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But I would say this to Muslim and Arab world : Bush and Blair hate your freedom. They hate your freedom from social atomisation. They hate your freedom from large-scale commercial chicanery. They hate your freedom from usury

On the Eve 

 by Ian Buckley



 "In this fallen land of Arda where the servants of Morgoth are worshipped" - J.R.R. Tolkien


Despite all the predications, the attack on Iran has not yet come. So there is a sense of a pause, an interregnum, as we wait on the eve of another bitter and nihilistic rampage. The United States remains a grim golem1 that stalks the world, particularly the Arab and Muslim world. Dry statistics are there to tell us of several hundred tank buster planes stationed here, a multitude of Apache attack helicopters scattered there and of dozens of cruise missiles stored almost everywhere.


But why, sirs, do you need such an array of weaponry?  After all, the USA is a Continental power, with neighbours that are quiescent and unthreatening. But we should note that the United States was, and remains, what we might term an immature state formation, with heavy doses of both violence and Puritanism featuring strongly in its brief history. Self-evidently, the Book of Joshua was the guiding light of American expansion westward, long before the hijacking of a nation by US Likud. The distance between Sand Creek and Deir Yassin is not all that great, except in terms of geography.


It is noticeable too that the Thatcherites, Reaganites and neo-cons who have bedevilled us for too long were at least as influenced by old Puritan ideas as they were by Judaic thought. Of course, the two have long been entwined, part of the same tree, as in the rise of capitalism. This puritanical impulse can be illustrated by Britain's present Chancellor, a dim Scottish Presbyterian by name of Brown, who cuts back on health care - several hospitals face bankruptcy - while ensuring that so-called defence spending remains high. British Expeditionary forces are placed at vast expense in Afghanistan, Iraq and maybe next in Iran, but back home hardly anyone can find a dentist. Rotten teeth and a rotten government!


Now Blair in one of his recent keynote speeches stated that he wanted to spread the blessings of 'modernity' and 'civilisation' among all those poor, benighted and fanatical Muslims. But what sort of civilisation does the West offer - and offer, moreover, using the stern persuasion of those aforementioned Apache helicopters and Cruise missiles? Is it the civilisation of the real West anyway, or an Ersatz non-civilisation of money-grubbing, falsity, trash and violence? Drink-fuelled thuggery and drug warfare haunt large parts of most British - and American - cities. Spreading civilisation is it, Mr. Blair? Start on your own doorstep!


In Manchester, a 'Wild West' style pub shootout left two men dead in a drug gang incident. At the University of Liverpool a few months earlier, the body of murdered prostitute was found stuck in a bush. Professor Peanut of the Chemistry Department probably walked past the strangled hooker as he pondered upon some abstruse problem or other.These are but vignettes of the new primitivism that falsely masquerades as 'civilisation', if only in the mouths of deceivers like Blair. And this barbarism that ludicrously passes itself off as modern, Western civilisation is exported to those who never wanted or desired it.


Just days ago, worshippers at a Baghdad mosque were massacred by American troops.These 'uncivilised' ones were lovers of the Ahl al-Bayt 2, while their oh-so-civilised GI slaughterers were most likely devotees of sado-porn, trash food and bone-crunching football games.  'Weer goin duSIVILEYEZUM', as e.e. cummings satirically commented on an earlier American mission to 'civilise' yet another part of Asia. 


But I would say this to Muslim and Arab world : Bush and Blair hate your freedom. They hate your freedom from social atomisation. They hate your freedom from large-scale commercial chicanery. They hate your freedom from usury, which has, incidentally, reduced most of their own citizens to the status of drudges, if not modern-day slaves. In fact, the West is so completely brainwashed by now that hardly anyone has even heard of the term 'usury', though the practice was once (rightly) forbidden by Christianity as it still is by Islam. How very inconvenient that last detail is for the exploiters!


But you can be sure that a gaggle of Gordon Geckos is waiting in the wings, should all those economic conscripts from Alabama and Kentucky manage to 'stabilise' Iraq. The militarisation and official regimentation of American society is a growing problem. A failing country can offer little more to its young men in the dreary, forsaken towns than the chance to become a soldier or prison guard. Truly a land ruled by the 'servants of Morgoth'! I have written before on the vast and burgeoning prison population in both sides of the Atlantic. No further comment is required, except to state that every passing month brings a new record for numbers incarcerated.


Should some desperado steal trifling, low-value items, such as video tapes, then the State of California could quite possibly jail that miscreant for life. This procedure is popularly termed Three strikes and you're out, but even one offence could be counted as three in certain circumstances. Puts all the fuss about Sharia law into some perspective! Mote and beam, as they used to say..


Then again, consider the planned provocation of the cartoons. To the 'servants of Morgoth', profits are sacred, not Prophets. Any quasi-religious devotion they do have is reserved for 'the Zionist Entity' -  to borrow a term that was once popular with Arab radicals like Gamel Nasser and Georges Habash.


The economic men in charge of the corporations and 'big business friendly' governments of the West are not so secure that they do not feel unease. Setting faith and culture above money is a cause of fear for them. How can you control or manipulate someone who puts religion before cash?  


People of the Muslim world, these 'civilised' men hate your freedom, and they fear your example!  




1  The legendary animated monster of Loewe ben Bezalel, a precusor of Frankenstein's creature.


2 The Family of the Prophet of Islam