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A great black laugh at paedophilia

By Maria Poumier (co-edited by Michel Mirin)


Since the admittance of massive paedophilia by US catholic Church, which is obviously a great vindication for Synagogue* -after 2000 years, we should pay attention to attacks on sexual grounds as massive destruction weapons aimed at destroying traditional beliefs and behaviours. In our case, modern passions are actually being used as the greatest adversary of the Passion of Christ, to which there seems to be no answer but giving up. This is not the first time priests are antagonized about a projected special lust, only that we were put aback by its totally unexpected disguise. But Synagogue went too far, this time, and will be defeated from a very remote and united level, as it has been in early times. Shamir already denounces all these accusations as the bluff they are. But the Western world is still mired in the discourse of Synagogue, so it can be useful, perhaps, to analyse it from changed perspectives.


*) I am using the word Synagogue as in the old times, as the materialization of some kind of “Judaism that is nowadays almost the ethical spiritual hegemonic attitude of the intellectuals as if it were the ‘natural’ form of what we may call, in traditional terms, Jewish spirituality” (Slavoj Zizek, The Puppet and the Dwarf, 2005).


1) We can observe many uses of sexualised convictions, in order to weaken the natural immunity of one culture against the attacks of other ones. For example, the question of female circumcision is used to undermine African self-esteem. Nobody would dare, of course, to remind that circumcision of male just born babies is a definite attempt against their basic right to physical integrity that should be written down in the Universal Human Rights Declaration, and is not. This case demonstrates that we can turn over the whole machine of sexualised moral weapons, if we accept an external point of view. And that which probably seems the external, excluded a priori point of view would be the only one able to undo the mortal machinery because it is much more central than how it appears at first.

In fact, paedophilia is the ruling underlining pattern of our media-dominated culture, since every speech or show tells and teaches our children day and night about the various ways to get sex; their will, conscious and unconscious is suffused with sex, without any agreement nor significant counterpart coming from parents nor children, school, governments, or any religion at all.


2) Everybody rejects paedophilia, but laicity and respect of the individual, altogether with freedom of enterprise is the principle that nurture it. Legal paedophilic propaganda is not seen as freedom for dirty money, but freedom of communication, transparency, culture. As a result, we feel trapped, enslaved by sex-culture, and don’t know how to escape from it. This is not limited to the capitalist world. Sub-comandante Marcos, in the Mayas’ jungle of Chiapas, mentions “gay, lesbian and transsexual minorities” between the varieties of people his movement defends, though, as any guerrilla in the world, Latin American fighters are seen as the paradigm of machismo. Raul Castro’s wife and after her, his daughter Mariela, are some kind of gay, lesbian and transsexual rights ministers in Cuba.


Jews are supposed to be the great defenders of minorities and transsexual rights. Only that as a religion, Judaism is absolutely opposed to sexual vagabondage. Terrific tales as Sodom and Gomorrah’s, or Lot and his daughters, have their modern scientific version in the pervasive sexual obsession of incest between little babies and their parents in Freudian culture. On the other hand, in the goys’ world, Jewish traders and businessmen have always been involved in the sex business, and in the slave trade. We use to forget that both things are linked, because we are supposed to have slavery abolished about some 150 years ago. But some people remember more than others those long trends in history, especially those who still feel terribly defeated and for that reason oppose logic much stronger than others’.


3) Afrocentricity: African-centered thought is a religious one; the scientific renaissance of African anthropologists and archaeologists cannot be separated from a religious revolution. They are building a holistic modern knowledge, confronting western secularized science and philosophies that rest on the elimination of faith as an intellective tool. Egyptologists tell us that in the ancient African world, united by monotheism and one common language, some ideas just did not exist, such as slavery, prison or prostitution. Such words cannot be found in the ancient hieroglyphs, nor can any drawing suggesting such institutions, while they describe any concrete social reality of ancient Egypt. Islam and Christianity spread easily in the African world because of their theological African roots and qualities; Africans recognize in the figure of Christ a completely traditional African figure, as Mathew (2/13-20) suggests, when telling about Jesus travelling to Egypt; the Prophet found arguments in the anti Judaic black Hanifism; and found support in the black communities of Mecca and Medina, his black friend Bilal being a great initiate.


To our days, the sense of family remains very strong between Blacks, even out of Africa, for an existential reason: they feel biologically threatened as a race, by Whites; so their self defence cannot be individual, in any sense. From their point of view, collective rights are the previous ground for any claim of individual rights: they feel global Europe denies to global Africa the right to breathe as a continent, as to eat, grow, develop safely, in harmony with it’s local nature. The traditional African medicine and psychiatry also consists in taking care of the family health, not only that of the individual asking for help. Every medicine contains 3 elements: mineral, vegetal, animal; and will save only if the connection with ancestors intervenes, by way of invocations and prayers, which is a kind of guarantee against the foolishness of Faust’s or Mephistopheles’ medical inventions. This control of any technological discovery, by tradition and collective faith, explains how there were no disabled children in Africa, before European doctors came: Divination would tell should a mother not carry to its end the birth of some baby, as a failed reincarnation of an ancestor. So the whole community helped her to give the battle for some necessary sacrifice, as the community sustains any of its members in other battles, for birth, access to adultness, pain and death. Science, religion, private happiness meet without conflict, in the vivid African civilization, so a difficult decision is never so solitary and dramatic as it is in the modern Western one. Nor homosexuality, paedophilia or incest have chance to develop, in such context; as a matter of fact, circumcision, as a pre-Islamic habit, means the acceptation of a definitive cut off from infancy and from the other gender’s characteristics. This has nothing to do with the meaning of Jewish circumcision, as a sign of election.


4) Any western and modern person will ask help from an African “sorcerer”, in case of very great pain and despair, especially in case of bad illness of a beloved child. Far from being unlearned or weak, the ones with great responsibilities, such as Mitterrand, Chirac or maybe Sarkozy, the same as Lula or Castro, have their African “marabouts” and rely on them for some of their advices. So the connection between white and black civilizations exists at the same level where sex acts, that of secrecy, privacy, death and life questions, and, yes, the exercise of power. That is why marabouts don’t ask for recognition as other paramedical professions: they just address you as the one who will make you a winner in love, health and wealth matters. So the passion link between Black and White worlds is active above any sociological or ideological sense of hostility between the two worlds. And, as a matter of fact, the darkest beauty fascinates the palest people just as pale beauty charms the obscure ones: Michael Jackson is a creation of the northern racialist societies, while mulatto salsa is the miracle of mixed southern ones.


5) In political, economic and class struggle, the black side uses the accusation of discrimination and white racism as a very effective weapon, one nobody can object to openly, because it is as rational as ethical; on the other side, there is still just an automatic use of any kind of power to keep instinctively away from decisional levels anyone who may endanger the physiological basis of ‘that’ domination. That is why black defenders of the black world are a permanent target for Cointelpro operations, and division between Blacks is always encouraged by traders, the ones who need weakness and destruction of spiritual resistance in order to spread. As long as we respect traders’ interests, we are consolidating any kind of enslavement: treating black and white persons as cattle, as prisoners for ever, who have sex as prisoners, as the only escape from spiritual destruction. Jean Genet, the gay, robber and defender of Palestine, explains it perfectly.


6) The recognition of African civilization is the ground and condition of any global European renaissance. This is unacceptable for our enemies, the Zionist minded ones. Eastern Europeans don’t feel that necessity, probably because they still have a spiritual force, organized by orthodox faith, and a very short African history, so they just reject (and sometimes do kill!) Africans as uncalled invaders. But Western countries’ wealth was built with enslaved black people labour, and spiritual enslavement now inhabits us as a cancer, from children to elders, now completely disabled to transmit any ancestral, traditional wisdom. Let us accept the African speech and its claims of justice, and our soul will be saved. This will be the restoration of real knowledge, instead of Mephistopheles’ inventiveness devouring our poor abstract ghost hunger of religion. If the African world seems too far for some of us, we can access to it by its whiter translation: the Sufi Islamic tradition, absolutely marvellous, altogether a theological, philosophical, scientific and aesthetic paradise for our western desertified and thirsty minds. But we should not submit to any Semitic paradigm as the key one, because the Semitic nomad world was based on conquest and enslavement, the same as the northern one, Japheth’s. And has not renounced, yet, its’ sense of religious election and superiority against Black civilization, while Africa is absolutely anti-Zionist. After defeating with its absolutely powerful anti-racist discourse the South African racist and Israel fuelled domination, global Africa shouted with a world wide voice that Israel is still the paradigm of racism, at the Durban UN conference in 2001; as we should remember, just a few days after that, perhaps as a divine echo, three Twin Towers collapsed. But unless the Arabs don’t recognize their debt to Black Africa, they will not win against USrael. Palestine, earlier called Canaan, was black once upon a time; Moses, son of Egypt, was mulatto, as were medieval Moors also; Santiago Matamoros, the Palestinian saint James who was brandished by Christian Reconquista as an ancestor, is represented in every Spanish church as smashing under his horse’s feet a black suffering body. In Argentina, the whitest country of South America, any peasant or poor is insulted as “negro”, though they are just descendants of native America. The whole antizionist cultures and people should recognize that negrophobia is a mental unconscious barrier that many of us share with Zionists. It is time to learn that there are some satanic verses in the Bible, those that enumerate precisely the accursed descendants of Ham: Canaan, Kush, Mitsraim, Puth (Genesis 10/32), precisely located black regions in those times.


7) The extreme right wing, Zionists as much as anti-Zionists, claim that the white world should defend its identity against black immigration and cultural impulse. Alain Finkelkraut, a former leftist free-minded writer, and now almost hegemonic speaker in France, fights for Israel and helps Jews to appear as the natural defenders of European most legitimate sense of white culture. But this is a fig-leaf for the simple, normal fear to lose properties and privileges. The same supposedly elite never protested against black demographic and cultural invasion in their conquered sugar islands, because they were the first eaters of sugar, a very refined thing, only for aristocratic taste, at the beginning. Traders succeeded to make all of us eat bloody sugar, and our civilization grew by devouring more and more enslaved flesh. The Maya’s Popol Vuh says mankind was destroyed twice by God, because it was not able to honour Him in His creatures; the last one survives as far as it is made of maize, the American native food. Jesus too told us to eat bread and drink wine instead of practicing human sacrifice and cannibalism; so let us stop eating our brothers, and perhaps we may survive. It is revolutionary to fight for that; it is nothing new, but every new age requires that battle. And it means a great sacrifice for all kind of slave owners. Cuba is a very strong country because it fought at the same time for abolition of slavery and independence from Spain, since 1868; concretely, it means that the Cuban landowners, who felt oppressed by Spaniards, made an alliance with their own slaves: they set them free, and the former slaves gave their blood and spiritual strength for infantry and cavalry victories. José Marti, the Cuban spiritual warrior and Latin American Prophet, did the titanic job of uniting the whitish elite with the more denied and oppressed ones showing them how much they shared, and succeeded. As he lived as a poor immigrant in New York, he knew perfectly about the spiritual weakness of the US; he believed that the Cuban racial and class marriage he was arranging would make Cuba stronger than any imperial US expansionism. He was certainly right. We must do the same in Europe, now that we feel the need of liberating us from USrael as a foreign domination. No revolution can succeed without abolition of privileges, sacrifice of properties, and giving equality to the ones who are actually asking for it. I ought these lessons to the African thinkers, as translated to me and many other white listeners by some books [1], but mostly by plain unknown people who know and transmit the best, perhaps the most difficult things, the vital ones for all of us.


8) Just a few points: preventive answers to some objections. Nasty Finkielkraut is balanced by the Jewish involvement in black claims; in France, CRIF (Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives) recently created CRAN (Conseil Représentatif des Associations Noires); Michel Wieworka, a big defender of Israel, is it’s generous godfather. But most Blacks don’t feel represented at all by this artificial official and infiltrated structure, and it is already collapsing…. As a matter of fact, transatlantic slaves’ trade was a very ecumenical business: Pope Nicolas V allowed and boosted with the official Romanus Pontifex bull, in 1554, the Portuguese traders to capture and enslave the Africans. These Portuguese were mainly Jewish, as the Vatican’s bankers. Northern Protestants followed, France and at last Spain allowed its own catholic subjects to enter in that business [2]. If Jewishness is how Jews behave more than what their best writings are proud about, probably Christianity and Africanity too are a double face stuff. But our times require us not to remain wrapped and trapped by our sticky sophisms. After being colonizers, we feel colonized. That is why we need specially the former colonized ones’ arguments. As Shamir says, it is time to defend the real church, the one that cannot fail because “the church affirms the primacy of spirit, and of the godlike nature of man; and this is anathema to the Masters of Discourse”. And it is impossible to do it without defending real religious people and their representatives.


[1] As writings in French, the afrocentric thought of Cheikh Anta Diop and his followers Théophile Obenga, René Louis Etilé, Doumbi-Fakoly, as writers in French; in Spanish, the Cuban black fighters Juan Gualberto Gómez, Nicolás Guillén, Gustavo Urrutia, Juan René Betancourt, Walterio Carbonell. And for the whites, José Martí and María Zambrano, the Christian Sufi Diotima of Andalucía.


[2] Surprisingly, Today, Sunday [29 Jul 2007 09:10:30 +0000 (GMT)] French journalist David Yankelowitz spread a mail that may toll the end of the H Age; he asserts no serious historian objects his conclusion that “the Atlantic slave trade was almost a Jewish monopoly, 51% of the 11 to 15 million alive slaves who reached the ‘New World’ (while 63 to 610 million innocent Africans perished in this obscene trade) were exploited in sugar plantations owned by Marranos, and the sugar industry, from production to commercialization, was for centuries controlled by Jews, a kind of Jewish monopoly that is still ruling nowadays” ( As a matter of fact, the Christian countries did not object this situation.