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The Schoemann case: Shamir readers and mildest antizionists altogether targeted in France

By Maria Poumier, translated from spanish by Roberto Finat

On may 12th last, in Paris took place the confrontation between a franco-jewish terrorist and the 12 persons to whom he had sent an anonymous letter including the sentence : “next will not reach you by mail”, latter not referring to the letter itself, but rather to the 22 long rifle bullet sticked to the note. Having used gloves for the writing and mailing procedures, no fingerprints available.

12 persons denounced similar menace between February and May 2003. Among them two popular personalities: José Bové the activist peasants’ leader, who said what was necessary to tell the world after his expulsion from Israel, where he was prevented from acting as human shield to protect civilians harassed by soldiers; the other one was major Willem of the little town of Seclin, who had boycotted Israeli products in the school dining rooms under his jurisdiction.
There was also a legendary personality, the lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, “living wire” of anti Usraeli imperialism resistance, she has acted as defender for the philosopher Roger Garaudy, and for the Venezuelan Carlos Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, who is serving time in prison in France.

Like her, several of the menaced of death, consider themselves pushed by a wind of popular resistance, thus they were not surprised when they discovered that their names formed part of a list of people to kill, following the terrorist habits in effect in Israel; the murder of the two successive Hamas leaders Sheikh Yassine, first, and Rantisi more recently, on the same date of the Der Yasin massacre anniversary are still painful to ourselves.
And we pray for the current elected Palestinian people leader, so that he does not end murdered like the previously mentioned or that other legitimate representative of the Canaan land spirit: Yasser Arafat.
To some of the victims of the death threaten we do not know what was more painful to them, wether the intended attempt or the fact that they had to share the same menace with some they use to consider pariah, as Ginette Skandrani or Mondher Sfar. For example Eyal Sivan Israeli film maker, nauseated by his country and who prefers to live in France, or Alain Lipietz, Euro deputy with a Jewish grandfather took it very sadly they use to get angry with any so-called-Semites and Holocaust deniers they come across; and suddenly a Jewish subject levels them with their favorite targets at gunpoint!
There were also well known and respected personalities, among the victims: Lucien Bitterlin with a Gaullist record Mrs. Chemillier Gendreau, well known professor in International right; the matter overflows the defense of the Palestinians, Gilles Munier who presides the Franco-Iraki friendship organization, is one of the targeted. The list indeed was a well balanced assortment of the different critical positions about the USraeli imperialism.

There was great expectation, neither the judge nor the fiscal (both women) could believe what they were seeing; the accused was proud of what he did, as a response to the criticism involved in the writings and sayings against Israel of each one of the 12; besides he has the most complete files on everyone’s biographies and a very clear mind to make quotes of their sentences that he dislikes.
The accused interrupts the judge and the prosecutor refutes and argues, he is a tremendous reader, specialized in the tracking of the anti Zionist production on the web and the mass media. Plainly, all the trinket and internal jokes, and all of the arguments of the official Zionist publications in France seem to come from his personal investigations, or at least he is a living file who centralizes all the French Zionism ideological arsenal.

This profile does not fit with the man that the French police discovered a middle class pensioned, married, 2 sons, does not belong to any of the Jewish para military groups authorized in France (Betar, LDJ, etc); however he keeps an arsenal at home, a 22 long rifle carbine with silencer and laser sight to operate in the dark, several Category 1 weapons, NATO weapons, banned in France, but purchased in Switzerland alter the black mailing; this “monsieur” is afiliated to a shooting club but he is not even the holder of a hunting license.
The contained wrath does not eliminate seriousness and balance to his erected standing, to his decided profile: he has the hardness of those supported by impunity.
As was clearly stated by the couple of psychiatric experts: he is not crazy, he requires no treatment, even if he does not have a very developed sense of humor.

He is just a fascist, as stated by lawyer Alain Levy and Eyal Sivan’s lawyer, Antoine Comte. However, Schoemann insists that all that stuff was just a joke.

Besides, he has no connections with outlawers; instead his lawyer David Sellam is his friend and friend of the minister Eric Raoult and of Pierre Lellouch a French representative, all decent people, the bastions of Zionism in the political class. He deplores that the debate and judiciary pressures do not give results: he addressed himself before organizing the “joke” to the organizations against racism such as LICRA, MRAP and the Jewish Students Union for them to demand sanctions against the 12.

The audience lasted four hours, and a young lawyer said what had to be said: this “monsieur” was preparing acts of terrorism, supposedly justified by his religion: judaism. The prosecutor asked for a year in prison, with suspension possibility and indemnization for the victims.

A bearded muslim has been held in prison for 9 months, preventively, and was released without trial; not to say what would happen to a bearded muslim with a carbine; the audience would not have lasted for 30 minutes and he would be in jail since the beginning; Schoemann is still free, he hasn’t kept any preventive term; an armed Jewish gang assaulted a Parisian bookstore in 2004: until today the judiciary police has not even convoked the witnesses.

Who is Schoemann exactly? The replies are still missing, he doesn’t even have the Israeli nationality. It is a great victory of ours that he had been caught, which he did not consider to be possible. He was tracked because he had sent an e-mail to one of the victims, and gave the police the whereabouts of the user who used to sign “Nadin Muk”, which stands for “Damned be your mother’s religion”, in arab.

Schoemann, during the audience, explained the contents of the e-mail, which is the key to the whole matter, it was a specific menace for those interested on the works of Israel Adam Shamir (he quoted Abunimah’s defamations): 2 of Shamir`s translators were included on the list of twelve: Annie Coussemant and Maria Poumier.

Conclusion: one attempt would have been enough, successful or not, against one of the translators of Shamir: the other eleven ones would have understood and spread the full sense of the message, addressed specially to the moderate ones, with a relevant social position and specially those of Jewish family, like Eyal Sivan, the Israeli or Lipietz the ecologist the Jewish terrorism is not allowing any diffusion or defense of the project for One Democratic State in Israel Palestine, in the short term, which is the only solution able to establish peace and justice in the region and the reconciliation of the Western world with its generous ideals.
One more time, the Schoemann’s case gives evidence that speech about anti-Semitism and so on is only forgery, scaffolding, camouflage, and drapery: all to be gone with the wind.

Let us say that exactly like before the Second World War, the Zionist gangsters are trying to silence the anti Zionist Judaism, represented in those years by the most respectable voices, from Yehudi Menhuim’s father to Joseph Reinach; from Rabbi Moshe Shonfelk to George Maranz; from Alfred Lilienthal to Arnold Toynbee. The anti Zionist one was the main opinion tendency thence, and the UN vote favorable to the creation of the State of Israel was a forced and manipulated one, as Mondher Sfar explains, with many unknown documents he discovered, in a recent essay where he shows how Leon Blum was a traitor to the french government, when he was the French prime minister. (Manifeste pour l’éradication du sionisme, Paris, Collection Manifestes, 2006 ; order it to The good news for us is that the Jewish anti Zionism is once again a major danger for the pretended supra national USraeli State; our enemies lie, they know that they lie, they know that we know that they lie and that they know that they lie: we have learnt the message beyond what Schoemann intended, Schoemann is alone, as the USraeli project is alone, no arsenal is able to protect against spirit.

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