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in the whole of Palestine (Israel)


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The Protocols of the Elders of London

a document compiled by Gilad Atzmon




In a very small segregated cyber shtetl[1] somewhere in the north-west side of yahoo ( ), a tiny cell of so-called ‘liberal’ Jews meets in the wee small hours. Night after night they are trying to save the Palestinian people from those who devote their lives to the Palestinian cause. There is one man who they really detest; his name is Israel Shamir ( ). An ex-Jew, Shamir is a very civil and peaceful man and probably is the sharpest critical voice of ‘Jewish power’ and Zionist ideology.


Among Israel Shamir’s many sins, he is a member in the Board of Advisors of DYR (Deir Yassin Remembered, an organisation founded with the purpose of commemorating the victims of the Deir Yassin massacre). DYR is engaged in promoting reconciliation between Arabs and Jews. The liberal Zionist cell, as we are going to read, cannot really take it. They demand the cleansing of Shamir. They insist upon ruining his intellectual career or at the very least, his reputation. They would use any possible manipulative strategy to have him thrown out of DYR, which is the first step towards sending him beyond the pale.


The following extracts are available on-line (for the time being) at Just Peace UK’s official cyber shtetl: .


The extracts reveal a horrifying image of modern Jewish secular intolerance. It is a glimpse into the abusive, assertive and violent world of Zionist lobbying. It is a glance into the milieu of the people who try to determine the correctness of other people’s world views. When reading these extracts, just bear in mind that the authors behind them regard themselves as the forefront of Jewish moral thinking and universal humanism.


Let’s let them introduce themselves


We shall start with what is the authentic voice of the Marxist Tony Greenstein. Greenstein suggests that “anti-Zionist Jews, maybe under the banner of Return or JAZ, should sign an open letter to the PLO/PSC etc. insisting that they categorically repudiate Shamir and all his works and calling on Deir Yassin Remembered to break its links. What is important is that those Jews who sign are seen, without any qualification or equivocation, to be opposed to Zionism root and branch AND opposed to Shamir”. (Tony Greenstein)


Reading those lines by Greenstein, I wonder whether I am allowed to guess that ‘anti-Zionist Jews’ are basically a bunch of ‘Just Peace UK’ (a left Zionist group). If this is the case we should never take JAZ seriously again. If this is the case, Jews Against Zionism are operating as undercover Zionist agents. If true, and I still suspect it, it is very disappointing but not really surprising.


Orna Neumann doesn’t like Shamir either, but unlike Greenstein who pleas for the help of his brothers, Neumann expects the Arab world to fight her Zionist wars. Neumann stresses that they (the cyber shtetl Just Peace UK) should “ask the Arab Media Watch and Affif and the PSC (Palestinian Solidarity Campaign) to denounce him (Shamir)”. (Orna Neumann)


I may get it wrong here but when she mentions ‘Afiff’ she is probably referring to none other than Afiff Safieh, the Palestinian Ambassador to the UK. The fact that Neumann uses informal language calling Ambassador Safieh by his first name is in itself slightly unusual. Is Ambassador Safieh her close friend? Is he an active member in this Liberal Zionist cell? I am sure he isn’t. For those who don’t know, Afiff Safieh is the supreme Palestinian diplomatic representative to the UK. It seems as if Elder Neumann is trying to portray an image as if some informal trading is possible with the ambassador. As if the ambassador is a Zionist collaborator. Having had the honour of watching Ambassador Safieh speak on behalf of the Palestinian people, having seen him and his wife sitting in front row seats at the DYR event. I am pretty confident that Neumann was searching for support in the very wrong place.


Roland Rance, a revolutionary socialist and an alleged devoted peace lover isn’t far better. Like Neumann, Rance refers to the ambassador, applying similar informal language, but then, unlike Neumann, Rance doesn’t ask Ambassador Safieh to intervene, he gives him orders. See for yourself:


”So we should not ask people like Afif and PSC to denounce Shamir because of his anti-Jewish rantings; we should insist that they join us in rejecting his whole approach as an obstacle to any progressive political strategy”. (Roland Rance)


Sometimes I ask myself what Rance and his elder friends mean when they say ‘progressive political strategy’, Surely they mean silencing the voices of their political and ideological foes. I find myself wondering what is so progressive about silencing other people?


Apparently, some of the cell members are slightly more intellectually developed than others. For instance, Stephen Marks, is no doubt a strategically concerned one:


”I think” he maintains, that “the approach should come from a broad range of people, so Shamir cannot muddy the waters by claiming it is 'the jews' who are after him. The fact is that the zionists have been 'crying wolf' over antisemitism for so long that some people who have not read his material will be vulnerable to the argument that attacks on him are simply a reprise of the old Zionist chorus”. (Stephen Marks)


Marks confesses here that Shamir is an internal Jewish problem but he insists upon finding a way to present Shamir as a threat to the world. But let us confront some facts here. It is the ‘liberal’ Jews who attack Shamir. Admittedly those left Jews are quoting two Palestinian writers (Ali Abunimah and Hussein Ibish) who denounced Shamir a while ago and yet I have never come across an orchestrated Palestinian campaign against Shamir. If anything, it is the other way around. Shamir is repeatedly praised by Palestinians and many of their supporters. From time to time you may come across an eloquent critique of Shamir’s ideas. At other times, he is considered as an opinionist and treated as such. If anything, it proves beyond doubt that the Palestinian solidarity campaign expands and becomes more and more colourful. This is probably something that we miss in the protocols of the Elders of London. When I was collecting these extracts I found out that not ‘many’ Palestinians are engaged in any dialogue within their cyber shtetl. If to be accurate, as a matter of fact I didn’t find a single Arab that might hypothetically save their honour.



G-D Save the Queen


Ladies and gentleman, I assume that by now you are ready to meet the Queen of the shtetl, Lady Deborah Maccoby. As we are going to see, Queen Maccoby is concerned not only with the Palestinians, in fact she tries to save the Christian world from regression. At the end of the day, to be a Shtetl Queen is a great responsibility.


“ …the problem is that DYR has now become mixed up with anti-Semitic regressive Christian ideas and is being exploited as a means of demonising Jews and is seen not just as a symbol of massive injustice – acknowledgement of which can lead to reconciliation - but of a kind of cosmic sin. I know most of the people at the commemoration will not have seen it as such” (Deborah Maccoby)



Being myself an active participant at the DYR event I cannot recall any ‘anti Semitic regressive Christian ideas’. But if to be honest, I do not know what ‘Christian regressive ideas’ are. Does Maccoby refer here to the old accusation of Jews being Christ’s killers? Maybe, but then, surely she should know that it has nothing to do with regressive Christianity; it is rather a historical narrative. However, in the DYR event no one blamed the Jews for killing Christ. If anything, it was the Zionists who were blamed for cleansing the Palestinian people as well as ‘killing them’. But may I stress at this point that Maccoby’s suggestion is in itself an outrageous insult to Christianity and Christian people. She really wants us to believe that Christianity is a shaky and fragile spiritual compound of dark beliefs, she wants us to think that it is she and her disciples who can save the Church from regression.


But we are not finished yet, it isn’t only Christianity that must be saved, it is the foul Goyim who need saviours. Please show your respect to the ‘gentile soul expert’ Brian Robinson. Following the great tradition of Jewish analysts, Brian enlightens his fellows with some deep insights into the gentile psyche.


“If much of what Shamir writes strikes deep chords within people, let's say people whose primary motivation for involvement in this issue is an unacknowledged, and denied, antisemitism, then in attacking Shamir's writings we're attacking that hidden - but probably deeply cherished – part of those people's personalities. And they'll muster all the narcissistic defences they can - denial, projection (It's not us, it's you lot).


And maybe they've got us in a double bind - if we win the argument we lose it, and the better we win, the worse we lose ...” (Brian Robinson)


Funnily enough, Robinson is right, you can never win, you can only lose..


As one might guess, so far the battle against Shamir is far from being a great success, DYR’s Board of directors ignored the outrageous demand to spit Shamir out. And so did the Palestinian Ambassador and all the other respectable supporters of the Palestinian struggle. The DYR event was an astonishing spiritual gathering. Many Palestinians performed and many others attended. Amongst the audience and the performers you could find people from every religious group, class and ethnic origin. The Palestinian Ambassador honoured the event while sitting in the first row. Everyone was there except Deborah Maccoby and her clan of liberal Zionists.


Facing the apocalyptic aspects of the ensuing catastrophe, Orna Neumann is already getting ready for the worst case scenario:


“Has anyone seen his publication the Flowers of Galilee (Shamir’s book)?” she asks and then continues, “Hitler also started from words....”. For Neumann, Shamir is the new Hitler, he is no longer just an ordinary anti Semite. He is now just about to liquidate the entire Jewish people. Ask yourself why? Like Hitler, Shamir wrote a book. Undoubtedly, she puts her very strong logical skills to the service of the cause; let me tell you, dear Neumann, not only did he write a book (more than one), he has a small moustache.


London Underground


Confronting a clear defeat, Queen Maccoby and Goyim-expert Robinson have realised that the smear campaign was found to be counter effective; they have decided to go under.


“Just Peace UK list is at the end” Maccoby wrote “with all our messages on it (including this one!) Which means we should continue these discussions off line”. (Deborah Maccoby)


If this coded message isn’t clear enough, Robinson is here to help:


”Deborah, you have a good point about continuing the discussion, but how? One way is to establish a small email group -- I suppose to join such a group needs a central person to co-ordinate e-addresses - yourself??


As we can clearly see, the liberal Jews of North West Yahoo are withdrawing back to the ghetto practicing their old exclusive tactics. May I suggest something? What about the Israeli embassy in London, surely, they must have a secure concealed room, they would be happy to help you all. This is exactly what they are there for.


[1] Schtetl – a small provincial and traditional Jewish townlet as existed until the 20th century in Poland and Ukraine.