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in the whole of Palestine (Israel)


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Coy Foxman

By Joh Domingo

I have an extensive archive containing my articles and discussions on the Palestine issue. The people I have dialogued with range from Orthodox Jewish Zionist, Palestinians to Liberal Jews that supposedly sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians. Throughout these discussions, is the idea that anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are mutually exclusive and that anti-Semitism hurts the Palestinian cause. The idea is laughable on the face of it. Did anti-Hun propaganda hurt the British cause in WW1. Does anti-Islam rhetoric hurt the Israeli cause? Did anti-Japanese propaganda hurt the US cause in WW11? Yet it is suggested that anti-enemy propaganda is detrimental the Palestinian cause. Why?

Now it is an open secret. Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.

"Of course, even if none of this were true, efforts to single out Israel as uniquely evil in the world or to rationalize attacks on Jews as merely emotional reactions to the heated politics of the Middle East are absurd and dangerous."

ADL's Foxman. (1)

But Foxman is being coy here, as a group, Jews form a horizon to horizon Phalanx of Stars of David. So why is he complaining? It is clear that his `Jewishness' is code for `Zionist'. Is he complaining that the cat is out of the bag, or because he is intent on defending Zionism, not Judaism? Does it really matter if the Palestinians suddenly discover their anti-Semitism? Does it matter if Palestinians think bad things about Jews in general? The idea that your enemies should love you while you hate them is very Jewish. Palestinians are the enemy that should love, while they are hated.

It is a given that while many, if not the majority of Jews, would not describe themselves as Zionist, the vast majority of them would uphold the legitimacy of a Jewish State. The concept of a "Jewish State" is by itself Racist, despite repeated and erroneous assertions that it is not - based on the fallacious "argument" that the Jews are not a Race. A "Jewish State" is at the core of Zionism. In fact it IS Zionism.

So while these self-same Jews would decry the use of "Racism" inherent in anti-Semitism, they would uphold the legitimacy of a racist ideology. An observer would say they are trying to disarm their opponents, under the guise of championing their "legitimate" cause. This is cooking the goose while rooting for the gander.

Nobody wants to be Racist. But it appears that Racism is legitimate, so long as it can be cloaked in a web of myth, spun to the n'th degree, and disguised as remedial psychology. The bleeding country is mired in racism. Racism against Asians, racism against Eastern Europeans, Racism against Arabs, Racism against Falashas and Racism against Arab Jews! The big crime there, naturally, is racism against the Ashkenazi. It is perplexing how this single strand of Racism, in a sea of Racism, will tilt the balance of the Palestinian struggle into illegitimacy. Palestinians they are too decent, if you ask me. But this is considered to be a virtue, after all, Palestinians need to win the support of the `International Community'.

On the face of it, this would appear to be correct. However, I have my doubts as to what you mean by "International support". The Palestinians have had International Support for decades now, as evidenced by the many General Assembly resolutions that overwhelmingly support their position. What is really meant is the support of the US and to a lesser degree, Great Britain. The support of the US is extremely subject to manipulation by public propaganda. Anti-Semitism is a first order issue for the Jewish community. It is less important for Americans in general. Palestinians don't hate Jews as a race. The simply hate being the victims of a Jewish Martyr complex that sought to sublimate them and submerge them as a people. The overriding justification for their oppression is the Holocaust and an alleged pervasive anti-Semitism. The Holocaust as ideology and the concept of a pervasive anti-Semitism is without doubt the underlying cause of the Palestinians misfortune.

Given this circumstance, the choices are whether one feeds the monster that devours you, or one kills it. I don't think they have any other choice but to become extremely anti-Semitic, even it goes against their historical nature. It is imperative that the Palestinians adopt a discourse that undermines the foundations that prop up their oppression. If the weapon is effective, it needs to be combated, not enhanced They can become nice people again when they are free.

It is a moral imperative to be anti-Semitic. Jews as a group need to understand that Israel leaves an odious stench on their collective image. Fortunately it is not hard to alarm Jews as to the perils of anti-Semitism. One merely needs to use the word "Jews" twice in one sentence.

The conflict is built almost entirely of propaganda. In the West, Israeli propaganda for a long time was the only show in town. Only recently has Palestinian propaganda begun to break through. Yet, their condition has worsened the more their message has emerged. The propaganda that is employed by the Palestinians is constrained by the need to penetrate an almost entirely Israeli- centric media. With very few exceptions, they get almost no positive coverage in the Western media. Yet, their profile has risen a hundred-fold in the West over the past few years. They are clearly not winning hearts and minds through the Western Mainstream Mass media. They are winning hearts & minds via the myriad grassroots groups and Internet sites that have proliferated after the outbreak of the Intifada.

Clearly the Palestinian struggle is the biggest niche struggle in the West. It is suggested that they can hope to win hearts and minds on a mass scale there. I seriously doubt that this is the case and is a waste of resources. The Palestinians will win this by being uncompromising until the majority of Israeli's see the light. The Palestinians should not be expected to stroke the Israeli or wider Diaspora psyche' with misguided "understanding" of their deeper insecurity and emotional distress at "anti-Semitism".

I see many people calling for the Palestinians to dump "anti- Semitism" and the "Protocols". What a load of junk! It is anti- Semitism to kill your enemy? Iraqi's that attack US soldiers are anti- American? The Lebanese Shi'ites were anti-Semitic for resisting Israeli occupation? This is just more Zionist propaganda coming from ostensible allies. The Premise is false, the Palestinian hate their enemies because they are their enemies and not because they are Jews. It is clear that they make distinctions between those Jews that are sympathetic and those that are not. However, when Jews infiltrate their struggle by ostensibly providing activist support, they have a marked tendency to hobble legitimate resistance activity. I question the motives of these people. Are they advocating what is good for the Jews, or what is good for the Palestinians?