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What story are we going to write after “9/11”?
War of civilizations or Western Terrorism?

Paper for the first International Conference: East and West. Held at the School of Philosophy and Arts of Buenos Aires (May 2007) - By Oscar Abudara Bini
1)      Introduction: I was invited to censor the heart of this work.
2)      Second discovery of America : Indians with turbans
3)      War of civilization or western states terrorism?
4)      False Jihad, true western states terrorism at global scale
5)      The sinister Argentinean participation: the Israeli Lead
6)      Spectacular terrorist co-production: Mossad and CIA in “9/11”
7)      Role of a small dependent country ( Argentina ) and its historians in the writing of Post-modern History.

1) Introduction: I was invited to censor the heart of this work
A participant of this conference, whose name I shall not reveal and whom I imagine as a lover of the academic value, has asked me in writing to exclude the terrorist self-attacks perpetrated in and by the West in order to demonize the East from this paper.
              I believe I must not accept, but I admit that the person who requested this censorship is concerned by the implications of the subject.
              I do not know the extent of the freedom that reigns in Middle East regarding these investigations, but the issue is taboo and massively censored in the West.
             I have given the pertinent information and leave it up to the reader to decide whether to stop here or continue reading.
Why is it history that “we are going to write” instead of history that “is being written”? Because we are supporting actors and newscasters in a scene that is being played partly in Argentina , in the inscription and record of this history.
2) Second discovery of America : Indians with turbans
             The US has had the power of writing and guiding history ever since the 80s, after the fall of the URSS. Nothing guarantees that the history written by great names in these two decades will be the final one.
             According to this history of the Imperial North America, a World War originated by the Middle East has started with the purpose of destroying the pillars of the West.
              It is important to highlight that the issue is “against the West”, because Muslims could have also attacked Africa, Asia or Oceania . There is a reason behind this choice that has been well explained by the official scribe, who assures urbe et orbi that the Muslim attack is due to their envy of our world, democracy and civilization. The author of these lines is a physician and has exercised the profession of psychiatrist and psychoanalyst for the past 37 years, but cannot utter a word about the “psychological” explanation of such a war.
               Others consider that the war was started by the West, and that the reasons are geopolitical, military and economic, because of the black gold of oil that cannot be found in Africa but abounds in the Middle East . The discussion about the political primacy of these “politics” (pure expansion of power) or the economic priority (yearning for oil) will be left for another time.
              Let us go back to the thread of this paper, the history that is being written and recorded.
               According to the official story, for the past 20 years the facts are the perpetration of Muslim terrorist attacks in Buenos Aires , Madrid , London and New York . These facts give consistence to the Gordian Knot, but that does not mean that they are the real cause of the story. In other words, they are the source and justification for the attack in the official story, but as we will see ahead, they are reason and cause for the defense for the Middle East as well as for Argentina .
              North America has defined facts that contribute to the making of this world history: one of them is considering itself entitled and with sufficient power as to postulate which should be the general ideas of civilization, including history as a central topic.
                The disembarkation on the shores of the Middle East is another great discovery- superior to Columbus´- achieved by Admiral Bush. Bush guarantees that the Muslims are joined by their hatred towards us, the eagerness to dominate the world with a new caliphate, yearning to behead people before TV cameras and desperate to plant bombs all over the West ( Buenos Aires , Madrid , London and the US ).
3) War of civilizations or Post-modern Western States Terrorism? The official story
             Politicians, philosophers, journalists, psychoanalysts, artists and historians are writing “the” story about “9/11”. The center of the problem is that there are two versions, and one is to be written by the “vincitore”, who will impose History for the future as part of the war loot.
              The Era of Terrorism attempts to define a period of History and has convincing elements to do so. Most thinkers agree on the fact that the fall of the URSS sets the beginning of a superior phase of American imperialism and a reign of power in solitude.
               The attacks of 9/11 set two landmarks within the laws passed by the Empire. With Fukuyama , a premature happy ending of a so called “end of history”, or beginning of a happy world, was dictated. The need for new wars forced to wipe off the smiles and, thanks to Huntington , there was a return to a state of total war; this time, not against communism but against Muslim barbarism.
              In other words, the great “historians” of global fame designed the “comic strips” that General Bush needs to justify his invasions on Middle East countries.
              The idea that the “New World War” had been started by “the others” was sold with the support of the establishment. There is a written guaranty made in USA that those others are satanic Muslims that attacked the heart of the Empire by destroying the Twin Towers .
              Two stories are struggling to snatch a truth from the Empire and write the empire of truth. The “official” story spread seconds away from the attacks was written by the “qualified, academic and safe” pen of Professor Bush. This “story” guarantees that the attacks perpetrated in Buenos Aires , Madrid , London and New York were executed by the Muslims.
                  This issue is of fundamental importance for Argentineans for many reasons. Firstly, it concerns us since we are part of this threatened West. Secondly, because we have already been attacked. Thirdly, because the pens of national historians as Carlos Menem and his followers are writing with the same ink as historian George Bush. Fourthly, because as we will see ahead, we are involved in a terrible way.
4) False Jihad, true western states terrorism at global scale
             Wikipedia, real Torah, Koran and Bible of the official story, says that the “story” of the attacks has two versions: one is the solid, trustworthy version given by imperial governments; and the other one is just conspirational.
              According to a different kind of epistemology, we have to say that there are Conspirational and Compulsive Official Stories, dictated by the power seconds away from the attack. And we use the term “Investigation hypotheses of scientific proposals” to refer to the hypotheses of independent investigators elaborated after years of intense work and examination of evidence.
                I do not intend to spare anyone from the mix of pleasure and terror caused by the investigations that postulate the existence of false flag attacks carried out by the Triple Alliance of Israel, England and the US in the bombings of Buenos Aires , Madrid , London and New York .
                 This is neither the time nor the occasion to synthesize these investigations, so please refer to the study and critical analysis of the most renowned authors. This investigative version of the story is defended by Europeans (Meysan), Americans (Reopen 9/11, 9/11 Truth, Stanley Hilton, James Petras, William Rodriguez) and Latin-Americans (Carlos Suárez, Beba Balvé, Walter Grazziano, José Petrosino, Juan Gabriel Labaké, Mario López Ibáñez, the author of this paper and many more).
                   This version opposes the story of the academics Menem and Bush, and considers that we are before the presence of false flag attacks committed by Israel , England and the US . These attacks have multiple functions, but they are joined by the sacred mission of explaining not only that the war of civilization was started by the “other” Muslims, but it forces us born in the West to be part of the New Crusade to retrieve the Global Holy Land.
                   It is necessary to have notes of authority in such an important matter as these masterful false flag attacks, so it is convenient to know the denounces made by former British officials M. Meadcher and Robin Cook, and especially to consult the book of former German official Andreas von Bulow. But the most convincing evidence can be found in the statements of B. Brzesinski.
                  The man that competes against Kissinger in being the most authorized voice for international matters-Brzesinski- not only acknowledges that the US are perpetrating self attacks to justify the invasion of Iraq, but more substantially, he says that the US might need more and larger self-attacks in Europe or its own territory to keep justifying and supporting their invasive behaviour in the Middle East.
                   Huntington says that a war of civilizations has started; Bush says that it was started by the others; and Brzesinski says that it is us. In the following paragraphs we will see why we are personally and directly included in this nominal war against the Muslims, that is actually a war against civilization or mankind. The beginning of a war against mankind is precisely what gives full meaning to the concept of IV Reich, postulated by so many investigators.
5)      The most sinister aspect of the Argentinean participation in the war of civilizations: the Israeli Lead
                   Closeness to war can cause fear, horror and terror, but sinisterness is something else. The un-stabilizing experience of the ominous or the sinister is provoked more acutely on Argentineans by the fact that close relations are involving us in an amazing difficulty to know the truth about our part in this global history.
                   What causes anxiety is the possibility of people so familiar and close to Argentina- such as the Jewish community- being actively involved in the cover-up and eventual authorship of what is called over and over again as “Israeli Lead” of the attacks perpetrated in our country (1992 Israel Embassy, 1994 Jewish association AMIA)
                    Historians have the right to find refugee in their cloisters and pretend that they are not actors in this huge manoeuvre of writing and recording of History that we are living. Or to become chroniclers of this time and accompany the armies of either side.
                    This is not about a common war in which we will be historians of the future, but it is about participating in events similar to those of Guernica in 1936, only knowing that at some uncertain moment, the occupation of Paris will take place.
                    Those who attempt to sail in the sinister Aqueronte of the Israeli Lead will have to dodge the obstacles of prejudice, ignorance and fierceness of the attacks that they will receive. Take a look at what happened to Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon and Mordechai Vaununu in order to see the aggressions suffered by dissident Jews who question Israel (the persecution and imprisonment suffered by these people can be easily found in internet).
                     It is convenient to read the work of Edgar Morin to have a clear picture of how the classic Jewish humanist was transformed, similarly to what happened with the Beethoven-loving German, who turned into a fan of Hitler’s overnight. This Jewish philosopher and epistemologist of global fame wrote a book after wining a judicial process in France that was started against him accusing him of being anti-Semite for having questioned the politics of Israel regarding the Palestinians. (“The modern world and the Jewish issue”, Edgard Morin, New Vision). In case you need Jewish personalities of an even higher level, you can go over the speech given by Harold Pinter when he received the Nobel Prize, and the recent division of the Jewish grey in England .
                   The person who is unaware of the real history of terrorist attacks attributed to right wing Israelis should approach the international investigations, in order to get over the Walt Disney-type illusion that the film “Exodus” may have caused on him or her.
                      He or she will see that things begin with the blowing up of the King David Hotel , followed by the attack on American ships like the USS Liberty, the killing of American marines in Beirut , possible self attacks in Buenos Aires and the participation in 9/11.
                      In one word, the history of Israel has numerous false flag attacks.
6)Spectacular terrorist co-production: Mossad and CIA in “9/11”
                  Regarding horror and spectacle, it is hard to know what investigations to choose: those that show the role of the American government, or those that postulate Israel ’s co-authorship. The scenes of the III Reich have been overshadowed by the Hollywood-type scenes of the IV Reich.
                   There already are investigations about the planning of the right moment to start official film shootings. An Oscar should be awarded to the best reality show in history.
                   Allow me to highlight the Freudian slips committed by Bush and the Premier of Israel, not because of their transcendence but because they are what us psychoanalysts are passionate about. Bush’s lapsus linguae have been continuously portrayed and object of ironies in Michael Moore’s film. You can find a masterful description and evidentiary documents in Walter Grazziano´s book (“Hitler won the war”).
                   In another paragraph I have explained how a slip can become judicial evidence. The law suit started by Stanley Hilton in representation of 400 family members of the victims of the self attack on the Towers links Bush’s slips with the anticipatory documents (Santa Fe Documents) and the blatant errors in the planting of evidence. The American justice has accepted this law suit, in which Bush and close officials are accused of being material authors of 9/11.
                  There are two Freudian slips committed by Israelis suspected of participation that should be evoked. One of them was committed by five Israeli young men who where arrested at the time of the collapse of the Towers while they were drunk and dancing while contemplating images they had just filmed. You can consult the article written by Neil Mackay about these five Israelis who were later arrested by the FBI, which was published in the Sunday Herald.
                    The second Freudian slip was committed by the government of Israel , when in a first moment guaranteed that 3000 Jews had died in the Towers. At that time, the government was corrected by Commander Bush, who affirmed that the correct figure was 400. But on the next day, the American government ratified that the amount of dead Jews was 1 (one).
                    One of the elements that contributes to destroying the official story about the attack in London shows a similar “precaution”: the amount of passengers in the attacked train was 50% lower than usual for that time and day. It seems that many people had been warned about what would happen.
                    The precaution of saving important people cannot be found for now in the attacks of Madrid ; it is grossly surprising in the attacks of Buenos Aires ; notorious in London ; and extremely evident in 9/11.
7) Role of a small dependent country ( Argentina ) and its historians in the writing of Post-modern History.
               England, Israel and the US have decided a possible atomic attack on Iran based on two pseudo reasons. One, that Iran will “certainly” make an atomic bomb in some year, which it will “certainly” use to attack Israel , facts that will “certainly” happen in a nearby future, truth that “Olmert, Blair and Bush certainly know by divine designation”. I imagine you smiling at these reasons, but this is not the first time that barbarism has unleashed through weak reasons.
               The other reason to attack Iran- and the one that involves us- is that the Persians “certainly” attacked a western country, Argentina , through terrorist attacks which authorship has “certainly” been verified by the Argentinean justice, proven to be corrupted. I will not insist here on the confession that Argentina made before OAS about being guilty of cover-up. But do not forget that our country said “I cover-up”, but did not say who it is covering up, and under whose orders.
               Even Interpol (institution of imperial right wing) made public denounces stating that the American congressmen and powerful media were coercing the institution into forcing an accusation from Argentina against Iran .
                You probably know the recent arguments given by Argentina to “assure” that Iran is guilty of the war of civilizations against Argentina . The evidence given by Mossad and the CIA to the Argentinean SIDE “swears” that the terrorists of the MKO movement- formed by dissident Iranians residing in Iraq who have only killed 20.000 Iranians so far- discovered the Mega Evidence.
                   To accuse President Peron of ordering actions of terrorism to the Triple A, it is said that someone found out that at some time there was a meeting in which Peron organized the killings out loud, in front of a dozen officers, secretaries, cleaning staff and others. The Iranians of the MKO movement- considered to be terrorists by international organizations and even by the US- have delivered similar evidence to the CIA and the Mossad, who later delivered it to the SIDE.
                 According to this “story”, there was a meeting in which the foolish Iranian governors- just like Peron- decided to bomb Buenos Aires in front of several officials of high, middle and low rank. This meeting would have been overheard by someone, who told someone else, who told a camel who later told the MKO movement, and then fortunately MKO confessed it to the Mossad and the CIA, who later told SIDE, who later told district attorney Nissman, who finally made an accusation against the government of Iran, so that Israel, England and the US could start the war with “reason and justification”.
                  Do you imagine if someday someone said that someone else overheard that a friend of yours learnt through a cousin of yours that you said you planted a bomb in AMIA? Do not be horrified; in the 70s the state terrorism worked like that in Argentina .
                 The atomic bombs dropped against Iran may have several legends, some Made in Israel , some British and some American. The problem for us is that someone might include the legend “Made in Argentina ” and “in memoriam of the terrorist attack that you perpetrated against us in 1994” .
                 You probably suffer the consequences of the bizarre way in which we (people of Argentina) marched to a war against England in 1982. Consider the possibility of participating today in the war of civilizations that England , Israel and the US have started against Iran , but for even stranger reasons. Do you support this participation? I do not.
Dr Oscar Abudara Bini