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Tom Mysiewicz’s Middle East Bibliography


      Why are so many “Middle East experts”—such as those who concocted the invasion of Iraq—wrong more often than not?   Writer Tom Mysiewicz, who has frequently been proven correct, feels it’s simply due to lack of objectivity and a failure to look at secretive religious aspects of the situation that leads to these glaring errors.

      One can study terrorism, Islam, Arabs, Persians, Palestinians, Kurds and the like. But, Mysiewicz maintains, such a study fails to anticipate what different groups and peoples may be reacting against, with tactics such as terrorism, and what provocations may be brought to bear on such groups and peoples to secure specific occult goals.  This, he maintains, is why the high-paid “experts” could not predict the invasion of Lebanon and Gaza, the failure of the Mid East Peace Process, and civil war in Iraq.  (Mysiewicz also accurately predicted the Iraq War—as a means of advancing Israel’s security—and even got the date right, nearly a month in advance.)

       Tom Mysiewicz’s most important skill, he feels, is being able to approach a “closed system” and, through the analysis of publicly available information (unrecognized as potential sources of intelligence) gain valuable insights.  Mysiewicz cut his teeth with groundbreaking reportorial work in hitherto secretive areas such as industrial radiation processing (“Radiation Processing:  What Now?” by Tom Mysiewicz, Plastics Technology, March 1977, Vol. 23, No. 3), genetic engineering, recombinant DNA and hybridoma technology, enzyme technology and the like.  (For instance, he was the first reporter ever allowed to cover a Gordon Research Conference—this one on plant genetic engineering--at which unpublished scientific data and even proprietary technology were freely discussed.  And his writings on radiation processing are still circulated in materials engineering circles and have been cited in several patent applications, such as that for U.S. Patent No. 4,178,220.)

      The author has been quoted as an expert on biotechnology in publications such as: Chemical Week, Business Week, The New York Times, The L.A. Times, San Jose Mercury Messenger, the Economist, San Francisco Examiner, Venture Magazine, etc.  



The Jenin You Thought You Knew

The author, who had several years experience in the public relations field, details the propaganda deployed by the Israelis to cover up their destruction of  Palestinian enclaves.  The story also ran in the Middle East Times under the title “Israel’s Propaganda Masterpiece”.


Middle East Times, April 26th, 2002


Media Monitors, April 23rd, 2002



Wisdom of a Whale

Is American talk-show kingpin Rush Limbaugh telling it straight to the American people?  The author thinks not, when it comes to the Middle East, and explores the unrecognized dangers of Israel’s nuclear arsenal.  More than a month before the Iraq invasion, the author questioned Limbaug’s Iraq WMDs claims as specious.

Media Monitors, February 22nd, 2003


Purim 2003:  This Year in Iraq?

A prediction of the date of the U.S. invasion of Iraq made weeks before its start during the Jewish festival of Purim.

Media Monitors, March 8th, 2003


An American Poet Speaks Out Against War

Selection of and commentary on quotes made by the great American poet Ezra Pound broadcasting from Italy during the Second World War.  This was issued on the eve of the Iraq invasion.

Media Monitors, March 17th, 2003


It All Started with Waco

“Shock and awe”, mass killings of civilians, “embedded” reporters, torture and the like.  According to the author, the killing of the Branch Davidian sect in Waco, Texas in 1993 was the blueprint for the current Iraq strategy.  And, he points out , as the Iraq invasion was being done for the benefit of Israel,  the Branch Davidians may have been targeted for similar reasons, e.g., willingness to reach theological understanding with the Islamic world., May 4th, 2003


The Truthseeker, May 4th, 2003



Bush vs. Goering

When Congressman Jim McDermott compared George W. Bush to Hermann Goering, the Nazi Air Marshal, was he that far off base?  The author explores Goering’s destructive personality traits and their dire consequences for Germany and Germans, and finds them mirrored in a certain president, to some extent.

Media Monitors, July 30th, 2003


Boykin Comments Just Tip of Iceberg

This general, Christian Zionist and leading kingpin in the Bush Administration seems set to trigger off Armageddon, and he’s not alone, this piece points out.  Boykin’s utterances on the Biblical “Book of Esther”, prior to the Iraq invasion, led this author to predict that the invasion would take place during the Jewish festival of Purim.  It did.

APFN, October 26th, 2003



WMD Committee:  Seeds of Future Intelligence Failures?

The author finds that the Bush commission to discover “intelligence failures” leading to the Iraq disaster was stacked with the very Neocons and fellow travelers who caused the problem.  He also points out that Sweden had publicly offered asylum to CIA agents and other U.S. Government analysts who were being pressured to falsify WMD data PRIOR to the launch of the Iraq invasion.

APFN, February 9th, 2004

Media Monitors, February 7th, 2004”7a1db1666780f4505b9659527ac


Existential Enemies

Would the U.S. Vice President and Secretary of Defense endorse a speaker who called for unprovoked attacks on Moslems—Islamofacists—throughout the Middle East?  This commentary deals with a speech given by Charles Krauthammer, Neoconservative guru, to the American Enterprise Institute.  Krauthammer was introduced to the AEI by none other than Dick Cheney, with Donald Rumsfeld listening in rapt attention.

Media Monitors, February 22nd, 2004 


Iraq Invasion’s First Fruits

The author maintains the Iraq invasion has given Israel the ability (and green light from George Bush) to abandon the “Road Map” peace process and arbitrarily “deal with” the Palestinians.  (Note that this is another story that had a transmission error in the headline—funny how that happens!)

Media Monitors, April 17th, 2004


Mission Accomplished!!!

What was the real U.S. mission in Iraq?  The author uses the first anniversary of George Bush’s “Mission Accomplished” statement to show that  (based on numerous statements by the Council on Foreign Relations and others) it may have been to partition Iraq for the benefit of Israel.

Media Monitors, May 9th, 2004



Bush and Annan Statements New Threats to National Sovereignty

Sec. 7(a) of Basic Israeli Law defines Israel as the “State of the Jewish People worldwide…”.  Sec. 13(b)(2) of the Israeli Penal Code claims jurisdiction over offences committed against Jews anywhere in the world.  The author points out that George W. Bush and the U.N.’s Kofi Annan,  through their proposals, would give Israeli courts jurisdiction over “thought criminals” and critics of Israel outside that country!

APFN (American Patriot Friends Network), June 27th, 2004



The Fort Laramie Syndrome

The Author compares the situation in Palestine and Iraq to that faced by American Indians, such as the Sioux, in the 1800s.  A hard-hitting indictment that includes predictions of  the failure of the Mid East peace process and civil war in Iraq.


APFN, February 1st, 2005


Media Monitors, January 29th, 2005



La Brea in Lebanon?

After the assassination of Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri, the author casts a jaundiced eye on Israeli intentions , the un-spontaneous “Cedar Revolution”, and the forced withdrawal of Syrian peacekeepers.  The author predicts stationing U.N. or other peacekeepers in that country—to protect Israel from attack in the event it or the U.S. attacks Iran—would be akin to prehistoric animals wandering out onto the water-covered, but deadly, tar pits!

Media Monitors, March 4th, 2005


Window of Opportunity

Focuses on the call by Neoconservative talk-show host Michael Savage (Weiner) that his listeners call Congress and demand a nuclear first-strike on Iran.  The article also links the suspicious assassination of Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri and the “Cedar Revolution” to a European “peacekeeping” force in Lebanon that Israel could utilize in a war with Iran.

Media Monitors, March 15th, 2005



A Time for Bolton

The Author predicts that then nominee for U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., John Bolton, endorsed by extreme Zionists, and would use his post to block U.N. action against Israel when it attacked countries such as Iran.  This prediction was borne out during the recent Israeli invasion of Lebanon, during which Bolton was able to block a cease-fire agreement by the U.N. Security Council for weeks, effectively paralyzing that body.

Media Monitors, June 7th, 2005

APFN, June 7th, 2005


Divide and Conquer

Congressman Tom Tancredo’s call to “nuke” Islamic holy sites in response to “Islamic terrorism” is seen by the author as yet another way to divide the Christian and Islamic worlds—as well as a good way to start a genocidal war that would be very difficult to stop!

APFN, July 21st, 2005

Axis of Logic, July 23rd, 2005



The End

What has been the goal of the Iraq strategy from the start?  The author maintains it was not WMDs or oil, but rather to fracture Iraq for the strategic benefit of Israel. Mysiewicz points to statements from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) before the invasion advocating partition of Iraq.

APFN, October 2nd, 2005

Media Monitors, October 2nd, 2005


Another UN Failure?

The author predicts the UN will, once again, fail in its strategy toward Iran.  He points to the hypocritical UN Security Council admonishment to Iran that all UN members “had undertaken to refrain from the threat of or use of force toward any member state”.  With the U.S. and Israel almost daily making threats and announcing war plans toward Iran—and Israel even creating a war command for Iran in the absence of hostilities—how could any state comply?

Media Monitors, November 1st, 2005



Co-Existing With The New World Religion

Holocaust revisionism may be an exercise in futility.  Why?  The author indicates that the “Holocaustanity” and Israel worship has become the de facto new world religion.  In the U.S., this religion receives huge government grants in contravention of the Constitutional separation of church and state.  But questioning its tenets may be predestined to fail—since these are no longer in the realm of the real but have become articles of faith for adherents., December 31st, 2005


Lessons Not Learned

Is the U.S. learning bad habits from Israel?  The author contends the U.S. playbook for Iraq corresponds to Ariel Sharon’s recipe for disaster in 1980s Lebanon.

Media Monitors, January 11th, 2006


Palestine Should Emulate America and Switzerland in Disarmament

The author points out that every adult U.S. male is part of the “unorganized militia” and that there are three firearms for every one of them in the U.S.  Swiss adult males are trained and keep automatic weapons in their houses for national defense.  Military clubs even man howitzers and anti-aircraft guns.  Palestine should emulate them to unify the country and provide for the national defense.  (Note:  The typo in the headline of the original article occurred in transmission.)

Media Monitors, January 31st, 2006



From the People that Brought You GITMO

The author predicts new INS detention camps being erected in the U.S. by a Halliburton subsidiary may one day house Arabs and Islamics in the event of a World War.

Media Monitors, February 4th, 2006


Reflex Actions or Reason

The author cautions Muslims against rising to the bait of anti-Islamic cartoons in Western newspapers.  Boycotts should be targeted at the offending papers, advertisers and suppliers, he advises, not entire populations.

Media Monitors, February 6th, 2006



Viva Iran!!!

Is U.S. immigration policy being tailored to allow a large-scale draft for a future war in the Middle East, South America and the Korean Peninsula?  The author feels that illegal immigration  is being tolerated for just this reason, despite eyewash being fed by the Neocons to their supporters, who are solidly against these policies.  At first denied, the Neocons/Zionists have since come clean and on August 24th, 2006, Homeland Security Chief Chertoff has officially endorsed amnesty for millions of  illegal aliens.

Israel, June 6th, 2006



Appeasement Fails in the Middle East

This little-publicized piece, first released when the Israelis attacked Gaza, broke ranks with other “Middle East watchers” and predicted that, if not stopped by international pressure, Israel would keep going beyond Gaza and attack Lebanon.  It pointed out that the current international regimen of forcing concessions on the Palestinians, while turning a blind eye to Israel’s transgressions, was not working.  In fact, it is reminiscent of the ceding of the Sudetenland to Germany prior to the start of World War II.

Ziopedia, July 7th, 2006


“Peacekeepers” To The Rescue

After the failure of the Hariri assassination and “Cedar Revolution” to bring about a European “peacekeeping” force in Lebanon, the author theorizes that the Israeli offensive in Lebanon may have been conducted in a way that would ensure the stationing of such a force—a vital tool in any future attack on Syria and  Iran.  The author also points out that the forces would be viewed as occupiers and partisan because they would not and could not do anything to protect against Israeli actions.  His contentions have been since borne out.  Israel has refused Moslem peacekeepers for Lebanon and the European “peacekeepers” have been stationed right on the Syrian border, NOT Israel’s border.

The Truth Seeker, August 1st, 2006


ICSSA, August 1st, 2006


Media Monitors, July 31st, 2006


Operation Squid Ink

The author, who had some PR experience, dissects another campaign designed to protect the Israeli State from the consequences of its actions against a country (Lebanon) and its people.

Media Monitors, August 9th, 2006



Clean Break Coming?

The author warns that kidnapping of journalists in Gaza, ominous statements from the head of Shin Bet that Gaza could become “another Lebanon”, and Neoconservative plans for Israel to make a “clean break” and repudiate all agreements relating to Palestine…increase the potential for another Lebanon-style bloodbath if journalists are driven from the Occupied Territories.

Media Monitors, August 25th, 2006