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The real Holocaust is that of Blacks

by Maria Poumier

This is the moment to be angry and let it know. Nazi-jewish H was just a civil war between European brothers. And a Christian has the sword to cut off the Gordian knot, on both levels: historical and ethical.

1. There is one real H: the one against millions of Africans, considered non-human by all the whites together, during many and many centuries: it is the real unique H, treating people as cattle. It seems that despise began in the times of Greece : Greece owed her philosophy, religion and maths to Egypt, but the occultation of this debt started then, the white countries began to ignore “Nubia’, as a mythical country, too far from their reality.

When the European industry of black slavery began, it was allowed and encouraged by pope Nicolas V, in 1542, as a privilege for the Portuguese (the country that was already a refuge for Spanish Jews, who were already the principal slaves traders for the Arab world). And when this kind of enslavement became a huge trade of human beings, not one great loud voice protested, in the Christian world.

Las Casas succeeded to convince the Spanish monarchy to treat American Indians as brothers, with the same soul as Europeans; at the end of his life, Las Casas recognized he was wrong when he suggested to replace Indians by Africans, for the terrible works in mining, construction, and starting plantations. But no Las Casas raised nor fought nor succeeded to convince the pope that “Black Indians” too are absolutely human. So the real massive H went on. Abolition succeeded only when the slaves made too many revolts, or escaped massively to become maroons. The white movement for abolition was very little; the more radical in support of Blacks were women, as they were in the same struggle, asking for freedom and full human rights for themselves. Nowadays, as you know, the Black claims are not listened with sympathy by Whites, we are mostly indifferent, feeling something like : “it is Their problem, not ours”. Only when there is a threat of physical revolt, we pay attention to what they ask for. Black H still takes place, in every bloody conflict that takes place in Africa; the neo-colonial powers fight for the control of minerals, oil, and land, by proxy, encouraging “tribal” or “ethnic” cleansing bloodshed. At present, Bush is preparing the take over of Nigeria, for oil. So we will have another big H, another unique one: the African genocides take place only because we feel Blacks are not exactly our brothers, but somehow less than human. The quality of full humanity was never denied to Jews, they succeeded in obliging other people to respect them. The question of compensations is a test : Jews receive compensations just as any white person who loses his properties in a war, or more, when they have the power to get more. See : , but Whites automatically reject the idea of compensations in the case of the biggest H, the Black one, though there are many means to compute our debt, with the trade and tax books of all the corporations whose capital comes directly from slaves trade.

2. There is one H denier absolutely right: Jesus, the single one, whose personal sacrifice makes any genocide be nothing; he gave its meaning to any human genocide accepting His own unjust punishment, being innocent, in the name of the whole Humanity. He is a H denier, as he accepted it, instead of asking for reparation. And he is a H denier, as he taught us that one innocent killed is the same as millions. If H means just sacrifice of one unknown miserable human being, then any wide world Holocaust fades away as ordinary crimes or accidents. Perhaps Jesus did not even exist as a real man, as some "scientists" say. But he did the job of explaining why we should never kill innocent people, any civilian human being.

As a matter of fact, if Jesus is but a dream, Judas is absolutely real, and his name in our times is zionist-neocolonialism : selling human innocent people just for miserable unworthy us$, killing people just for oil, diamonds etc . In the XXth century, the Zionists sold innocent Jewish families to Hitler and the western “democracies”, as cash for buying Palestine as the owners of that colony.

3. Blacks show us every day that resurrection and forgiveness are real : they are the thinkers and the musicians inside our world that make our world have some sense, despite of all our absolutely real crimes! Despite sometimes we just see Blacks as noise makers, disturbing people, they MAKE SENSE and redeem. We shamireaders prefer music to oil, and humanity than zion-con plans of domination. In every country, the best thing is that Blacks and Whites join for good projects, deeply rooted projects, in every country. But remember : don’t let the Greek hybris make you blind: we antizionist whites are not the Best ones, the Light in the dark, etc. THEY, the most denied ones, are, and THEY, the sacrificed ones, teach us, and show us the way. We are still their unconscious translators, as Greeks were.

There is a very simple cosmic traditional explanation to this ethic rule; north means rule; east means knowledge; west means action; and south means heart. Whites always pretend to be the rulers, because they are action; but they build on sand, as they forget the other poles.