, should be your aim. It is a big and difficult one. I suppose you should ally with the other 'little candidates', but I'm ignorant of the situation. Plain victory may not be for next November, but you really should, really have to, establish a lasting 'exposure feat', a November 2004 shakedown, which will stick to the carnivaly elected one. A pointing finger. Someone who is, too, fair and clear minded, Mr. Israel Adam Shamir (a convert, visit his ) used his powerful pen again, and wrote :
" All what the American Democracy can provide us nowadays, is a tournament between a pro-Likud Bush and a pro-Labor Kerry." [FROM MEMORY !!!]

Your position is strongly bound to the Future.

Also I read that protestant Christians of America are waking up now, see (We Hold These Truths, and they rightfully argue that their action may be decisive, quickly. They are picketing the 'mega-churches', being right in the core of the problem.

I see it well and easily from here, comfortably sitting in my sweet Bourbonnais, the alliance between American Veterans, and speak-out protestants, with a touch of Firemen's Honor stance, is THE WINNING ONE. It's so obvious... To make it plain, it is easy to realize because it is the one that fires my FRENCH SOLIDARITY. Would there be only one criterion...I'm not dreaming of a knockdown of USA at all though, but you really have to go and fight and shout to eradicate this HIGH JACKING OF THE REPUBLIC !!!

You are going first to be ignored, then mocked upon, then fought against, then widely praised....

Use Notre Histoire when it shouts truth, and trust that underground, steel strong, intimate comradeship, yes !, that ever working personality exchange among deep understanding people, CHARITE.

Avec mes félicitations et mes encouragements,
l'Omnivore Sobriquet

PS Forget about sweet France, or using it as an example...things of the past. A mortal mistake that would be. Your country is suffering a disease we already died of. This putrid body is going to explode, though. We're next on the list.
PS2 sorry for the mistakes